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  1. Hoping more for a 100 right now if none come by I’ll consider it bud I’ll keep you posted
  2. It’s new I’ll get pics in the am not right now wanna see if I can trade first
  3. Looking for smaller size 150 or 100 bailed or bailess prefer vsb100 i have box and bag
  4. Looking for other spinning reels smaller size or shimano tranx shimano or van staals i can add cash or more stuff to trade Sustain 8k nib calcutta 400d excellent condition other than the few little scratches you see in pic
  5. Absolutely are only used them I think one maybe two times
  6. Meet in middle? 90 shipped?
  7. New never used with charger 2ah battery and sanding attachments retails 219 looking for reels I’ll take a look at whatever but prefer shimano
  8. If you think about selling I’d be interested
  9. Yes sir pm coming
  10. Not really thanks any other reels?
  11. Meet in middle? 110?
  12. Hahah I’ll take a look
  13. Looking for a 300