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  1. Another odd effect of CC is that it seems to alter some of the subtle effects of iridescent, metallic and transparent paints. The final effects are markedly duller, and the transparent paint ends up darker. My guess is the CC attacks the paint film, as some colors also end up bleeding over others. (The paint is Polytranspar lacquer.) Next try will be what Steel Pulse suggested: 1st coat of an easier-to-apply epoxy (probably Envirotex Lite), heavily scuffed, then a coat of CC.
  2. Hi Paul, nice to hear from you. Funny, I was thinking the same thing — using another epoxy as a “base coat”. Maybe e-tex, then scuffing it up to be followed by Clear Coat. I’m glad you mentioned that using a (scuffed) clear matte spray was problematic; you saved me a paint job or two.
  3. Primarily Envirotex Lite. I’ve never had this kind of issue with e-tex.
  4. Thanks for suggesting the method for estimating the weight.
  5. Does anyone happen to have one in their supplies? Just looking for its weight.
  6. I just got a response from System Three: “...The issue you are running into is that the painted surface is too smooth for the Clear Coat to properly bond to the surface. To ensure proper adhesion of the epoxy, the surface should be sanded (150 grit) before coating. You would likely run into similar issues using any other film-forming, un-sanded paint...” I see where they are coming from, but trying to scuff up the paint film without marring the paint itself doesn’t seem possible. They didn’t provide a suggestion for a sprayed coating (over the paint, under the CC) to help with bonding. I wonder if a matte clear-coat from a rattle can could be applied, then scuffed to help with adhesion(?)
  7. System Three Clear Coat (CC) really doesn’t seem to (initially) adhere well to a painted lure. Even if it is poured on it beads up & runs off like water poured over plastic. I would imagine this is why the initial coat looks so terrible with fish-eyes, etc. Too much brushing to smooth it out makes matters worse and can eventually affect the paint job itself. I emailed System Three’s technical support to ask if there was a coating that could be sprayed on the painted surface to help with adhesion before CC is brushed on. Waiting for a reply. Has anyone found a product (or method) to help with this issue? I really like the durability of CC so I’m invested in finding a good process to apply it. Thanks, Eric
  8. Thank you @stu rat (and @hobobob). A nice gentleman from Japan is looking to see if he can get a hold of these from Fuji. I have to place an order from him anyways to get a painted reel seat.
  9. The model I’m looking for is a Fuji T-NSGL. I ordered one maybe 10 years ago, just can’t remember where.
  10. Does anyone still make these? I can’t seem to find any online. I’m pretty sure Fuji made these in the past.
  11. Since I posted this I started looking more at ODM Blanks. I’m going to look at a 10’ Evolution blank this weekend.
  12. Always appreciate your experienced input, @Big Dave.
  13. Can anyone give an opinion on the SSS 1202M’s suitability for whipping pencils?
  14. • Orvis ZG Helios 905 • 4-piece • Never been used • Brand new in sock/tube Asking $500
  15. Thanks, @AFMike, I wish we could get together to cast. Advanced Fishing USA and my local shop both have the S-1 1205 listed at $337 (though I see Get Bit has it listed for $284 — though they don’t have any in stock).