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  1. in a pinch I use too extend my leader to fish a topwater fly with an intermediate line. from 2-3 ft to maybe 4-5 ft. this kept the fly up a bit longer. eventually i just carried a spare spool in my vest with either a floating line or a sinking line.
  2. they always provided great service the bunch of times i used them. Once they even overnighted a new spool at no extra charge.
  3. Its been a very long time since i visited SOL. been busy being married, making babies and working new job. I was very glad too see some of the guys I remember still posting. Believe it or not I found the receipt from a Scott fly rod i purchased years ago on a recom from Spigola. I came here to make sure he was still posting and doing well. Than I came across posts from Dave S, Gilbey, Chicky and others. Brought back memories of fly tying, wishing I could steal all the snake flies Gilbey tied, and discussing my weekend fishing success and failures. I have since sold all my flyfishing gear and pretty much forgot where all my flytying gear is. My parents attic I think.... I just could not find the time & whatever time I did have was devoted to bowhunting. My two girls are older now and I still have my SW spinning stuff and hope to get out at least once or twice this year. I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to do some fishing. I'l be around. Be safe.
  4. the yankee fan is probably in the obituary already.
  5. my headlamp has a green, red and white light. I felt the green worked the best on foggy misty nights. worth a shot.
  6. of course you did big guy. as a matter of fact, it appears you answered it in the 33 post. never said no one answered his question.
  7. i don't fish much anymore and could care less about stinky bunka and where they are but the humor in this particular forum is priceless. guy asks a simple question and is meet with nothing but sarcasim. been going on since i joined. still find it hysterical. you want to know if there are bunks around and if guys are catching then go take a look. its the best information you can gather and you'll know its true.
  8. make me an offer. i promise to keep an open mind.
  9. tempting but i did not want to split the lot. splurge. take the bakers dozen & the pp
  10. make em an offer. most of these never touched water
  11. i have a spool of 50# pp moss green to throw in.
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