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  1. Why don't beaches have lost and found boxes?
  2. Only if he's raping a white woman.
  3. Get out now.
  4. I've yet to see anyone open carry since its been legal here in Texas. Most people don't want to be singled out I think. Can't blame them.
  5. Isn't she the one that took a dump on that beach chair that time?
  6. That was an excellent book but it sheds light on just how effed up our upper management is in the military.
  7. You can put a clear coat over the paint as well. I use a coat of lacquer between painting and epoxy. I'm using System 3 though. Try it on a plug and see if it works.
  8. Nice stuff as always Roddy!
  9. Blown hemorrhoid? Turn him around for God's sake!
  10. I thought he'd been dead for 30 years already.
  11. Yes! I stand corrected!
  12. Why did i have the Monty Pythons Yakety Sax music in my head?
  13. I use a lacquer clear coat spray after everything is painted as an extra layer of protection from scratches, fingernails, etc. I'm not using Etex though.