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  1. Some are very quick to comment, some think about it, hmmmmm.....
  2. Cut into 1/2 inch rounds, lay on an attractive platter, brush each slice with garlic butter then salt and pepper. Any other sauces can go on the side. Yum, Yum.
  3. If guys want to do the low carb thing, rest assured that it still works while having, say light beer or wine or a bit of vodka ect. Just work those numbers in as carbs. The truth is staying low carb is enough to speed along weight loss, you don't need to be in actual ketosis. Staying with it long term is hard though, and like any other diet, at some point there will be plateaus. Good luck, and stay thirsty my friends .
  4. Yup, I do this too.
  5. Prayers sent, may she be, cancer free.
  6. Francis Ngannou is the second guy and may very well be the hardest puncher of all time. He is a true heavy weight and a huge man as well.
  7. Well, according to the study, having the air rise and then exhausting it, is they way to go, rather than crazy expensive filtering systems. So the future of safe shopping should in the best of all worlds, combine strong exhausting with the fun and whimsy of wind tunnel flying. Going to get a few things for dinner should be a blast.
  8. Damn, Redneck Poutine! Well played!
  9. Richard Feynman Noble Prize winner, physics and all around very sharp guy!
  10. Try the bondo fiberglass resin , it is a liquid and conforms to shapes much better. Make sure to use the proper amount of hardener. It is a lot cheaper than the high end alumalite silicones.
  11. A light jig head with a soft plastic tail tipped with a small piece of shrimp is a winner. Try moving it slower and faster. Also shallow diving floating minnows around 4 or so inches long will attract snappers and jacks and whatever. When you move from spot to spot throw something behind you to troll along, you can stop when you hit some action. Subsurface minnows will out produce top waters most of the time.
  12. Good luck, you'll be fine.
  13. Years ago, when my daughter was 4 and we had just moved to Florida, our car had broken down in a Walmart parking lot. The greeter at the Walmart, who was an old man, saw that I was messing with the car and asked what the problem was. I told him I couldn't get it started and wanted to get my kid and wife home and that we only lived a few miles from there. He just handed me the keys to his car and said that I should just go and drop them off and come back. I did that and talked to him later, turns out he was a retired engineer with quite a few cars and did the job just so he had a place to go and could talk to other folks during the day, as he was lonely. What a kind soul.
  14. I just keep a box of band aids in my bag and put one on before I start, if I'm going to be casting hard with a spinner, or put some first aid tape on my thumb if I'm going to be casting hard with a conventional, as in "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........".
  15. Awesome, how much does it weigh and how how far have you thrown it?