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  1. Wow. Takes dedication to do that. How much did you lose in may?
  2. Either one of these will work. The boston butt is preferred, but either will be ok.
  3. You could use a slow cooker or dutch oven in a regular oven or just a pan in the oven and cook low and slow. Then you could sear some on the grill right before you serve it to get some browning going on.
  4. If you are going to be casting rather than just trolling, the 9 footer will be easier to cast from the sitting position. Keeping the back cast aloft is aided by the extra length. Regardless of the length you choose, learning to throw your backcast up high behind you, by poking your wrist up will help a lot, and is also useful in many other situations.
  5. You are greatly blessed to have had such a lovely, kindhearted wife and mother to your beautiful children. I'm so sorry for your loss. May you find peace.
  6. May god grant you peace and strength at this difficult time.
  7. Na zdrowie Babci.
  8. Just bought some whales. Tempura for me, with a soy based dipping sauce. Crispy with Cajun blackening spices also rocks.
  9. Some commercial pilots I've known were some of the heaviest drinkers I've ever met. I think it goes back to the fact that a lot of them come through heavy officer club, drinking with the boys days. Some hard core alkys are apparently firmly established at that time.
  10. Prayers sent. Hoping for a full recovery.
  11. I've done this sort of thing with grass fed organic beef. It can take a while before you get to a lot of the meat. I'd suggest the best course of action is to split it with a buddy. That way you both get a good price on high end meat and you don't end up biting off more than you can chew and swallow.
  12. You should hold it in place for a short time and can use something like painters tape to make sure it stays in place then remove the tape when its dry.
  13. Construction adhesive such as loctite or liquid nails should do it.
  14. You can try heating it a bit with a hairdryer and then reaching inside the hull try to pop it out with your hand. It might even pop out without heating it. Worth a try.
  15. I agree, he's very good, quite professional. He can be a little elaborate at times. You can't lose with him. Here's a girl who does a bunch of different Asian styles very well. Her stuff tends to be a bit simpler, but still has that going out for dinner taste. Just adding some shaoxing (Chinese cooking wine) and dark soy to your pantry, to go along with the regular soy ginger and garlic, gives you access to a lot of these dishes and adds that bit of extra flavor that turns the corner. You can get some on amazon if local access is an issue. This example of hers' is over the top sweet, crunchy, spicey, sticky but great if you like that sort of thing once in while. She's quite goofy, but her many dishes are good, easy and fast.