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  1. This is a misunderstanding of the issue. It's not that you want to heat the stuffing and then put it in the bird before you cook it. The problem lies in the cool cavity of bird, which is made more dense by the stuffing, which in turn soaks up the potentially harmful bacteria laden turkey juices and must then again reach a sufficiently high temp to do away with threat of the bacteria. By the time center of a large stuffed bird comes to temp, some of the meat often has become dry. It is really better to do the bird and stuffing separately and avoid the issue.
  2. Hi Red Blender
  3. The standup jigs and the weedless style jig heads offer different angles and if you didn't want to add the weedless additions to the ones you're making no harm done. Do-it has a bunch of these of heads.
  4. It can be very hard to please everyone in one dish. How about flavorable bean dish for the adults and really nice mac and and cheese for kids and anyone else that wants it. My guess is you'll get a lot of takers on a good mac and cheese. I personally like both baked beans and also black bean dishes that I will start with an off the shelf blackbean soup and add more garlic, peppers and onions and serve over yellow or white rice. It's very fast, easy and satisfying.
  5. I knew someone that redid those old machines, they also repainted them splashy colors and resold them for a pretty penny. There is a market for such things. I don't really know much about it, but if I were you, I'd dig into it a bit.
  6. One like this would certainly work well for that, but a cheaper one would work for the thicker type slices that your considering. If you want both thicker slices and very thin deli style as well, this one would do both well.
  7. I'm thinking easiest on everyone would be working with a doc that would be willing to make a house call. You get a pretty strong sleeping pill from him in advance, sneak that in , crushed in food or drink ect.. Then when he's sleeping call the doc and he comes over and does the shots. A little planning and team work would go a long way. In the same vain mothers will cut the hair of sleeping youngsters ect.... A lot less stressful and much kinder in my opinion.
  8. Whitefish salad on a toasted salt or everything or garlic bagel is an absolute must if you like smoked fish.
  9. Bumpitty, bump, bump
  10. Looking for a lightly used curado 200 dc, right handed retrieve. Thanks for looking.
  11. Anyone Else Read Revisionist History? Yup. The Revisionist History podcast by Malcolm Gladwell is terrific. While he is quite the lefty at this point and I don't go his way on many a topic, his story telling, intellect and narration are really top of the heap. Many of the past podcasts on historical events, such as Brown v. Board of Education are very interesting to listen to. Great entertainment and informative. One of his newer books, "Talking to Strangers" is a must listen on audible if you are interested how race relations in this country really is often driven out of control by people assuming too much and clashing rather than listening to each other, among other more fun topics like Cuban spys. Just thought I'd mention this in case it hadn't already come up.
  12. It reminded me of my post on January 25, 2022, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy, in which I tracked down the source of the phrase: After applying the phrase to the relatively minor pandemic supply chain problems, I concluded: That thin line is being obliterated in Europe, which put heavy reliance on Russian natural gas and “renewables,” leaving those countries vulnerable to a gas cut off, which Putin now is implementing as retaliation for Ukraine sanctions. Great quote!
  13. I don't doubt it did a good job for you. It all depends on what you want one of these machines to do for you. For thicker slicing you have more leeway, than for extremely thin slicing. Either way there's a lot of delicious meat to eat.
  14. Inshore reef fishing for sure with little ones. They'll catch a bunch of coolly colored small reef fishes and have a great time and most likely won't get sick. Take lots of pics. Enjoy.
  15. Thanks uncle Timmy and company. You are doing a great job with enormous patience, considering the nonsense that bubbles up from time to time here. Hats off to you!