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  1. That makes my day. Anyways, yes Aruba was fantastic and plan a return trip in 2014.
  2. Harry Reid and his son any day for no effing reason at all.
  3. I drink Bud Select when I buy cans. In pubs I like Killians,
  4. I also have been trying e cigarettes instead of cigars/cigarattes. Go figure.
  5. I found myself drinking much less this past winter but when I do I prefer wine. Occasional liquor. Beer is good for socializing for me but in general makes me feel full with no buzz.
  6. I agree. My additional is well distributed. No belly.
  7. It's the thought that counts Mr. Reed. Thank you just the same mah friend.
  8. Well, if I lose 10 pounds by June my company donates to me $300 in Visa cards. I am 10 pounds over average BMI. I feel great though.
  9. Nice to be back. Hope all is well.
  10. Once you shoot the 1911 a bit it is a ***** cat. It's no 454 casull but it will do for close quarters.
  11. Thoughts?
  12. By the huge response on my return I realize this place can not survive without me. Anyways, baby bunker, thank you for wondering about me as well as the other huge following that missed me.
  13. 45 acp hands down
  14. Been a long cold winter. Lots of exiting things going on in my life and in the world. Made it to Aruba in December. Getting ready for golf and fishing to begin here in the Midwest soon. Just wanted to give a shout out and touch bases. Hope all are well. ringo