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  1. Paklobo summons will be written as failure to comply with a sign posted, a must appear in court summons. Not getting off with a failure to comply in court. Best of luck * why is it when a group looses a court decision they break the rules anyway. If the decision was the other way surfers would be crying lol he babies that they can’t fish here. Surf ditch the south side grow up. ps I used to surf and found many a break on the sand with out a board out there except mine.
  2. 1. There is no charge for admission just a $15 donation. 2 discount donation? Rally I don’t get a discount in working for MSA. I get full price aggravation from the government . 3 paklolo - surfing on the north side is illegal April to December I believe. It was a legal binding agreement with parties involved. see you all at SurfDay !
  3. Montauk Surfcasters Association is looking for a few good plug builders that want to make that jump and sell plugs. we have reserved 5 tables for new builders and have 3 left. Show me what you have. Email your payment interest to Surfcasters.org
  4. Riverhead Town Beach Committee a vote was held for a continuance of local residents only to to issues arising from Covid driven abuse of local facilities. I am an active member in the committee as well as the current Vice President of the Montauk Surfcasters Association. I have actively been involved in preserving fisherman beach driving and fishing access through out the Township and secured added access that hopefully will be share with non resident user in the future. Bill Jakob
  5. Lol plume is from rain run off from cliffs. Happen on heavy rains and it’s been that way for years and years. Construction is still in prepping status. They have moved the pill box for reinstatement further up the hill and will feature signage describing its original use.
  6. Montauk Surfcasters Association is having an open meeting for those interested in access within the township of Brookhaven. The meeting is being held at Millerplace Bait and Tackle, Millerplace route 25A June 20th at 7 pm. The meeting will to address issues of access problems with in the Township Craig from Smithpoint Bait and Tackle will joining Tim of Millerplace along with members of MSA, myself included. coffee n donuts will be provided. Take the time and attend it’s your access that’s under attack and it’s to to step up and voice your concerns ! See you then ! Thanks, Bill Jakob President Montauk Surfcasters Association
  7. You will recieve an email after sign up confirming your membership, dont forget to visit our Facebook page and join us ! thanks for all your support, Bill Jakob President MSA
  8. I was at Senator Lavalle’s office the day this post came to light as The Montauk Surfcasters Association President. Senator LaValle’s staff was on this issue ,an another issue immediately. LaValles aid returning with multiple phone calls to me reassuring that this Bill initiated in 2003 had never gain any traction to proceed and confirmed it exempts all fishing tournaments in the proposed Bill. Thanks to Senator Lavalle and his staff for was an impressive response to MSA’s concerns. Montauk Surfcasters was watching your back! Join Today for Access Tomorrow ! Bill Jakob President Montauk Surfcasters Association
  9. Guys online sign up is active - 15 new members already! thanks ! Surfcasters.org
  10. Thanks to the seven new members that signed up with Montauk Surfcasters Association last night ! We need many more members to help sway or dare I say strong arm politicians into granting us more access. i promise it will be the best $15 dollar investment you ever made in fishing equipment ( a place to fish ). So if you fish Long Island we need you If you need access , you need us! Signs like these are a loss of access
  11. Sudsy, Iam the President of Montauk Surfcasters Association a fishing access advocacy group. We fight everyday for access on Long Island unlike New Jersey we have gained access or held access through support of associations like MSA and LIBBA. We have recently gained access to places never accessible for fishermen before. The recruiting of new members is the hardest part, everyone cry’s when access is gone. Ask a fishermen to join and pay dues Of $15 and the can’t be found.You need to support access groups, join and pay dues, all the fancy gear and greatest plugs don’t do ——— unless you plan on fishing in your bathtub one day! thanks, Bill Jakob President MSA
  12. Montauk Surfcasters Association, is an advocacy group leading the fight for fishing access on Long Island. Drive a beach buggy, drive a car, peddle a bike or walk to fishing, somewhere an issue of no fishing , no driving on the beach and even no parking ! These are the issues we fight! But we need members The more members the stronger our fight! Dues are only $15 a year you can join on line at Surfcasters.org Join Today For Access Tomorrow!
  13. You can now sign up and renew your dues online at Surfcasters.org dues are only $15 dollars We need everyone that fishes Long Island, by beach buggy or by foot to join us in the fight to hold and regain access. We are already adding new access this year for fishing and need you to help to continue the fight ! Join Today - For Access Tomorrow