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    I've been fishing since I was 4. I have worked on countless party boats, and gained alot from that.
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    Anything to do with the ocean! I'm a expert when it comes to toggin, as that's my one love!
  • What I do for a living:
    Pinhooker, mate, and I own a landscape company.
  1. You have a pic of that one
  2. Do you have anymore you wanna get rid of
  3. The squid ah is prob my favorite haha
  4. All 3 rms really
  5. The last one is a fish on 8
  6. From the album rm and BC for ah

  7. Here's what I have
  8. Pm me your info
  9. I'll take it for 20.00 shipped
  10. Payment sent. Thanks again
  11. Payment sent, thanks again
  12. Looking for a new or slightly used bucktail pouch. Flatlanders, gear up ect. No aqua skins through. Let me know what u have.
  13. I'll take the bottom yellow
  14. I take the rm smith pearl color, actually I'll take both of them please
  15. I'll do 60.00