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  1. 5) Striped bass are measured from the tip of the snout or jaw (mouth closed) to the farthest extremity of the tail. The discard of dead legal sized striped bass is unlawful. The practice of high-grading, whereby legal sized striped bass are released in favor of larger fish caught subsequently is unlawful. Accordingly, it is also unlawful to keep a striped bass alive in water by attaching a line or chain to the fish (stringer), or placing it in a live well or holding car. Striped bass must be kept whole, meaning the head, tail, and body remain intact. Only evisceration is allowed. Permitted for-hire vessels may fillet striped bass for their customers. All recreational anglers fishing from shore or a private vessel are required to use inline circle hooks when fishing for striped bass with whole or cut natural baits, except when fishing with a natural bait attached to an artificial lure that is designed to be cast and retrieved, trolled, or jigged. All recreational anglers are required to use non-lethal devices to remove striped bass from the water; gaffing striped bass is prohibited. DMF's FAQ provides additional information on the new recreational striped bass regulations for 2020.
  2. Same. I did felt sole Simms and added studs.
  3. MGC in Hanover has also been open (from what I have seen)
  4. I personally use 30# braid on most of my reels. I prefer Power Pro Slick 8, but most anything will do. Tie whatever braid you use to a barrel swivel, then 40-50# mono (2-3'), then you can tie direct, use a clip, or use a snap swivel to connect whatever you'd like.
  5. Been doing Pea Pod deliveries, Whole Foods deliveries, local store beer and wine deliveries, Target curbside pickup. Haven't been in a store for a while now. Can get most of what we need through a combination of these stores. Also, we get our milk delivered weekly from Hornstra, and they also deliver steak and marinated chicken from Prevites.
  6. Thanks man. Really appreciate that!
  7. That's insane. Just imagine what the canal is going to look like.
  8. Good question. I am trying to figure that out myself. We are taking the same precautions in my house. Wife and I are both working from home, schooling 3 kids. Not getting out much. Getting all food delivered. Curbside pickup for anything we need if it can't be delivered. I want to go shad fishing soon. Usually I don't see more than 1 other person where I go, but I bet that won't be the case this year with so many people home. Am I putting my family at risk by going fishing? Probably not, but I'm not sure. When the bass show up, I'd like to get out with my son as much as we can. Again, I fish places where I rarely see anyone. Would it be irresponsible to take my kid fishing? I just don't f'ing know. So much uncertainty.
  9. Shouldn't you be out protesting somewhere? Hahaha. Then you better find a different place to fish.
  10. I know most of you probably know this, but the CT and Merrimack are the only river systems in MA where you can keep American Shad. My PSA for the day...
  11. I usually don't impart any action, but vary the retrieve speeds to see what they like.
  12. +1
  13. Yep
  14. I know what I saw
  15. My wife drove by there today, and said there was a line in the drive through. I'm not positive.