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  1. I tie to 50#+ mono, short leader (6-9"), then TA clip on the other end. Clip the TA clip to the barrel swivel of my main leader. Easy on and off when you want them.
  2. Got my 2nd (Pfizer) Sunday. Hit a wall Monday afternoon. Felt like I had the flu for the night on Monday. Back to normal by noon on Tuesday.
  3. I haven't read this whole thread, so sorry if I'm repeating. Like others I've seen, TH is by far my favorite beer. I've seen the lines, and they haven't died down at all for years. Once I heard they were going into the Horizons location, I was pretty pumped. After that, I thought, how the hell is that going to work??? There is one way in and out, and very little parking. People will flock from all over the state, and out of state to go here. I really have no clue how they are going to manage the traffic in that area. My aunt lives on Town Neck Rd. I know she is very concerned about the traffic, and possibly looking to sell soon. I hope to God she doesn't because I'm planning on parking there...
  4. Man I can't wait to catch shad and tell people exactly where I'm catching them so I'll finally have more people to fish with. I hate when it gets too lonely out there.
  5. Aw man. Sorry for your loss bob_G.
  6. Got my first Pfizer yesterday at a CVS in Plymouth. They had a couple of extras, and were walking around the store asking if anyone wanted one.
  7. IMHO, schools have not been a source of spreading because they were at half capacity, and 2 days a week for most of the year. My kids have been back 4 days a week at full capacity since early March, and 5 days a week starting this week. In the first 3 weeks back, 2 of my kids have been quarantined due to exposure.
  8. Sh*t. Sorry, I'll start now and report back by EOD next Tuesday.
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned. I did not read 110 pages. If you were ever a smoker in your lifetime, you are eligible to be vaccinated now. I did not know this until yesterday, but I don't watch the news....
  10. I'm not affiliated with OTW in any way, but come on... OTW blew up the canal more than FB? OTW has been around longer than FB, so I guess you could say they blew it up first, but certainly not more than social media. OTW has an average monthly readership of approximately 175,000. These 175,000 are obviously dedicated fisherman/fisherwomen if they are buying the magazine or watching the TV show. I doubt people are carrying around copies of OTW in their pocket to show fish pics to their friends and relatives. I'm pretty sure the majority of the population has a phone in their pocket. Facebook has 2.8 Billion monthly active users. Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users. YouTube has over 2 Billion monthly active users. Now, Cameron Canal Guy posts his epic morning on the canal to all of his social media channels to share with his network of "friends". What percentage of Cameron's friends do you think buy OTW, or watch OTW? Now Cameron's buddy, Gary Golf Guy, sees how awesome and easy it is to catch stripers, and decides to give it a shot. He doesn't go large, but he gets an awesome 14" striper that he has to share with his network of "friends" on all of his social media channels. I get that people don't like OTW because they blew up their "spot", but social media is faaarrrr worse. What exactly should OTW write about, or should they just not exist at all?
  11. Heard them while out on the canoe yesterday
  12. IMHO, tournaments of any kind seem to bring out the worst in people. Maybe I just have trust issues...
  13. Yes, now called Tactical Surf. And buying used does not void the warranty. I have used the warranty a few times.