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  1. Damn, sorry to hear. RIP Skitter
  2. Very cool video on "Sandwich News" facebook page. I can't save it and share, but check it out if you can.
  3. Water spout on the canal https://www.wcvb.com/article/video-shows-waterspout-traveling-down-cape-cod-canal/24126528
  4. Yeah, it must be the weather...
  5. Bentleys work well, but a Range Rover will work in a pinch.
  6. Take a peek under the bridge. Once in a while you can find a stray milf down there...
  7. Hi Steve!
  8. Elitist prick
  9. One guy who doesn't fish, and didn't understand fishing, asked you not fish on the side of the bridge where a sign says not to fish, and everyone in Duxbury is an elitist a-hole?
  10. I found a video of this guy rigging sluggos a while back. This is how I learned to rig
  11. Haha. It's funny that you're asking him how he rigs them. I rig them his style usually. Also use single swim bait hook.
  12. I blame Al Gore
  13. Couple of things. 1. You're much closer to a lot of North Shore locations, which I know **** about, than the cape 2. When passiton is talking about the gear he is using on the flats, that does not translate to other areas you might fish. The flats are wide open, sandy areas, with little to no structure.
  14. Where in the area did you move to? You most likely don't have to drive to the cape to find plenty of wadable areas to fish.
  15. Something to think about when you're reviving fish over the side of the boat...