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  1. Guy Cotten
  2. Got a problem with Hampton Beach?
  3. I would like to know the importance of the plover to the environment. I'm sure I could look it up and read about it, but I'm lazy...
  4. Sounds like you're already buying it. Are you fishing bait, plugs, jigs, all of the above?
  5. Just curious. Why do people recommend starting with bait fishing?
  6. No sarcasm this time. This is a very good post. It sounds like you don't have a lot of others to fish with, but you have to be extremely careful if you're out alone. Especially in waders. Brothers said it perfectly, "if it doesn't feel right, don't push it." I'm older than both of you, and have gotten much more conservative with my limits (when I'm actually fishing these days). As far as sharks, they scare the **** out of me. Not gonna lie. I used to never think about them when wading around at night, but now it's all I think about. I honestly don't like to stand in the water beyond my waist at night any more. I will walk out and hop up on a rock, but not standing in the water. Don't give a **** what anyone I'm fishing with thinks about it or says. I know the chances of anything actually happening are incredibly slim, but... And relationships. Yeah, fishing is not good for relationships. I have really had to take a big step back the last couple of years. Became way too much of an obsession. If I was single, no kids, I wouldn't really care, but I'm not. Just make sure you keep your priorities straight. Good luck. Have a great season and be safe!
  7. Best advice you could get right here...
  8. Belsans is in Scituate, not Plymouth. I usually grab them from there or MGC in Hanover.
  9. Sorry, should have said, "when I used to fish"
  10. downside
  11. I have worn nothing but studded boots for the past 6-7 years. Most areas I fish are rocky, boulders, seaweed. I do fish beaches now and then, and no downside there. As Folifish mentioned, you're not going to sneak in anywhere with studs. Super loud walking down the road in the dark. Large, smooth rocks are also not your friend in studs. I find more pros than cons to wearing them. BD mentioned the Korkers with removable soles. I wore these for a couple of seasons, but the soles fell off on a number of occasions. Got sick of that happening and went to Simms felt soles and added studs. I'd recommend a washer, which I did not do. Will keep them from eventually sinking into the sole.
  12. I remember selling a bunch of lightly used GRS plugs for $25 each a few years back. Wishing I held on to them now. Could put a down payment on the new house I'm looking at...
  13. Lobster
  14. If you zoom in, there is another face on the tree itself