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  1. Thanks Bob
  2. Dennis
  3. Cumberland not going in there. Pete is looking for a new spot in Scituate. Has a couple of good prospects (from what i hear)
  4. True. Might head up that way in a couple of weeks.
  5. Good time to look for salmon in the rivers?
  6. Almost too pretty to fish. Nice reel.
  7. Beautiful brownie
  8. Damn, sorry to hear. RIP Skitter
  9. Very cool video on "Sandwich News" facebook page. I can't save it and share, but check it out if you can.
  10. Water spout on the canal https://www.wcvb.com/article/video-shows-waterspout-traveling-down-cape-cod-canal/24126528
  11. Yeah, it must be the weather...
  12. Bentleys work well, but a Range Rover will work in a pinch.
  13. Take a peek under the bridge. Once in a while you can find a stray milf down there...