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  1. Folifish was absolutely not joking...
  2. Call me a p...y Bernie, but I'm not blocking someone in and risking confrontation over a fish.
  3. That was a joke. I just didn't want to tell the guy he's diving in the sharkiest waters on the south shore. Manomet and Ellisville get more pings than any other shark buoys on the south shore every year. Might have something to do with the ridiculous seal population in that area.
  4. No sharks in that area...
  5. Now that's convenience at it's best
  6. Wow. Even more impressive
  7. Curious what the plug was. Hook on a hanger or a swivel?
  8. Yeah, I live on the Indian Head. They come up in my backyard every year to lay eggs this time of year. I could not think of a freshwater area close to where I was. Just surprised the hell out of me.
  9. On a south shore beach this morning. Snapper playing in the waves.
  10. Haha. I think I've seen your pic in OTW reports in the past, if that's really you in the pic.
  11. Now I don't know if you were kidding with your first post, or just trying to make up for it now. Either way, funny. I caught a schoolie on the south shore today. Don't be jealous.
  12. Good to know. Everyone should go there!
  13. Yes, I would also call the shop and ask. Very easy for them to replace. You would likely have to pay for the shipping. I have replaced multiple rods with TFO. Some directly, and one through a shop.