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  1. Dust
  2. Making lifetime memories. Have a blast!
  3. I check weekly. Thank you!
  4. ^ this
  5. Today
  6. Water levels are high, water is dirty. I haven't even attempted to look for them yet. Maybe next week...
  7. Indian Head River Incident Update: At 7:24pm on Thursday, April 25, 2019 the Hanover Emergency Communications Center received a 911 phone call reporting an unknown type spill in the Indian Head River on Broadway at the Hanover/Hanson Town Line. Hanover Engine 7 responded to investigate as well as a unit from the Hanson Fire Department. Upon arrival, a large amount of an unknown fluid with a visible sheen was flowing down the River from the area of Factory Pond in Hanson. Additional Hanover Fire units were dispatched along with a request for an emergency response from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Initial efforts focused on identifying the source and type of the spill while simultaneously deploying booms to contain it. A combined search of properties in the area by Hanover and Hanson Firefighters discovered heating oil leaking from tanks inside the basement of Country Ski and Sport, Inc., located on the southern bank of the Indian Head River. Crews, with the assistance of an oil heat repair company, were able to mitigate the leak and prevent further flow. Hanover Firefighters deployed an initial containment boom on the River at the Hanover/Hanson Town Line. A determination was made by DEP that just over 100 gallons of fuel leaked from the tanks and had flowed past the in itial containment area. Fire crews moved downstream 1.3 miles to the State Street Bridge where they discovered that the oil had already traveled beyond that point. A joint decision by public safety officials and the MA Department of Environmental Protection was made to deploy secondary containment booms at Luddam's Ford, 2 ¾ miles downstream from the site of the spill. Additional mutual aid was requested from the Pembroke and Marshfield Fire Departments. Marshfield responded with a DEP Spill Control Trailer and Pembroke provided a boat. Two hundred feet of containment boom was deployed across the river at Luddam's Ford preventing the spill from reaching the North River. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection will oversee further clean-up and mitigation efforts. Remaining fire service resources cleared the incident at 11:32pm.
  8. If you have ever fished the Swift for trout, I would say fly fishing for shad in the spring is very similar. They can be swimming all around your feet. You can drop flies on their head, drift through dozens of them, and they just don't hit. Can be very frustrating, but awesome when you do hookup.
  9. My kids crush them out back
  10. Hey Chuck!
  11. Pete is up and running in the new location in Scituate. Same parking lot as Village Market. Far end of the building with Dribbles (ice cream place).
  12. Funny, I was thinking the same thing today at one of my local trout ponds. Usually there crushing the brookies.
  13. Was for a few years. Moved to Pembroke.
  14. I will try to make that one. Have a great show.