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  1. Mark, Awesome builds!
  2. First one to cry when UC and Phenix are challenged. Went as far as to threaten to monitor and sue me not too long ago. LMFAO. (*edited - no need for name calling TimS)
  3. I'll get excited too when I can actually find a Dealer that sells one
  4. I think that you need to take a step back, take a deep breath if you can and check yourself. I'm going to guess that once again you're referring to Billy. Let it go. I speak to Bill maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I have not been active in NERBs for years. I could care less about UC, Seeker or any other rod manufacturer In my opinion both UC and Phenix are over priced graphite junk. Seeker is over built. Don't know Randy Penney but I do know that he led Seeker, the company that you despise and defame daily. Supposedly he has bought UC and become a Prince. Now this may be true but it sure makes you an A1 hypocrite. Now, if you want to carry on an intelligent conversation, I'm ready to begin whenever you are.
  5. It's your life, you can receive or give input to anyone that you would like. I'm more interested with your acknowledged affiliation with UC. Randy is asking you to promote 'his" product. My simple question is, are you a UC Rep? The answer is either 'yes' or 'no'. If the answer is 'yes' pay up, if the answer is 'no', with respect, shut up. Thanks
  6. So you're a admitted Rep for UC? I didn't realize that they were a paid Sponsor here. Did I ever mention that I put chocolate & peanut butter together? Reece's isn't a Sponsor here either but Reece is working with the Team to design some awesome candy options. Reece's will rule the east coast, trust me. Did I mention Reece's? Reece's oh yeah!
  7. Whatever happened to waiting for Randy's announcement? Are you a spokesperson for Randy Penney and United Composites?
  8. I hope they make it however failure has been part of their corporate culture, only time will tell According to you UC never went under, then was coming back every week, Seeker was gone for good, Seeker was buying the GUSA brand etc etc. I think I'll reserve judgment and see how it all turns out. I hope they both make it, peoples lives and livelihoods are involved
  9. Saw that....... someone posted Randy's new business card on Facebook last week. Interesting conundrum for the UC lovers / Seeker haters
  10. WOW one of your best. Great job!
  11. 30 years ago you only needed 3 or 4 things to become a rod builder - Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale Clemens, Custom Rod Thread Art by Dale Clemens, the phone number for Clemens Custom Tackle and at least one trip to the Allentown Conclave. Thank you Dale and just as important, thank you Dick. You gave me the tools and the passion for a lifetime of joy.
  12. I've had this happen a few times over the years on both weaves and crosswraps. I finished a rod a few weeks ago where the Madeira green #1749 that I was using blotched up on me........but only in spots on 3 of 9 underwraps - zero issues with the crosswrap. When I cut the guides off to rewrap them you could clearly see the blotches / stains on the underside of the wraps that I cut off. Was it the way I applied the 3 coats of CP? Did I pick up contaminants from the blank? Did I do a poor job mixing the CP 3 times and applied it in the same place? Was there an issue with the thread? Did I use too much heat (alcohol lamp) on the first thin coat of finish? Could have been all or none of the above but I can say this - the few times that it has happened to me it was (a) using one specific CP (b) using one specific thread © using two specific hands. We've talked about this once or twice and I am still up in the air on the cause. It happens infrequently but it has happened
  13. ROFLMAO You kill me
  14. From the album Calstar

  15. The nonsense doesn't stop even during Passover & Easter. Maybe your time would be better spent in reflection and not your constant attacks on a man that you had a falling out with. You act like a jilted lover, maybe it's time to move on. Just sayin