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  1. "How do I know, Connie?"
  2. He left because we were mean to his dog.
  3. This, but a 69. With a 427 and air conditioning. Got to have air conditioning. I could swear that's one of my restorations.
  4. These I like.
  5. Cruz is Sarah Palin with a brain.
  6. Where can I read about this? Google keywords?
  7. It's an internet game. No real substance, ever.
  8. Went through maintenance the day before the crash according to the news. I wonder if this was the first flight after the fact?
  9. I chuckled.
  10. Not my words. Please don't insert them in to my quote.
  11. 150,000 pounds was one boat over a period of time, not one haul.
  12. Everyone knows and expects this. Taking away the BPU's power to make the price increases slow and somewhat rational is the issue.
  13. Was that the deal, the 150,000 pounds number was over the course of a number of years? Makes more sense.