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  1. Good luck trying to get a Beulah Serum: they have been "out of stock" on most of that line for a year and a half! (question, and a serious one: are they just selling out whatever stock they have before going out of business? That would be too bad, but unfortunately it looks that way to me).
  2. Another short-headed line you could look into is one made by Cortland, their "Specialty Series Compact," which includes a Type 9 sink. I'm mentioning it because when I've seen it, it tends to be on sale more often than the Rios :-) I bought intermediate and sinking versions last year that I used for boat fishing.
  3. You are right tho in the case of clousers and similar flies such as jiggies, it's the sand at the bottom of the water (or swirling around in the surf) that does the most damage. Coating the wraps around the eye helps - tho most of the coating will be gone pretty quickly, especially the UV-cured material - and tying all of the wing material on top, as you mentioned, helps to make the fly last a little longer as well. I've been doing that for years: I save all of my worn-out clousers in a box and once a year I strip them down to save the hooks and eyes that are still in decent shape. It can be a bit trying to do this if you've used super glue, epoxy or UV-cured plastic in tying the fly, but I think it's still worth it. If nothing else, you're recycling something that is actually useful to you.
  4. Good luck, I hope that they are still doing that! (my guess is that they do)
  5. You can always save what's left, bury it in the ground for a month and then go after catfish. :-)
  6. FYI, for anyone interested (since the op was looking for something under $300): Fly Reel - 1.15.19 (Kc3NiF)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Master Segment&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJncmVncEBmYXN0bWFpbC5mbSIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIkpBNVhubSJ9
  7. I meant all of the parts that can be seen (which really is very few) after taking off the spool and unscrewing the plastic top/bearing covering the anti-reverse bearing, etc. I'll modify my post a bit: I did buy one used Litespeed 4 that had what looked like corrosion on the anti reverse bearing which Lamson replaced for me and while I was at it, I took Lamson up on it's public offer to provide stainless anti-reverse bearing replacements for all of my Litespeeds. It didn't charge anything for that and I believe that the offer still stands. I think that what distinguishes the new ones is a red-maroon housing but I can't remember for sure: this was a while back. Regardless, I am not denying that people have had problems like you describe.
  8. RedGreen probably has a lot of experience that I don't have. But I do have a bunch of Lamson Litespeeds, have been using them exclusively for the last 15 years or so, changing spools standing in the water, holding them underwater for minutes at a time (while mounted on rods), etc and haven't seen any corrosion. I have had a few malfunction - and maybe because of the abuse - but one thing about Lamson is that if you send a reel back to them they will fix it for a fee (which includes return shipping) of $25 and they turn them around within a few weeks. Twice I have sent them a batch of reels (all for a total of $25) so they can go over them and replace anything that they think might be "worn" (not that there are a lot of parts...) and "tune" them. So while they're nowhere as smooth or sophisticated as a lot of the expensive stuff, I go on using them. Another thing that drew me to them that is now changed is that all of the "versions" over a long period of time, from the first right through IV (tho Lamson claims otherwise for the IV's) are interchangeable. I would do a Web search: periodically they come out with a new model which means the previous model is sold off for under $300 (for the largest, size 4). I've bought several that way but much of what I have I bought used: there is no downside to doing so.
  9. Sounds something like this: This one someone called "The Squid Special"
  10. Is the difference in weight due solely to the blank or other factors as well. How long is the Mark III blank? Thanks!
  11. This thread is lifting a good chunk of guilt off my shoulders. Keep it up!
  12. If CL isn't enough, there are **************.com and the two for sale forums on
  13. That has to be a truly big yacht: that's more than 48,000 lbs of fuel.
  14. In my experience, men are at least as guilty of that as women (or, perhaps, they don't really believe that but they behave as tho they do!)
  15. Yes, I'd say 500 is the max you would want to go; I thought somewhere around 460-480 was ideal. I've been using 530 gr Airflo "Forty Plus 2-Handed Beach Lines" on the 11/12 CND which were perfect for that rod, but the only one I have left is on its last legs. Shoulda bought a few more when they were in closeout...