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    Own cabling business
  1. Wow Marcus - start cutting. How do you like the Fathom II Casting Special ????
  2. Thanks Allen Glad to see things are returning to normal. Heading down tuesday night for several days. Rich
  3. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  4. Hi Bill Sold - I will take it. Send me your addy in PM please. Thanks Rich
  5. 20 feet? - Looks like a 4 Philippino long Saltwater Croc to me.
  6. So that's an unanswered no to shipping. Willing to do MO/VENMO and pay for shipping to MD.
  7. News Flash - Reuters News Service The blitzkrieg invasion of Poland will begin in the early hours of 09/01/2020. SA Brownshirts are clearing out the last pockets of resistance in the US heartland, and voting rights are being curtailed throughout the nation. SOUND FAMILIAR !
  8. I might be interested if an SU blank. Any chance of shipping to MD ?
  9. No! No ones lies are OK. But you know who is just unbelievable. Destroying our Country with racism and divisiveness to boot. No other president in my memory has ever been such an outspoken racist. Not gonna argue over it - that's my opinion and that's it. And guess what - I'm neither a democrat or liberal.
  10. 175,000 dead people don't think he's done enough !
  11. They all lie - but the Joker in the white house right now is the biggest pathological liar of them all.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Allen - Good photo Smallbatch
  13. Well it is 2020 ! Still gotta get thru Shark Week and Aliens in August