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  1. Just showed a slew of protesters protesting a Uni Glo. Justice!!!!!!
  2. Is covering multiple stations and switching around like the Red Zone.
  3. Guess the kid fell when he ran into the neck of the flat bed trailer lol.
  4. Vid I saw was from a different angle and it looked like he let loose. Guess not.
  5. Yep, older white dude.
  6. Don't know makes/models but the distance was almost point blank.
  7. Some dude in Salt Lake City got out of his car with his compound bow and let one fly into a "peaceful protester" Unfortunately for him, he sucks at math because he got jumped right after. Can't imagine he's real happy at this point.
  8. Will Big Bird let NYC burn?
  9. I'd think that selling the belongings of old people would be a booming business right now since they were responsible for so many of the Rona virus deaths. Over 50% in NJ as it stands.
  10. Lack of traffic has been relaxing. In the last week it;s picked up a bit and the bad driving has picked up. IF we could open the economy and restrict driving, I'd be really happy.
  11. Only a couple positions allowed, no facing each other. Lol.
  12. An absolute wet dream is a perp walk but that won't happen. He's presidential MATERIAL!!!!! Lord help us.
  13. Been seeing a daily increase in traffic both in the morning and afternoon driving to and from work. Was so nice not to have to wait for people who can't f'n drive the past month and half.
  14. Harvard Medical school prof is about to get fired after this interview.
  15. Report said that a bunch of people in the region were returning from Russia with the Covid. Obviously can't trust much of the news.