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  1. On electric only lakes, i use a bow and a transom mount, I use the transom to go long distances and the bow for fishing.
  2. What type of boat? Looking for a bow mount or transom?
  3. I've walked along the Patapsco in the Daniels area near Ellicott City a few times but never brought a rod. Have to remember one the next time I head down.
  4. Wonder how far down the Passaic pike have been caught....
  5. 140K+ miles on my '08 Tacoma and it's been a great truck. No real issues to speak of.
  6. Take a look here if you are serious about this
  7. I have a dowel when I'm muskie fishing. 80-100lb braid with 130-200lb flouro leaders don't just break off if I can't knock the plug loose. I've even tied it to one of the cleats on the boat and backed off to snap it. Amazingly sometimes the hooks bend and lure pops free.
  8. no no no, that can't be a White Perch.....that's a Landlocked Atlantic Striper yoy who's growth has been stunted due to being in a lake.
  9. Sweet.
  10. If you want a stock replacement Bilstein 4600's are pretty good from what I read. I'm lifted with Bilstein 5100's with 883 coils and an add-a-leaf. Rides great.
  11. Kinda busts the banana conspiracy theory. Lol.
  12. I have to correct myself I did buy a couple new bucktails, I just remembered. I also picked up a Shimano 300 Tranx. Tested it a couple times before ice up and it is going to be a nice one.
  13. Spring is coming and we can actually do some field testing of all the new lures bought over the winter. /I didn't buy actually but I still need to use some old ones I haven't worn out yet.
  14. 100% doesn't hurt. They have been tested for many years in salt water on fish that have bigger teeth and weigh much more before they were ever introduced to muskie fishing.
  15. I use swivels on everything but walk the dog top waters and glide baits. A swivel is too heavy for them I think.