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  1. Sharpton built a career on false attacks. Where's he been in all this?
  2. Sift the beetles out. They aren't anything to worry about really. They don't spread disease and are extra protein.
  3. I used to do a sourdough pizza crust from a wild yeast starter I kept alive for a few years. A 24+hr rise in the fridge and it was incredible. One day something happened and it died. Tried to start another one but I it didn't last. Haven't made one in years. I do a simple hand kneaded dough now. I use KA bread flour, instant yeast, some honey, a bit of salt, olive oil and water. I vary the mix and knead process depending on how long I've got till I want pizza. Knead it right and it'll handle any topping and hand forming the crust. Didn't think about it till I read this. I might do a dough for tomorrow now.
  4. Bucktails of various colors and sizes are a staple in the musky world. Depends on your water but sliver blades and black bucktail is usually a good producer. I have a bunch of lures and carry them with me but I usually end up using only a few of them. Leaders can be a touchy subject in the musky word. I use crimped 130lb Seaguar fluoro for casting and some trolling. Some will say musky can saw through the fluoro but I've yet to have a musky come close but I've had musky snap a couple 7 strand leaders.
  5. NE for the win!
  6. Young QB and only 39 seconds left with one time out
  7. And the Patriots are back in front. Damn.
  8. Wow. Didn't expect that.
  9. Yeah, I don't think he touched it but not looking good for a overturn.
  10. Tires over inflated? Tires underinflated?
  11. Pike love those too.
  12. Have you checked out this forum:
  13. Almost. Its been below freezing a few times. A nice balmy 40°F day is most appreciated when I'm on the lake
  14. And what are we fishing for? Bass, walleye, salmon, catfish or muskie?
  15. Had some luck on a couple lakes recently with blade baits and jigging rapalas. Mostly hitting when dead sticking them. Funny thing this year. I'm not seeing the large schools in the usual places but that's the fun part.