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  1. looking for some ideas for a 7' spinning rod for fluke to be used off a boat. Not gonna use more then 3 or 4oz of lead...Any suggestions?
  2. Have only gotten them in white or blue sometimes.
  3. Go to an electrical supply house and ask for 2” bang on bushings.
  4. Widow Jane is pretty good
  5. Can’t make chicken salad out of chicken chit
  6. hey grizz my PayPal address is boffa1979@gmail.com


    send me your address and ill mail it out to you as soon as you let me know you made payment


    thanks John

  7. I have a vs 100 in silver thats in great shape I just don't have the box or bag anymore. Can put up pics if your interested
  8. Thanks for the replies... No sure on how much were gonna spend but was thinking of getting a boat in the 30/40 foot range. Gonna check out Pieces since the both of you mentioned them.. Thanks John
  9. Figured I try posting this in here since I'm pretty sure a few of the people who post in here either live there or go there often. But any way I'm planing a fishing trip to Cabo in either May or early June and was wondering if anybody had any reconditions on charter boats. I'm looking to book 3/4 8 hour trips Thanks John
  10. I had it for years on my palms and on the bottom of my feet. Got so bad that the skin would just rip open. Changed my diet three years ago by cutting out almost all carbs and refined sugars and started drinking a lot more water and haven't had it since.
  11. Blantons is a really good one that is considered top shelf A bottle runs any where from 50 to 70 depending where you buy it in nyc in jersey its usually around 55
  12. Join Life Lock and notify all of your credit card companies and banks you have accounts. Had the same thing happen to me and it saved me a few headaches doing those things and tell all three credit reporting agencies
  13. Brought it last year used it 4/6 times has a 208 cc engine 24 inch mouth electric start i'm moving so i won't need it any more runs great. paid a little over 6 hundred for it selling it for $450 pick up only I'm located in staten island this is a pic of it from web site looks exactly the same. camera on phone is not workig other wise i would post pic
  14. yes the spool is in good condition i will post a pic of it tomorrow and you let me know if you want it or not