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  1. West Branch wading boots, non studded, sizes 9 and 10 available. $50.
  2. Not to put too fine a point on it. ;-) but "self-tapping" is different than "self-drilling". What we are talking about here is self-drilling. Self-tapping is for thicker metal applications where essentially a machine screw needs to go into a hole that has not had threads tapped for it yet.
  3. Sounds like a crappy design. The old connection style with the twist lock plugs works fine. Another case of fixing something that isn't broken.
  4. I found "" which has a bunch of really good info. Another question. Is it crazy to bring fishfinder and battery? I get one 3-4 hour session before AGM battery needs to be recharged. Assuming that would require a solar panel situated on top of the deck...and charge controller. Anyone have experience with that or is it just not worth it?
  5. That looks like tremendous fun. Good for you for doing that with the scouts. My scouts troop never had that much fun when I was a kid.
  6. Passiton- I have a little pocklet rocket stove so maybe I'll get a lantern for that. I have only a small one-man backpacking mess kit so I think I'll need to figure out a larger pot and find out how to balance it on the tiny stove. Those are awesome food tips! thanks! I've been looking at the freeze-dried "mountain House" meals and there's no way I'm going to buy all that jazz. If you want to share more tips, please do!!!
  7. Thanks! We are actually putting in at South Creek and right into Middle Lake where we have a campsite. We are going day tripping onto Lower Lake.
  8. Thanks! I'm going to need some tips on pike as I ahve never targeted them.
  9. Very good tips, thanks Jon. I may PM you with more questions as the date gets closer. Just ordered one of the Platypus water filtration systems. I'll check out Lows Lake for a spring trip. Super excited to do this with family for first time. Was out last night with my wife- first time we ever kayaked together. Super cool. Same place we are at last year. My son really enjoys it too. the interesting problem now is getting three kayaks on top of the Rav4! (well- and borrowing the third one)
  10. Planning a Labor Day weekend trip. The area seems really awesome but there's surprisingly little info on how to access and parking. South Creek put-in and there's really limited parking there? Also- Although I have car-camped and backpacked a lot, I have never kayak camped and I'm interested in any tips about how to pack, etc. Assume darn near everything goes into dry bags and you stash them above or below deck wherever you can. Just seems that on two SOT kayaks and one SIK, there wont be enough cargo space for tent, sleeping bags, cooler, food, stove, fishing gear, clothes, and water. I'm envisioning kayaks piled high ala Ma & Pa Kettle or Beverly Hillbillies.
  11. I'll try to shoot you a few photos via PM in next day or two.
  12. I've heard those are a very good value. Probably my next rod.
  13. Depends on your price point and how much customization you think you might want. Flatlander for me is the best. Probably Ebb Point and GearUp are just as good, I have not used them, but I am 100% happy with Jamie's bags and accessories. A great guy to deal with, personable, helpful and communicative. The materials and workmanship are outstanding and his "systems" are innovative and make for extremely versatile bags. For exambple, he has come up with the "BuddyLok" system for attaching accessories. The front and back of the bag typically has custom attachment points which will accept various accessories such as water bottle holder, camera holder, extra 3" tube, porkrind holder, etc. So you can put any of those accessories on the front or back of the bag. Or none. Also can get a belt loop with the same BuddyLok fastener on it and then put any of your accessories on your belt if you want. Very very flexible. Like if you get a two-tube bag because that's all you need 75% of the time, then you get the Add-a-Tube accessory with the clip that onto the bag whenever you need to upsize and you are good to go. Instant 3 tube bag. Or, just put that single tube onto your belt if you are wetsuiting and swimming and only take 3-4 plugs. Similarly, you can have the long bucktail/sluggo pouch on the bag or take it off to stay light for a trip. You can get a leader storage area built into the bag in your choice of several locations. Double drainage grommets if you wetsuit. Brass or stainless grommets. On and on. When you look at how they are made and the level of customizing you can get, the significant price seems like an extremely good value. Last time I checked he is only on Facebook, but he does have email that you can communicate with if you're not on facebook (like me). There's a wait list since his is the boss and all the workers combined. Happy to share photos of my setup offline if you want.
  14. I suspect you may be more than a bit many of us. Stop thinking...go fishing .