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  1. There will be no solutions that are perfect. They will all be far from.perfect. Normal animosities among countries will continue. That doesn't mean we abandon trying for solutions or improvements. Like the guy with the cardboard sign in the corner keeps reminding me...."ANYTHING HELPS...GOD BLESS"
  2. It's amazing reading these posts how many people think somehow this is a hoax. As they are being swept away. Just like's a hoax...and then you get it and die. I understand people being stupid. I understand guys thinking they are macho and invincible and anything they don't understand is laughable. I understand people hoping it will all just go away like "acid rain". I understand it's boring to listen to scientists and it's much more fin to listen to the ranting of politicians who have their campaigns financed by large industries. But it's not a hoax. It's happening faster and faster. Every study that is published basically says " what we thought was the worst case scenario two years's already twice as bad as that" So maybe when your house disappears in a 100 year hurricane, or your farm dries up to dust or your town is engulfed by forest fire, it won't be a hoax. But... Our poor kids are going to have it VERY VERY rough. Imagine what this place is going to be like in fifty years. They will look back and say "how could our parents have laughed and let this happen?" Economically, the middle class, already pushed almost out of existence, will be destroyed. I'm glad I don't have more than 25 years left on this planet, I feel so badly for my son, who does.
  3. Me too
  4. The old Penn's are not good for braid. The relatively wide and shirt spools are part of the the problem. I say this as an old Penn fan, but do yourself a favor and get a modern reel for plugging. Save the Penn for bait fishing. The bow in the line from wind is always a problem. Keep your rod tip really low. Sometimes it's even better to put the tip underwater and make the line lay ON the water Lastly, when throwing light lures, the line does not get laid onto the reel very tightly during retrieve. Every once in a while, retrieve while applying some pressure with your fingers against the rod. This will lay down the line tighter and help prevent birds nests. (Even on modern reels)
  5. I'd recommend a Lami GSB 1202M. Find a local rod builder and ask them how much a basic build on the GSB blank will be. If you dont opt for very expensive seat and guides and wraps, this can be a very affordable way to get a rod that fits you exactly. Probably in the $400 range. I love mine. Very much a do-it-all rod. The other thing that's nice about the GSB two-piece is that it's a 50/50 split. The 60/40 split, to my mind, doesn't keep it compact enough.
  6. Keep one in your teeth at all times like a pirate.
  7. Exactly. If you really want it in an emergency, it has to be accessible fast. The knife gets strapped around my bicep. Easy. I also have that knife. Not crazy about it. It's really tough to sharpen and when I called the manufacturer asking about sharpening, they just shrugged.
  8. Well your old speakers are not powered, so just having a bluetooth receiver is nto going to work. If your old bulky speakers are wired up and everything is good...just leave it that way. If you need to have a set of speakers that you can move around...say to the garage and then out to the deck, just get a set of bluetooth enabled speakers for that purpose. Self contained speakers will have their own amplifier onboard (as well as a bluetooth receiver) so a low-level signal via bluetooth will be amplified once it hits the speaker. In this case you can send a bluetooth signal from your phone, or if you put a bluetooth transmitter on your main stereo system (line out from the amplifier) then you can also send music to the speakers via that method.
  9. The kayak tops are also good and tend to be less money than high end fishing stuff. Stohlquist is good, as is Level 6. Level 6 is a Canadian company and they have a couple sale events per year where they give a pretty deep discount, plus you take advantage of the exchange rate and no tax. When you're spending a certain amount you get free shipping too. I've been very happy with mine.
  10. I got an SLX combo..both the reel and the rod seem impressive but I haven't fished them yet. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  11. It can be very freaky fishing at night when you're not used to it. Start off easy. Just stay a while after dusk...then keep pushing it a little bit further on subsequent trips. Do not wade in tricky areas unless you know the area by heart in the day. I remember having many points where the frustration of getting a wind knot or trying to tie a knot in the wind in the dark just made me too crazy and I'd have to quit. Once I walked all the way down a long Beach to find that line had been paying off my reel in the wind the whole way. Stuff like that. After a while... sometimes a long will start to feel normal and you'll be comfortable doing things by feel. Have your plug bag highly organized. Know where everything is so you can grab it without looking. Have leaders pre-tied. Check that you don't have a bluefish before you slide your hand down the leader into the fishes mouth. If you're by yourself, wear an inflatable pfd and let someone know the general area you will be in. Agree with comments on light. It's one of the worst things you can do to others that are fishing....shine the damn beacon all around. If you learn to unhook without a light, you will not be indicating to everyone around that you are on fish, and are likely to keep your space to yourself. Rig plugs like SPs canal-style with one belly treble...and, at the most, a single hook on tail. Crush your barbs. Both of those will reduce the chances of impaling yourself with a hook in the dark. There are places where you just shouldn't wade at night... especially as tide changes...areas get deeper and current gets dangerous. Be very cautious. Go with a buddy if at all possible. As your skills and confidence increase, consider a wetsuit. In many cases is safer than waders.
  12. I've got a favorite old skilsaw...Black and Decker Super Sawcat, circa 1985. It was left in an open air environment for a couple months and now has the typical whitish gray oxidization. Some of the parts are complex and don't have smooth surfaces that can easily be sanded or brushed. I want to get this back into good condition. Any advice?
  13. Thank you!
  14. Jon.... you're MIG welding aluminum and stainless?? Isnt that usually done with TIG?