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  1. No thanks.
  2. $18 shipped on the darter. His webpage is down but he still has a FB page up. He stopped turning due to an illness and I don't think he has started up again but he made some very unique high quality stuff. (including my favorite; the Dartle Barter...a kind of reverse bottle darter)
  3. Nice pair-One of the larger and one smaller. Both unused, stored in box. As new condition except large white one has faint crack visible under the finish. Shouldn't affect use , but it's there. $36 shipped continental US Pay Pal only Thanks for looking
  4. I tried water in Redfins...leaked out I tried mineral oil in Redfins...leaked out. It leaks out the tiny gaps where the hook hangers exit even if you dab epoxy at the gap. I'm going with shot from now on.
  5. It's odd how Frank Daignault writes about himself introducing the Redgill to the US after meeting a UK casting champion on the cape. And fifty years later there are only two places in the US that I know of where you can buy them. And most of the time they are sold out of the good ones.
  6. Yes and yes.
  7. Well it's not "lost" but it sure is a good option. I'd encourage anyone to learn to rig. If nothing else it makes you feel better about not chucking those $3 eels away the next morning. Not expensive to get started doing this too-unlike fly tying or pouring lead. Skinner has a very good video on this. They stay in the freezer in ziploks until you are ready to go so they will stay cold and fresh for several hours as they thaw. When you are done fishing, back into the ziplok they go and back into the freezer. They are super durable and will go thru this cycle many times. Get a riggie in front of you in clear still water. Notice the slightly negative buoyancy. sink maybe one foot per second, and that super natural action with a very slow steady retrieve with just the SMALLEST twitch every five or ten seconds. they stay suspended with jsut the slightest retrieve. rod tip higher when the riggie is out at the end of the cast and tip lower as it comes closer to you. Plus when you are double-rigged, if a blue does hit it, at least you get him rather then him getting 3/4" of your eel for free and leaving you with the "cigar butt". Good for trolling too when you are moving REAL slowly with the current. Although I have not had this work yet, supposed to be good at dead slack tide, on the bottom, in areas with high current as fish come out of their "feeding lies" and cruise around looking for goodies before setttling in for the next tide. Supposed to be a good strategy at breachways when you are waiting for a tide turn.
  8. Well let's talk about this. I've wondered about this for years. In saltwater you have seven or eight kinds of seaweed that can foul you. In freshwater, it's mainly the milfoil which is a real PITA. and also the very tough stems of the water lilies. So you are moving through an area with a lot of milfoil at the surface. What's the approach? Lift the drive and paddle? Is a prop or fins going to get fouled less? What happens when each IS fouled with weed? Is one easier to clean off than the other?
  9. No truck. On the top of my RAV4. Everything comes off for three reasons: 1. Lighten the kayak for carrying and lifting 2. So stuff wont get stolen 3. So stuff wont fall off on the road Only thing that stays on are the mouths themselves on the gar track; the RAM ball, ********** starports, paddle clip and cleat.
  10. Closed. Thanks SOL.
  11. You got it. Thanks. Sending PM.
  12. Sure. Sending PM. $20 shipped on the Workhorse drunken darter. Mike was a good builder and not turning anymore.