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  1. Hey 802 Tried to Private Message you. You don't have enough posts here to allow PM to work. Make another dozen or so posts and then PM me. Wanna chat.
  2. Thanks
  3. Actually it's not available. Well ..yeah, OK...used, for fifty clams. Out of print I guess.
  4. Yeah I was about to comment that this is a pretty subjective discussion. So far there has been very little detail discussed about the hardware differences between the two. The drag is not good on the VS? Really? We know about the line lay issue on the VS. But why the deep dislike of the VR?
  5. Just no hood on that.
  6. Yeah...thats what I do. It's a pretty good light and durable and waterproof and you don't have to mess with weird batteries or chargers. 3 AAA last a long time. And it's not too expensive. That issue with the red light is really a significant downside though. Not only does it take two hands to spin the assembly to go between red and white...but it takes quite a bit of force to do so. It's not elegant. Theres a cylinder/sleeve that gets physically rotated like 180 degrees to put the red plastic in front of the white light. And the red filter seems to cut a lot of's pretty dim on red... sometimes tough to actually see the path and rocks and stuff. That's just me. Sounds like other guys maybe don't have that problem. I wish UK would make a modern one that just uses red and white leds in the same durable housing.
  7.'s high carbon steel...used but not abused
  8. I've got one you can have for the cost of shipping. Just sitting in my garage. Dexter? I can't remember anymore. PM me.(Unless you're looking for something high-end.)
  9. Aha! I thought something was weird. I posted yesterday, checked the thread today and saw that my post was gone. (???) so I posted again today. Turns out the OP posted TWO different threads with same question. Hmmm. Sorry for excessive verbiage.
  10. Ditto. My 1 1/2" RAM ball mount is very strong and works great for my 5" screen sonar.
  11. If you are on beaches and no rocks and don't have to walk far and it's important to get on and of fast...bootfoot If you are on rocks, need good ankle support, walk a lot...Stockingfoot. Stockingfoot gives you the advantage of changing boots too for different conditions. Or if your boots wear still have intact waders.
  12. Boy- this has been discussed here thousands of times. I have stocking foot and good boots and they don't take on any sand at all. Very good ankle support.
  13. You have to take the top off to whiz? Why?
  14. What's the differences between the Prime and the StrykR? Never mind...I see. No internal cuffs...less pockets on outside. Kind of StrykR Lite.