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  1. The problem I see personally,is I show someone or tell someone about a spot, then they tell there buddies and so on.
  2. Great story, great memories
  3. MY OPINION! The doughnuts from Allies BLOW and so does there PRICE!!!! The military should not have been put on the same label as the dirty cops, and why should the police get free doughnuts anyway
  4. From shore, Jamestown to East Greenwich I haven't found a bass or blue in nearly two weeks, granted I have not wet a line in 5 days.
  5. Saturday morning finally found a steady pick of big schoolies 25 to 29 inches all topwater, same spot on Sunday same tide only 1 about 26 inches.
  6. I found some decent numbers of fresh schoolies middle bay from shore, all sizes.
  7. I have only been out a few times, that will change starting tomorrow.
  8. All the time, along with zooms
  9. I got about 20 small ones with lice, the holdovers leaving are bigger around 24 inches. All in the bay from shore.
  10. Plenty of spots in our area to fish that I haven't in years, time to adjust.
  11. I have a early spring spot that I have been fishing for allot of years usually there is only 2 or 3 people,a very easy and productive spot, there were 13 people there within a few feet apart, i didn't even fish, you have to park in a neighborhood so people will be complaining, this spot will be closed as well. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!
  12. This Easter weekend I took a ride from Charlestown breachway to were I live in North kingstown just about every parking area is closed. if you look and are willing to walk or ride a bike , which is what i'm gonna be doing you can find spots.
  13. Nope Closed,
  14. Some of these places,the police won't bother you if you put a sign in your window that says I'm fishing.
  15. Yep, it used to be great there and sabin point and just about every were. I personally have not seen, a all out bluefish blitz on a bay beach in years.