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  1. 3 nights and 2 mornings in a row got into lots of schoolies. Not this morning absolutely nothing in sight. I will try tonight again.
  2. I hope its good but expect worst then last year.
  3. I believe the reports are so the shops can make money. I do enjoy reading them, but don't read into them.
  4. Saw lots again last night, I only managed a couple schoolies, they are focused on small bait.
  5. lots of fish out this morning but just out a little too far.
  6. Sorry Tim, T&P
  7. Still Terrible for me. This is a sad,sad situation for the striped bass fishing from shore. The crazy thing is I see more people fishing from shore then ever.
  8. Thanks for all the good ideas, I ordered a click-stand it collapses and stores easily out of the way. i will let you know how i like it.
  9. How do you like the click stand? I ordered one two days ago!
  10. I have been looking for some sort of stand I could lean my canal bike on so it will not tip over, as the factory stand doesn't do the job. I did see other bikes that looked like a long stand that would lean on the upper frame. I went to a couple cycle shops but i got that look like i have no idea what you are talking about. Any ideas with pics would be helpful, thanks in advance?
  11. Worst spring ever for me especially the middle bay, hardly any bait, no fish over 28 inches. and schoolie action is less then half for me. and people I know.
  12. Im in thanks
  13. $10.00
  14. Please edit your post, do not put such a specific spot! You could ask with out mentioning spots. I get it you know your spots but you don't have to tell everybody else. These fish don't need added pressure. Thanks
  15. Great rod with a great warranty, l believe if anything happens with the rod gloomis will replace it no questions asked for just $100.00 so if you run it over you get a new one, or they will fix it free.