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  2. For me, the spring and fall, R.I. bay striper fishing from shore in the daylight was terrible! Most spots that I do well at were horrible! If I didn't have to work, I could have fished spots at night that produced for some people I know, mostly midnight to dawn. Next to nothing for blue's. The oceanfront fall run never really happened for me, again daylight. Certain spots Produced some great fishing that I could not be part of at night, when I could fish at night, specific spots were so overcrowded, so I tried less crowded spots that were not as good. I did great at a well known spot in south east Mass. Winter fishing started good and sucks now. The weather, The crowds, and lack of fish, made up my second worse year ever.
  3. Did you call D.E.M.?
  4. I cant get over the size of some of them this year, and they are wicked aggressive. I am sick of them though.
  5. That is exactly what I have encountered all year.
  6. I saw that and left
  7. Its been a weird year the normal easy spots never had any fish there. If you were willing to go to a few dangerous and busy spots at night and fish out going tides you would catch fish all night but it is always packed.
  8. I'm staying in the bay less people.
  9. Thanks that is a great price. I really should not buy it though, You can let copycat have it. Thanks again
  10. I have to head out for work, I drive for my job so I wont be able to respond till lunch.
  11. Would you take $600. for everything?
  12. Either do I. I'm pissed about the amount of people at , a couple weeks ago it was loaded with fish, every time I tried to get down there there would be at least 6 people there, it never used to be like that. The same thing the the its crazy the amount of people fishing.