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  1. Since the late 70's, I have been using a Martin Multiplier, MR72 fly reel matched up with a 9' 8 or 9 wgt. flyrod with a fighting butt. Put about 40 yards of 30lb braid then splice that to a small diameter leadcore line. I use 18 lb test. you can get 7-8 color on the reel along with a 30-40 foot mono leader. This is an old school set up.
  2. I'll post some pics later
  3. I've got a brand new, never worn khaki hat. $30 shipped via paypal
  4. 10-4 Paul. I'll PM you my addy
  5. I will take whatever you have. Just let me know what you need from me. Thanks guys!!!
  6. Anyone have a source or some lying around?
  7. I just bought one from Cabela's with xmas gift cards. $159.00. It came in a hard case with a clamp on and desktop bases, a ceramic bobbin, an adjustable thread cradle and a hook/hackle gauge. I had it ship-to store to save shipping cost.
  8. Please text pic to 3173325330 Thanks, Bernzy
  9. Done! And yes, I do owe you a plug
  10. Hey Stewie, If you will take $75 for the Sealine I will pick it up. Whadya think?
  11. Just an FYI Costco has Prime Packer Briskets priced at $2.89 / lb I am smoking 2 of them as I type this
  12. I might have what you are looking for. I will check and let you know Bernzy
  13. Sorry J. I can't locate the part> bernzy
  14. I can hook you up. Bernzy