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  1. We had ten boats/teams compete at Bargaintown Lake in S. Jersey. The post front conditions made fishing difficult. Water temps started at 49 degrees. A kvd 1.5 and a DT-4 crankbait caught the fish for my team. We finished second and had the lunker at a meager 2.64lbs. We are in 1st place after five events. There is a two month break for the closed bass season starting April 15.
  2. Hey bassturds make sure you post the results and how you went about slaying the bass....thanks.
  3. I caught 4 solid keepers on the Rapala DT-4 crank (Helsinki Shad). My partner got one on a Manns1- crank. We caught over 10 bass total. Water temps jumped up into the mid 50's. Newton Lake Tournament Results Winning Team - Fred Lentz & Joe Nemeth (13.88 lbs) Lunker Winner - Joe Nemeth (4.35 lbs) Date: 4/4/2015 Format: Five bass limit, 12 inch minimum. Weather: Started out cool, windy, cloudy. Later cool, windy, sunny. Water temps 53-55. Results: 1. F.Lentz/Nemeth Team (Fred Lentz & Joe Nemeth) Total Bass/Weight = 5 / 13.88 lbs Points = 24 2. Duckardt/O.Summers Team (Bill Duckardt & Orie Summers) Total Bass/Weight = 5 / 7.51 lbs Points = 12 3. S.Summers/L.Summers Team (Sean Summers & Larry Summers) Total Bass/Weight = 4 / 6.60 lbs Points = 9 4. Zellman/TBA Team (Zeke Zellman & Wade Schoonover) Total Bass/Weight = 2 / 4.33 lbs Points = 5 5. Snyder/G.Lentz Team (Dennis Snyder & Greg Lentz) Total Bass/Weight = 3 / 3.04 lbs Points = 5 6. Bowen/Ridel Team (Scott Bowen & Pat Bowen) Total Bass/Weight = 0 Points = 1 6. Franchetta/Stubbins Team (Al Franchetta) Total Bass/Weight = 0 Points = 1 6. Lloyd/Circone Team (Dave Lloyd & Mario Circone) Total Bass/Weight = 0 Points = 1 Winning Lunker Weight - 4.35 lbs (Joe Nemeth) 2nd Place Team - Bill Duckardt & Orie Summers 3rd Place Team - Sean Summers & Larry Summers 4th Place Team - Wade Schoonover & Zeke Zellman 5th Place Team Member - Dennis Snyder Weigh-in
  4. Spent 6 hours on SUPER WINDY Newton Lake for today's tourney. 8 teams competed. Killed it on a Rapala DT-4 crank. 1st place. 4.35lb lunker and total weight at 13.88lbs. I will post fish pics when I get them.... [/url]
  5. I caught two pickerel over 4lbs in the last three weeks. A Rapala Husky jerkbait and a Manns's 1- crank did the damage.
  6. At 50 degrees and prespawn conditions I would use the lipless crank FIRST( I prefer the SK Redeye). Sounds like there are tons of stumps and weeds so you are always around productive water. Cover a lot of water. Make as many FAR casts as possible. Fast retreive. Cover the water column. Use lighter line(10 lbs) for clearer water. WHITE( SK redeye) is great for clear water. Remember these fish are looking to fatten up so they will be eager to take just about anything. I just fished my third club tourney last weekend. Jerkbaits got all my fish in the first two with water temps at 42-44. At the third I caught some on the SK lipless crank, water temps maxed out at 46. This weeked should be higher, I will fish the SK redeye more and also a chatterbait.
  7. Water temps 40-45 use jerk baits. Last weekend I used both jerkbaits and lipless cranks, water temps maxed out at 46 degrees. Both caught bass and pickerel. The lipless crank was retrieved at a fast pace. Once the temps get to 50 and above I put down the jerkbait and stick with the lipless crank and chatterbait. This is during our club tournaments. When I go fun fishing I also incorporate the jig into my routine. Good Luck and keep at it.
  8. Finished in 3rd place this past Saturday at Rainbow. Winners had a 10lb +bag. Only bass I caught was 3.45lbs. I also landed a 4lb+ pickerel.
  9. Finished in 3rd place this past Saturday at Rainbow. Winners had a 10lb +bag. Only bass I caught was 3.45lbs. I also landed a 4lb+ pickerel.
  10. 42-44 degrees. Lot of good LM bass fishing happening now. There was a 15 and 16lb bag caught this past Saturday. Smallies will heat up soon too. Good Luck.
  11. Here are some better pictures. My T partner BIG Fred caught the little one:D]' alt='1879223'>
  12. Eight boats fished our first event of the year at Union Lake. It was a cold, wet, windy type of morning. Only three teams had fish. We had a pretty good morning with a solid bag of largemouth. All four fish were caught on Rapala Husky Jerks. A slower retrieve with random jerks was the trick. Probably used the lure about 95% of the event. Lunker went 4.6(4lbs 10oz). I also caught a 3lber+ and 2lber+. Total of 11.92lbs. [img=' alt='Union%20T%20008.jpg'>
  13. YES, YES, YES!!! Fishing around or on top is different than fishing IN the thick stuff. I use Trilene 50lb Big Game on a 7'6" HEAVY action rod for my jig pitching setup. All you need is a powerful hook set and your good to go. Never have to worry about losing bass. A spinning setup for this application is pretty much worthless.