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  1. size matters, want it large enough so your comfortable, holds your gear, not too cramped, etc... yet dont want it to be a pain to load, and store, I have a 10' kayak and 14' kayak, 90% of the time i take out the 10' kayak for local lakes, simply because its so much easier to load/haul around 14' i use for bigger outings,
  2. Not sure of NJ regs but think its similar to PA in PA non registered boats like kayaks need PA launch permit, not reg numbers, but annual stickers see this on NJ boat reg site Boats and marine equipment that do not have to be registered Those not based in New Jersey or operating for less than 180 consecutive days Foreign vessels U.S. public vessels Ship's lifeboats Non-motorized vessels used exclusively on small lakes and ponds on private property Racing vessels with New Jersey State Marine Police permit Non-motorized inflatable devices, surfboards, racing shells, dinghies, canoes and kayaks Non-motorized vessels less than 12 feet in length also see this Many public Kayak launch sites require permits to launch a kayak. Please contact the launch site in advance of your trip to find out about their launch policy. http://www.new-jersey-leisure-guide.com/kayaking.html
  3. There is a difference between having a loaded gun for protection, loaded and accessible while you are home and having your guns loaded 24/7 whether you are home or not
  4. dont have experience with PA, but some things to consider, with a friend keeping an eye on you, with no gear other than paddle and pfd , bail out the kayak in shallow water where you touch bottom, and practice climbing back in there, then take it further out, where you dont touch bottom and practice there, to climb back in my kayaks, i reach over side, place my hands in center of kayak, push up and roll over into kayak, after you are comfortable with no gear, start adding some gear and see whats in the way and where, i have tried grabbing the other side and pulling myself in, but i sometimes risk turning the kayak over that way, ( on 2 of my kayaks) and i am fairly light, so can see bigger guys fliiping it back over more easily. i have practiced my method and am comfortable with it,
  5. for fishing and ease of use would recommend SOT kayak, with fear of falling over? your on a plastic tub in water, gonna have to get used to it, and be prepared for if/when you do fall over, when your ready, in a controlled environment and no gear other than paddle and pfd, preferabbly with someone nearby watching i would jump out the kayak and climb back in for practice, start in shallow water, then can try it in deeper water, rather get a feel for it in a controlled environment so not so much of a shock if it happens in an emergency, i recommend everyone should do this on occassion, even experienced kayakers, when you do start, just take it slow, no gear other than safety gear first time out, then slowly go out with minimal gear, adding more gear as you become more comfortable everything should be strapped/leashed down,
  6. Sounds like a good deal, enjoy
  7. lots of options, 1 factor is your budget, then is type of water you plan on kayaking, calm bays? ocean? long distance? i would say 12' should be the minimum for you, if your budget is under $1000 i would consider used high end name brand, hobie, Ocean Kayak, wilderness systems, if not going with hobie pedal power i highly recommend +12' kayak come with a rudder, helps with tracking and saves many paddle strokes,
  8. do agree with rod in hand, when i bait fish and have rod in the sand i am close to the rod and watch the tip carefully, slightest twitch that is not wave or wind related i have my rod in hand waiting for the big bite, once i feel the bite i set the hook waiting for the fish to run, chances are its already swallowed.
  9. i keep my gear in the car and fish when i can, to keep it close to home/work i fish less desireable spots, but will try to hit the water even if its for just 1-2 hrs before/after work, some weeks will get out 2-3 times, but other times may not get out for 2-3 weeks, i have a 2.5 yr old and try to do lots of the chores at home, take him to school, get him ready in the morning, prepare meals, since i do plenty to help with the kid, wife has no problem when i stay out late fishing .
  10. To make my ends, on old tel cords, I loop the ends, then wrap thin wire or even use a paper clip, pinch it closed with pliers, then can either seal it epoxy/glue or just wrap it with electrical tape.
  11. Length is part of it, Have seen people easily outcast me by whipping those fast but shorter rods, Good match of reel and line also helps
  12. Don't think it matters how long its frozen, its when its thawed that it doesn't last very long. Have used bunker frozen less than a week and its mush within 1-2 hrs of fishing, I have frozen bunker left over from yesterday, wiLl use if I must, but would prefer not to
  13. i bought a 30" rod with push button reel for my 2.5 yr old he caught a fish on his first cast, small hook with worm and bobber, i was more excited than he was. then he discovered throwing rocks was more fun.
  14. By not. Reporting the crimes.
  15. depends on what you interrupted me doing.