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  1. Salt Striker 117 Go to Kittery Trading Post, they have a good fishing department. They do sell Penn reels. Tight lines my friend.
  2. Paco I was at JBAY this year and ran aground on a sand bar and had to paddle my PA. If you think an Outback is a bathtub then do not get a PA. It does not paddle well at all but it can be done you just will not move fast. Have you tried a flutter kick when in shallow water (less than 12"). I have used that method a lot of times when I am out in marshes and skinny water. Again you will not move fast but you will move. You can also stand up and pole the PA through the shallows. Just remember to lift the rudder. However if you want a lot of room then a PA is the ticket. It is one comfortable ride. I have even had a couple of nice naps in the local marsh in her. Use a trailer for getting her from one place to another, she is one heavy boat.
  3. Buy her one too!
  4. I have torn my fins several times. I use an inner-tube repair kit and simply glue a patch over the hole when a mast poke through. 1 of my patches has held for two years.
  5. Come on people it is just a shirt. Complaining about it is like complaining about the bad weather on Sunday. It does no good. Is the shirt ugly, to some yes, to some no. Would a guy wear it, I did and I am proud to do so. Wear it or not it is your choice. If you want to support the sponsors call them and get a bumper sticker for your car or truck. The shirt stands for a great cause of which I am proud to support as many of you are. It even fit my long arms, not many shirts come in gorilla sizes. I also support everyone's opinions about the shirt, freedom of speech is just one of the things this country is about. So speak your minds but remember to do it with respect. Some of these posts are beginning to get nasty. But most of all God bless Jerry, Judy, Dee, and everyone else that helped putting on the event. I had a great time for a great cause and I will be there next year, tee shirt or not! Fair winds and following winds my friends.
  6. I leave mine on the trailer setting on the bunks.No problems after 2 years with warping. The hull is tough I just would not leave it in the sun if you can help it.
  7. +3 Gerber River Shorty! Good price and a strong knife.
  8. As my wife says "A fish does not know what kind of rod you have." but for my input I love Ugly Sticks. The price will not break the bank and if you loose one it will not hurt to bad, unless a 40" striper is on the other end. I use them for surf (8' and 9'), deep sea (6'), and 7' for kayaking Hobie Pro Angler). I will be buying a couple of Tigers in a few weeks to use at Jbay this year. Good luck with whatever you choose. Tight lines!
  9. It is concrete parking/camping area and as hard as my head! There is some grassy areas but not much. You will need a free standing tent and some kind of weights to hold it down if the winds come. Also bring an air mattress or a cot to sleep on. I do not know about your bones but mine love their comfort!
  10. Hey Cheech Just to let you know there ore no showers/or real toilets, just porta-johns/outhouses (and they do get ripe ). Be sure to bring some kind of wipes or plenty of water to cleanup with. Otherwise fish will not be the only thing that stinks! Last year there was water from a fire hydrant that could be used to wash down your gear but do not drink it. I used a 3 gallon garden sprayer to clean my gear. But Jbay is one great time. Hope to see you there!
  11. I'm in! Can't wait! Good friends, good times, and good fishing. What more can I ask for?
  12. I use a Loadrite. It tows like a charm and still looks new after 2 years of salt and snow.
  13. I agree with denw72 and thaistick. The Pa is not built for speed and it is heavy. But like me it is built for comfort. I am 6'2" and there is plenty of room to move around and take a nap plus with a capacity of 600 LBS that's a lot of manly drinks on ice!
  14. I have not really priced everything out but just a SWAG (Scientific wild a$$ guess) with the new bars and saddles it will cost about around $600 more to retrofit. I have seen utility trailers used for kayak transport. At the big box stores I have seen utility trailer go for around $500. The just build on top to suit your needs. The space below can be used for storage. I will probably not retrofit for a couple of months. The trailer is buried in about 3FT of snow right now with more expected tonight. This poor old displaced Texan really loves New Hampshire.
  15. Fishermanguy I use a Load Rite trailer for a small boat. Cost around $700. The PA slides up the bunks with ease. But I am going to retrofit the trailer this year so I can carry the wives Outback and my PA side by side. As far as my cart goes, I have the standard Hobie scupper cart. To stow it I simply turn it upside down and stick the uprights upside down in the scupper holes behind the seat. With the large deck area there is still plenty of room for your gear, milk crate, ice chest, or whatever.