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  1. Sorry I guess I misunderstood the post. Weedon is a great kayaking spot and offers a lot of options depending how far you want to paddle.
  2. Weedon Island to Cypress Point Park? Wouldn't that be a marathon paddle?
  3. Another suggestion would be to choose an address around where you want to move to and do a google map search from your place of work. It will give the estimated time adjusting for traffic. The red lines will show areas moving slowly. My guess is at 5PM there will be a lot of red on the map. It is a great tool though.
  4. When I first moved to FL I fished almost exclusively with popping corks. The bomber paradise popper is indestructible, made with titanium wire and casts a mile. However, I find I've caught more fish with the Cajun thunder corks. For some reason, in my experience, fish respond to that popping sound a little better. The problem with the Cajun poppers is once that wire gets bent and eventually it does, you have to toss it in the garbage. I've gone through quite a few of them, while I've never damaged the bomber style. Personally, I would always have both in my arsenal.
  5. Forgot to mention another area I've heard good things about. The town of Lutz is about 15 miles north of Tampa, so not a bad commute at all. Renting is not bad advice but if real estate continues this trend you could wind up paying considerably more in a year or two. Real estate has gone up about 45% since I moved here. Also failed to mention crime rates should definitely be a consideration before you commit, so do you homework on that as well. Good Luck! Let me know how you make out.
  6. Moved to the Tampa/St. Pete area about 6 years ago. This area has a lot of great things and naturally, warm year round weather, but for purposes of this post I'm going to point out some of the negatives. NUMBER 1: this area is extremely congested with inadequate roads/mass transit. Driving in this area can be an absolute nightmare at times. If this is an issue, don't even consider moving here. It is constantly getting worse because of the growth and building of condos, apartments etc... Number 2: Living in this area is not cheap anymore. Its not New York or Boston expensive but real estate has really spiked up in the last 10 years in this area. As you mentioned in your post, you're willing to commute. This might be the ticket. Cost of living will be cheaper and you will have more breathing room. Look into areas like Land O Lakes, Brandon, Valrico. Hope this helps.
  7. In the title you mentioned surf fishing. If you do come to the Tampa area I would not recommend fishing the gulf beaches that time of year. Focus your efforts on the flats, creeks, rivers, lagoons etc... Personally I would head to Sebastian Inlet or somewhere on the southeast coast. Remember, the Atlantic Ocean water temps in central/southern SE FL don't get as cold as the Gulf/Tampa Bay area in the winter.
  8. I reside in this area and he's basically right. Cold fronts often come through this month and can shut down the fishing temporarily. Much better options south of there. Depending on the weather even the Sarasota area could produce if going down to the Keys or driving long distances from Tampa isn't an option. Basically the colder the weather, the further south you should go.
  9. Your welcome. I'm a Jersey Mike as well, lived in Toms River for 40 years before moving to FL. January can be a tough month because the cold fronts start moving in. Not northeast cold but low temps in the 40's is not unheard of and these snaps can temporarily shut down the fishing. Just don't know if anything can be had off the gulf beaches that time of year, definitely not snook.
  10. This thread should have been called mullet run: getting tarpon to hit your plug/lure when the swells are 11ft. every September every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't mind me I've got some issues but I'm dealing with them.
  11. Assuming you're not boat fishing I would avoid the gulf beaches and stick to the back bay flats. Wade fishing can be productive. Water will likely be chilly so waders are a good idea. Assuming you're somewhat of a novice I would forget about lures and get yourself a Cajun thunder popping cork and fish with live shrimp. Its really your best chance to catch something.
  12. I'll chime in on the east coast/west coast discussion. From a surf perspective, there is no comparison east coast hands down. I live on the gulf coast and I can say you're most likely never going to hook a blacktip or tarpon on a popper in the surf. Snook can be caught from the beaches but not consistently and reds are a rare sight. If kayak fishing or wading flats is your thing, the gulf coast is the place to be. The opportunities are endless but the red tide has been a persistent thorn in the side the last few years. There are also some very productive piers gulf side. PS Zcoker: Going to attempt another mullet run trip late sept early oct. Batten down the hatches. Lol
  13. In the Pinellas County area there have been some outbreaks of algae bloom. Not nearly as widespread as last years red tide but definitely affecting select areas. Hasn't been getting a lot of press, but did see an article in the Tampa Bay Times about it last week. In my opinion this area is still hasn't fully recovered from the red tide outbreak and this recent algae bloom isn't helping matters. Also been hearing about an influx of seaweed on the east coast but again some areas are affected and others aren't.
  14. I've never used circle hooks for most of my fishing years. After moving to SW FL 5 years ago I began fishing for trout, snook, and redfish. Snook and redfish were no problem but I lost count of how many small speckled trout swallowed the J hook. I had no choice and switched to circles. Both have the pros and cons. I like to be able to control the hook set with the J hook but I have to say once hooked it is much harder for a fish to shake a circle hook although you will miss some hookups because of the inability to set the hook.
  15. The gulf coast just can't catch a break. Was fishing at one of the local passes today and everything seemed fine. Doesn't seem to be affecting the gulf beaches but if I were a business owner I'd be a little nervous. People visit this area for various reasons but if I were coming from out of state just for vacation purposes, no doubt I'd be heading to the east coast of FL.