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  1. Probably should have mentioned surf fishing and fishing in general is drastically different than east coast. In my opinion the bays that feed into the gulf are the most productive areas as well as the many passes along the gulf. "Soaking bait" is not a method I put a lot of time into down here as the beaches are mostly flat and lack structure. Snook do often run the first trough along the beach but this is not always a productive or reliable occurrence. Nonetheless, there are enough fishing options within proximity to the gulf to keep most anglers happy
  2. You mentioned Tampa in your original post so I'll comment on that area. Moved 5 years ago to Tampa/St. Pete area. Lets start with the weather. The summers are extremely hot but assuming you don't work outdoors I find them manageable. In July and August I'll hit the beach at 6AM for fishing till 11AM at the latest. In these months you can't fight the midday sun but again you make adjustments. Evenings are still hot but after 7PM it can be at least bearable. It's futile to try to do anything outside from 12-6 at least for a 3 month period. If there is one thing that will drive you out of this area it is the traffic. For me it is way more bothersome than the heat. The roads are completely inadequate for all the year round residents let alone the snowbirds and tourists. It is just something you have to deal with. Strip that away and the area really is a paradise with beautiful gulf beaches, major sports teams and two trendy downtown areas if that is your thing. Waterfront real estate is getting very pricey but if you can afford it it's the way to go. The quality of living increases drastically as you near the water. A few miles away is sketchy neighborhoods, high crime, homelessness, transients etc.... Hope this helps some.
  3. As far as red tide goes the latest FWC map (Feb 15th) shows no red tide anywhere in Florida. The question now is how does the tens of thousands of fish that died impact the fishery going forward.
  4. That's really scary. Dolphins are among the smartest fish in the sea, if they can't avoid the red tide what chance do the other species have.
  5. Haven't been out myself but starting to hear positive reports regarding red tide. Not ready to drink the kool aid yet. This bloom is like Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky, and Godzilla rolled into one.
  6. Can't believe the magnitude of this bloom. It seems never ending.
  7. Dunnedin area looked good as of yesterday. Seems like the area of concentration on the gulf coast has shrunk for now. Looks like a little north of Sarasota to Madeira is the bio mass right now. Would like to here some east coast reports if anyone has them.
  8. Looks like southwest fl. is finally catching a break Pinellas county area not so much. East coast is spotty as well depending on which report you believe.
  9. Took a ride on Saturday to the closest gulf beach from my home (Indian Rocks). Did see a few dead floaters out there and there were workers searching for dead fish on the beach trying to look inconspicuous. Didn't experience any respiratory problems. Was shocked out how empty the area was. Motels with half empty parking lots, parking spots easily accessible that normally on a weekend would be impossible. I guess this is what the beaches were like 40 years ago before the northern invasion. LOL
  10. Madera Beach this AM. Despite an east wind for a few days water clarity was not good. Not a ton of life fish wise. Did see a manatee and a few dolphins. No dead fish on the beach or odor. With that wind the water should be crystal blue not brownish.
  11. I gotta be honest. What on God's green earth does this have to do with red tide?
  12. Anyone have any red tide reports from the Tampa Bay, Weedon Island etc...? From everything I'm hearing it's more of a gulf beach issue. I drive the Howard Franklin everyday and haven't noticed anything obvious.
  13. It's mind blowing the amount of coastline that this bloom is effecting. The only question that remains is how long is the recovery process. My guess is the fishery damage will take many years to return to normal. I see catch and release only for many species for awhile.
  14. Shouldn't they be posting no swimming signs on these beaches? Seems there is a lot of denial and cover up going on. Scooping up the dead fish doesn't mean the water is safe for swimming or even breathing the air.
  15. This is a firsthand account. Dead fish are washing up on Honeymoon Island. Just might have to go to Pensacola to avoid this crap.