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  1. I appreciate. Let me think it over and see if anything else pops up here. Definitely a possibility.
  2. Yes pictures please.
  3. I should specify that in a 2 or 3wt I’d like something in the shorter range, 6’6 to 7’6. In a 4wt I’d like an 8’ or 8’6.
  4. Looking for a 3wt or 4wt combo preferable but I’d consider a 2wt combo as well. Not trying to break the bank and looking for more affordable outfits. Located in the Bergen/rockland county area.
  5. Here are a bunch of pics I took today. In my previous post I did forget to mention that the Jeep will need lower ball joints in the near future. The drivers front side needs a floor mat. The drivers door panel, where you would rest your arm has been patched up with tape. And the drivers seat bolster is starting to get a little thin and worn in that one area. Small nickel sized area of clear coat peeling on the hood as well as one area with touch up paint. You can see the undercarriage is in excellent shape. I think that covers just about every detail I can think of.
  6. Yes, I do. I’m only about 20 min north of the GWB on the jersey side. I also get around to Paramus and other NNJ areas.
  7. Hello all, selling my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the bullet proof 4.0L inline 6 cylinder and selectrac 4wd system. The jeep will be available in about 2 weeks as a family member is temporarily using it but the mileage is hovering right around 170k. Clean title. 4wd works. AC/Heat good to go. No accident history that I know of. Backstory: This Jeep was my coworker’s wife’s daily driver and her father is a mechanic who owned it for about the last 10 years. I bought it off them in early February with the intention to use it primarily as a dog/hiking/fishing/winter vehicle. I was planning on getting a dog mid Feb, bought all new crates, equipment etc. which are still in the back. Unfortunately, I never got the puppy and I don’t see myself getting one for probably another year or so. No longer have a need for the Jeep. Recent Maintenance and parts within the last 1-2 years include: All New or newer oil pan and gasket Condenser Radiator Cooling fan Compressor Thermostat Coolant flush Newer Tires, about 80%-90% tread left. Newer brake pads and rotors all around New rear shocks New headlights Remote Starter New window regulators(common issue where the windows get stuck) New gas cap last week(threw a CEL but now gone) new wipers 2 weeks ago. There are two minor issues. One, the ABS light is on. A common issue with these is that the ABS modules tend to go bad. It’s an easy fix, 4 screws and plug in the new module. I have a replacement but I’m not doing it in freezing weather. If I can get to it on a warm day where I have time I will. If not, you’ll get the part with the Jeep. Brakes work fine otherwise, just no ABS at the moment. Two, the rear doors seals could use replacing as you can hear a little wind noise when you get up to speed. I’ll be replacing those in the next few weeks. I’ve had about 5 Jeeps during my time and this one is probably the best. Solid truck. Smooth shifting transmission. Phenomenal shape rust wise, barely any except very little surface rust underneath. The truck was definitely under coated in the past and it kept the undercarriage in great shape. I brought it to my mechanic for a once over and it’s good to go. Interior is black cloth, no rips or tears. Paint and body in great shape. I’m located in Pearl River NY 10965. More pictures to follow in a few days. $3500.
  8. What’s the length of the rear grip either to end of grip or to the middle of real seat?
  9. Not a problem
  10. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but I have a Lews Inshore baitcaster lefty spoiled with 15lb j braid. Used once. I can post pics if interested.
  11. Are you still looking for a 4wt?
  12. That works for me thanks. Send me a PM with your info.
  13. $75 shipped to 10965 or meet up if we’re local to each other?