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  1. From a surfers point of view this jetty will be a great thing, that spot has always been good under certain conditions, the jetty will only make it better
  2. N. Monmouth cty, Tons of snappers and rainfish, stage is set for the Albies.
  3. Yes, of course, it is like a game of chicken with millions of lives at stake. I don't think Nk will ever actually do anything unless we attack first, the only thing that matters is to the dictator is keeping power.
  4. Nk is just talking firing test missiles, not hitting Gaum with warheads?
  5. Only ran the 18 parker, the biggest and most solid feeling boat of that size around, Jb's are great as well.
  6. Lets hear your pick, it is gonna be a tough choice because big puerto is a crap shoot
  7. What about Trumpsters who exhibit all the same characteristics and behaviors?
  8. Puerto Escondido challenge is on, Jamie Mitchell surfing with a fractured sternum.
  9. still wrong, snowflake
  10. Wrong, snowflake applies to anybody who is acting the part, there are both SJW snowflakes and deplorable snowflakes.
  11. Raider is melting down, unhinged with hair on fire.
  12. Hypocrisy is the one thing all right wing commentators have in common.
  13. Technology is only as good as the people using it.
  14. Lived in Australia for a little, the surf boat crews are nuts! They had a race in surf that was at least 3x overhead, carnage!
  15. Jones is clearly GOAT, and Cormier was hospitalized with a severe concussion, hope for no lasting damage. It is a shame. Cormier seemed like one of the good guys.