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  1. ah ok..I'm in suffolk county NY but never really get down that way to NJ
  2. Any trades?
  3. Custom 1201M built by whitewaters?
  4. Yeah but imagine not having to buy another bag ever again......
  5. So to elaborate on how Fred got me into this sport and onto this site... I was 19, working at a local restaurant in Islip. Owner of the restaurant was best friends with Freds son, and mentioned to him that I had recently bought a jeep and started surfcasting. A few days later there was a package full of lures, leaders, tackle at my job when i showed up for my shift. Ive been hooked since, and joined SOL shortly after.. Fast forward 11 years at 30 years old, I'm at Striper Day 2020 wandering around and see Fred at the fisherman booth. I go and re-introduce myself and mention to him that from him, I've gotten my son into fishing. Cheers to you Mr. Golofaro, RIP
  6. Just heard the news of Fred's passing. Absolute shame, such a nice guy. He helped me get into this beautiful sport. Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. I'll be dedicating my next catch to him.
  7. i have the rubber strap attachment, easy to take off and on but they stay put. Driven to and from MTK 60 miles one way with 3 rods, up to VT with skis, they don't move. I'll try to take a pic if you want
  8. I'll take it for $130 pickup on LI. PMing you now
  9. I'll take it. PM incoming
  10. Go to Tullulahs in Bay Shore. Honestly one of, if not the best cocktail restaurants on the island. Great food too
  11. I have a custom 1201M from whitewaters i could move. Bought it last year on here from a member, only ever put a 704 on it, never once used it. I always reach for my L. can get pics if interested.
  12. See below. Just some info on it bought it on here last year, only put a 704 on it, never casted it. I just use my 1201L and 9fter more. Built by Whitewaters, not sure when or by who. Approx 23" to reel seat center. Fuji guides, cork tape. Located in Lindenhurst, work in bay shore.
  13. Any interest in a 1201M?
  14. Cheers, hope you find one! Good luck