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  1. great call, thought about putting a round peg in a square hole to smooth out the corners..are you switching out water when you get to your spot? Where I fish I have the opportunity to basically turn around and be at my truck, so I'm thinking I bring a 5 gal bucket to drain and replenish with fresh saltwater
  2. Does anyone have plans for their livewell theyve built? Looking to make a rear hitch mounted livewell. Would be for maybe a dozen peanuts, about a 40 min drive from cast netting to throwing them out with a hook in them. Figured round would be best, but i have an older cooler in the garage that could be used. 30 gal container? Not sure of what size aerator pump or whatever else i would need.
  3. i've been on the lookout for an older 1081L to be my 9ft for life...could get one made but i enjoy the hunt
  4. 1201L & vsx200 is used 95% of the time, spring, summer, fall..
  5. Kings chophouse and Tullulahs outside of those two places you've mentioned. the chowder bar is an awesome little dive too
  6. I work at a bay shore restaurant. There's a ton of options down here from cheap kid friendly burger joints to upscale seafood and steak places. Let me know if you want more info
  7. awesome to hear. Most of what I'd be doing with it is fluke/sea bass/porgy
  8. how do you like the 180mm size? Currently in the market for a deba but torn between a 180 or maybe something in the 150-160 range.
  9. So cool to see the various methods on how each country/culture processes tuna. Taiwan uses those rounded off cleaver style for full processing. Japan use a couple different knives, namely a Deba (very thick spine, single bevel) for breaking and a sakimaru (long, samurai style) for portioning/cutting in one motion. Here in the US, the dexter knives seem to be the go to. Cimeter especially for larger tuna/swords
  10. look up Big Bills Bucktails. Local guy (i think northport) tying really nice stuff.
  11. Have this lil guy. Comes in at about 1oz. Got it from a buddy, just wondering who the maker is. Bottom marking has a TL.
  12. It was glorious for the few weeks
  13. beautiful fujiwara and kohetsu.
  14. Nice glestain
  15. Nice set, that global bunka/nakiri looks fun. I like mine more flat with no belly but I like the height on it. also with you on a strip. Here's mine with some of my other knives. Big fan of the wood with magnets, metal on metal scares me but it's way better than just thrown in a drawer unprotected