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  1. On LI, but would come to you if it works out. respectfully offering $220 Location? Pan needs some love but she's pretty. $40?
  2. Yes exactly what im looking for. Not worried about surface conditions as long as there's no cracks. What are you looking for them?
  3. Id say larger sized pans are preferred as I have a few #3-5 sized pans, but really any size or shape. More selective in brands mentioned as I have a few from each
  4. I have a small collection that I use weekly but looking to add. Any shape or size honestly, nothing im not interested.
  5. Looking to see what's out there if anyone has anything laying around by chance Looking for any size/number cast iron pans from Griswold, Wagner, or BSR, but also open to other vintage brands.
  6. Meet me at $150 and they're yours
  7. Sorry keeping as a lot for now
  8. $180 Shipped via usps paypal or venmo all carried/thrown not looking to split atm
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