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  1. I read on this forum that the very first "Conrad" plug, made by Conrad Malicoat, was made of oak and supposedly still exists. I'm sure it's quite different than the first ones Pichney was making.
  2. People start protesting gravity because it's holding them down?
  3. This one reminds me of someone I used to work for. He was an older man who was born in Montana. He told me that the day he was born, his mom finished roofing the house, gave birth to him, and then made supper!
  4. DAY JOB: Operations manager at a janitorial company that provides service for supermarkets. Our business has increased. Nearly every location has asked for add-on disinfection services. We used to have between 6-12 open janitorial positions, and now we have every position filled, due to so many people without work. I work alone in the office 2 days, home the other 3. SIDE GIG #1: Daily accounting for a small law firm. Still going strong. SIDE GIG #2: Window cleaning and floor care. DOA! SIDE GIG #3: My wifes business, but I run it. We have 3 offices that we clean. One reduced from 2x per week to 1x per week. The other two businesses do what is considered critical manufacturing. One is status quo and the other has increased service from 2x per week to 4x per week. In the end, we have the same income and for now I don't see any end in sight, but that could change overnight.
  5. Almost 4 years and you cannot even pull off 15 posts. That's impressive.
  6. Must not be that interested in selling. Try contributing before you try selling, that's the way this forum works. Buh-bye!
  7. I'm no doctor, but I feel this is a great analogy. Initial reports are not that chloroquine cures COVID. They say that chlorquine had a near immediate effect in reducing the symptoms of COVID. So, while it is not touted as a cure or a vaccine, if it works, it may keep many people out of the ICU, freeing up resources for people who have a more severe condition that cannot be alleviated by chloroquine.
  8. I cannot find them anymore, but I'm nearly positive I had the diagram with dimensions and weights for the Conrad that someone put together, and I'm pretty sure I saw Pichney's notes for the plug too. If you don't have them already, I'm sure you can find them here if you search.
  9. My take from Minneapolis/St. Paul. I work for a company that provides janitorial services for the majority of the large supermarkets in this area. We have over 80 supermarkets that have us on standby to send in an emergency response team when any of their employees shows symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID. Our people go in at night with full hazmat style suits and use a commercial sanitizer to disinfect every are the employee even walked into. From what I have seen, they are all sanitizing their carts after each use as well. So, the supermarkets are doing a fairly decent job trying to keep employees and customers safe around here. Plus, since we went under the stay-at-home order, the traffic at all supermarkets has drastically dropped. It's a judgement call at best. But, the 17 yo daughter of the owner of our company works at a supermarket, and they haven't pulled the plug yet. My guess is they will if things heat up here, but we are nowhere near as bad as what is happening around NY. Our numbers of cases are only going up by about 10% per day, and 50% of all cases have recuperated already. I'm sure things will get much worse, but right now we're in a completely different boat.
  10. Under $1.00 in parts of Oklahoma according to GasBuddy. Last time I remember seeing that was on the NJ side of the Holland Tunnel over 25 years ago!
  11. $1.09
  12. Gasbuddy map of a town just south of us on the MN/WI border.
  13. Just paid $1.55/gallon on credit in St. Paul, MN to fill up my truck.
  14. No, he had one year left. He restructured to reduce salary cap this year by taking a nice signing bonus.
  15. This was my go to when I started building. Should be pinned.