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  1. I checked out the craft area at my local Wally World today. I couldn’t believe the amount of different size, shape, and color of glitter they stock. I picked up some iridescent glitter.
  2. Since I now live in Minnesota I decided I would make some freshwater versions of the plugs I made in my east coast days. I’ll start by saying I have forgot more about plug making than I remember. I’ve done a lot of trial and error already. I’ve busted one on the lathe going too deep, missed my through hole, finishing my tail loop sucks, I’ve missed the size on belly grommets, put a lip on crooked, and screwed up epoxy twice, once by missing the 50/50 ratio and the other by spreading it too thin. I don’t remember making plugs being so hard. I took my first one out for a swim yesterday. It’s a spook that casts a country mile and walks beautifully. It’s a nice green, but looks very blue when on the water. I have a small Danny on my turner now. While I was out I also swam the Conrad in my avitar for the first time. I made it in 2011 and never had the chance to use it. I’m amazed how well it swims. I’m going to use it to target musky.
  3. I'd love to see some good pics of the original. Something about the Conrad that draws me it.
  4. I was digging through some old stuff last night and came across a copy of a magazine I had stashed away. I kept it for this picture. It was after the 2007 Korkers Cup, photo was taken by Jack Yee out in front of Paulies. I think it was on this trip that I first ran into Melnyk. Who else is in this pic?
  5. I have a VR150 in very good condition that I would like to sell for $450 shipped. Reel comes with 400 yds 30lb braid, power handle, original handle, bailless conversion kit, tool, box, bag, and warranty paperwork. The reel is in very good, almost new, condition.
  6. I'm trying to track down some information on a rod I bought a number of years ago. At the time, the company was called TRL Fishing. From my research, the builder's name was J Quill out of Rutland MA and he also had another business called Quill Rods. The one I have is a TRS90MH-2. Does anyone know the quality of the rods he built, what blanks he was using, or if he is still building?
  7. *

  8. That's what I thought. That would explain why I cannot find a website. That's unfortunate. They had a good business.
  9. Just wondering where everyone is buying supplies these days. I thought there were 2 relativley common placed builders purchased from back around 2010/11 when I stopped building. One was NJT, and I thought there was another one, but I cannot remember what they were called. I placed an order from NJT a week ago and it still hasn't shipped, so I'm looking for some place with faster service. I found Salty's and Lure Parts Online (formerly Stamina Inc), but are there any others? Does anyone remember the other "go-to" company from 10 years ago?
  10. Nice ride. Sounds like you did good. I've never done this when buying new, but it was an interesting concept. Search "How to buy a new car, PhWF (FWF) style"
  11. If I had any I would send you some. You might want to post your request in the Lure Builders folder. I'm sure one of the guys there would send you a piece. Otherwise, do a Internet search for: 0.062" DIA x 11.5" Lg #304L Annealed Stainless Steel Wire Or use what I started using when I was building lures: Military Standard MS20995C62 Stainless Steel 0.062" Diameter Safety Wire - 1 lb Roll
  12. Your post got me curious so I looked it up. It gets decent reviews, but I always read the bad reviews to see if there are any common threads (no pun intended). It appears that the line's test is rated higher than it can really handle. I saw one video of 20lb breaking under 15lb and read multiple reviews stating similar experienced. It appears to have a smaller diameter than other braided, so that may be the issue. I also read that the spools don't come filled with the total amount of line advertised and it sounds like there can be some pretty nasty line twist that you cannot work out. I'd crack a dime and buy quality line.
  13. Why bother trying to fix. My guess is that for the frustration it would cause it would be easier to rewire the plug.