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  1. Try Richard Armstrong at Boston Fishstix
  2. Fished early yesterday am - bad time for tides but had no other choice. I saw very little boat traffic for a nice spring Sunday. Anyway, over the course of a couple hours the boat managd one 20" bass on a swim shad. Fished structure around QB and back river - not much going on.
  3. I joined this board late in the season last year - after becoming tired of other boards with folks bitching about spot burning, posting too specific fishing reports etc. This board was great and refreshing. Great folks who love fishing, sharing techniques and intel without the baggage that I have seen on other boards. I am launching late in the harbor this year (May 20th) but will provide reports as and when I fish. Here's to a great season to everyone. Eric
  4. We definitely had luck on our side this morning. The second blitz was only about 1-2 miles from the first. If we had taken the QB, LI Bridge to Spectacle route which I often do, we would have been shut out or spent 45 mins blind casting.
  5. Set out from Hingham around 7 am. A lot of birds working Hull Gut. When that feed was over we found another, much larger, feed going on north of Georges Island towards Boston Light. Both feeds were large and concetrated but the fish were fickle. My buddy boated two 17-20" class stripers using a plastic peanut bunker imitation. I fished a larger top water but only managed a few strikes (I think I would have done much better with a smaller popper given the size of fish schooling around us). I switched out to a blue deadly dick and brought a 23-26" striper after a handful of casts. We then headed to Boston via Lovell's, Spectacle, Castle Island. No more birds working the area that we saw and it was time to head to work. Three fish boated in what I would classify as large fall blitzes but with fickle fish.
  6. I was taught to use Sluggos by a MV fishing guide. He suggested holding the reel with your index finger extended along the side of the rod shaft and twitch your wrist in a right to left motion to give it the proper action (as opposed to a popper which is more up/down). He said that if you are fishing sluggos and your wrist doesn't hurt when you are done, then you aren't doing it correctly. I am sure there are many ways to fish slugos but this has worked for me.
  7. I was hoping to have a good report for yesterday morning....until I set out from Hewitts with a few buddies for some pre-work fishing. I made it all the way to nixes mate before my engine got grumpy. Limped back to the dock at 10 mph and grabbed the ferry to work. What a bummer watching about 8-10 boats working a blitz between Spectacle and Long Island on the way to Boston. I saw what looked to be a HUGE blitz going on b/w the Airport and Deer Island this morning on the 8:20 ferry - at least a dozen boats.
  8. Smaller the 18-24" class. That being said, it was a ton of fun to finally fish some birds for more than 5-10 minutes.
  9. Fished the harbor this am - 7-8:30. It was dead in Hingam, Hull and Deer Island (in terms of birds working). Located a nice blitz of bass and blues near the airport. It was the first true fall feed that I have seen this year....lasting at least an hour or more (I had to leave and goto work with fish still breaking on the surface). The lure of the day is the green deadly dick. I used plugs and shad as well but they just didn't get the bite like the "dick."
  10. Had multiple reports yesterday of the Harbor lighting up - big feeds off of Nut Island and Castle Island in the morning 6:35-8 and then Castle Island around 5 again. I am onshore today coaching two soccer games and other family business so I am hoping to live vicariously through those OTW lets hear it!
  11. Yeah, I have seen pogies in QB and Marina Bay has been holding them in good numbers. The purse seiners have done a decent job on thinning the herd so I bought a net to supplement snagging (or in lieu of it if I can get the thing to work better).
  12. Fished on the way to work this am (7-8:30). Found some birds working Deer Island but it was very fickle- boated one in the 26-28" class before everything shut down. There were some commuter boat reports of birds working up inside the harbor past the Aquarium this am too but I was too late for that. Is this think ever going to turn on? I remember a few years back watching multiple bird feeds throughout the day from my office window....feeds lasting 30-60 minutes. I haven't seen that in two seasons.
  13. Fished sunday from first light to 9 am using live pogies. Things were dead until about 7:30 when the bite turned on. Boated a fat 39" and a skinny 36" - lost 3-4 fish on bad hook sets. Fishing around Boston Light. The fish are there if you can find pogies and take them to structure. Surprisngly, there were not many boats around me.