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  1. St. Croix Legend 10'6" 2-6oz. LSS106MHMF2 (spinning) for sale $300, meet up around RI or you pay shipping.
  2. Coming right up st croix man
  3. $325 firm cash or money order. Fished twice excellent condition. Will ship but you pay. Can meet up from Newport to cambridge to the ditch.
  4. Will post in new thread.
  5. Thanks guys, numbskull what do you use after your first 3 LCs? MNs?
  6. So no definitive advantages of K frames besides the tangle free design?
  7. I am still not understanding the craze over the K frames. I have never had an issue with line wrapping around low riders or MNs. Other than the tangle free design of the K frame what is the advantage? The 20 and 25 K's aren't offered in a high frame and the low rider 20 is still a touch higher than the K 25. You can go with smaller/lighter guides faster with low riders. Can someone fill me in? I should have prefaced this with the fact that I have only built 3 rods, so I know next to nothing.
  8. Started to high jack the original posters thread, starting my own. My fault.
  9. Looking for the drag star off a newell 200 series reel. Let me know what you have thanks.
  10. Posted this one from the iPhone while I was doing something and did not make it as descriptive as it needed to be. Thread closed, will reopen a proper listing. Sorry mickrazz
  11. Let me know what you have.
  12. Digging up an old thread for my first build. I am building a bt1083m and will be using a vs150 with 40lb samurai. Based on the suggestions in this thread and others, I am going with k-frames 25j-20j-16j-12j-10j. Will start with clamslingers spacing of 8",16 1/2", 28 1/4", 42 3/4", 59 1/4" and tweak from there. Any input would be appreciated.