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  1. I think they all work just fine, pick the weirdest ugliest color up there and 9 out of 10 it fished the same as white. I’m just used to what I’m used too.
  2. As long as they are still making glow and chartreuse I’m good.
  3. across from Pal's Cabin? JC Penny..ill ask my mom....she lived down the street for 70 years
  4. The guide will be expecting 15-20%.
  5. Ahh ha! we have a new directive in Scooby's internet scam! Anyway, seems like you are now backtracking.
  6. I just checked TD's Instagram. No word or notice about the issues they are having. Zero. No communication. Their last post is a bunch of dudes from TD zipping off to the fun and games at iCast a week ago. Their problems did not start in the last few weeks, they have been years in the making. I would guess the owners took a lot out of the business and invested little in it's infrastructure. They grew until they exploded because why else would you do a major system overhaul during their busiest season. What a nightmare. How bad must it have been for the boss to make that decision. This 2019 and you have to live or die by Social Media (funny you are ranting on social media ranting about how bad people are for ranting on social media). Perhaps you should tell you buds over at TD to get an email or Insta post out to their customers - they sure send me enough solicitations so I know their email still works.
  7. What’s you relationship with TD?
  8. nope...but can't think of a larger tackle shop, can you? Amazon maybe...
  9. It ain't a small store - it's a huge store. Perhaps the largest tackle shop in the US. They have put more tackle shops out of business than Amazon. But by all means be a sucker.
  10. By all means - no need to entertain my predictions - the questions is right there for you. Clear it right up. Unfortunately, you seem unwilling to answer it for some reason. If they had asked you to delete the review without the bribe would you have deleted it or would you have left the honest review up?
  11. No kidding. however, as you know, that was not the question. here it is again for you - in the one in million chance an angler does happen to catch a BF in the canal and release it - is that legal?
  12. Neither the OP and your post (#3)..where were you discussing targeting BF in the canal and or keeping a canal caught BF? So nobody in history has targeted BF's in the canal and in the million to one chance an angler actually lands a bluefin in the the canal and then releases that fish - is that illegal?
  13. call them everyday and document/ get names of reps. What they are good about is when the F up (which is often) the will offer a discount on future purchases. Do not be afraid to ask for a manager and ask for consideration when they screw up.
  14. I am a little sleepy, back to back canyon trips will do that . Not baiting you, just correcting your factual inaccuracies, which you post often. Anyhow, funny that you didn't say i'm wrong though.....
  15. If they had asked you to delete the review without the bribe would you have deleted it or would you have left the honest review up? "Then most offer cash to remove the entire review. Or I'll tell them this is taking too much time and have to go.....and they then offer $$ I then delete the text....." The only way you would delete the review was if they bribed you. That's clear. If there was no cash offered/ accepted that review is there now for the public to view and utilize. Accepting a bribe to remove negative Amazon review is dishonest. No two ways about it.