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  1. What?! no weakfish picture???
  2. Dumb and weird
  3. LOL...My landscraper does well.
  4. Yes, I demand that he post the weakfish picture.
  5. yes Charter/party boat fish don't count.
  6. Have you ever posted the same picture 14,000 times?
  7. What, no weakfish picture?
  8. Only south shore blo jbs like you clowns brag about sea bass. My dad has been dead for years.
  9. Yeah sure. Poacher.
  10. Where can I get one of those cool bed pans? Speonk?
  11. I was hoping you would post the weakfish picture (for the 175th time)....3 sea bass per man, that the Fin Chaser? I know how you like your porgies.
  12. Ok, have your way…
  13. Just called my Mom and asked where my check was…. She LOLOLLOL’d