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  1. If you don’t care about ever being able to recoup your money - it looks like a great project. But if you care about money that’s a classic hole in the water. for 40k (which is the bare minimum you will have into this project) you can get a full operational older 23 Contender that will out perform that hull.
  2. Yes, similar although I think shaped skis had a more dramatic effect and shaped skis helped skiers of all levels. Expert casters don't like these lines because they tend to "dump' on long lasts. Meaning just land in a big pile at the end of a long cast...... in addition to the other reason stated earlier that got Hirpy all butt hurt. If you fish in the northeast for bass/blue/albies these lines are very popular. Rio OBS was the first on the scene years ago (I think) but all of the other manufacturers now have similar lines. I think the consensus is they are all pretty good. I have Rio and Airflo.
  3. Anyone considering these rods should have a look at the thread in the main forum. This company is a complete nightmare.
  4. how were the Onions? I love "onions" on hotdogs. The trucks in Newark that had Onions were great, not the Sabrett onions (although I like those too).
  5. Actually my comment was a good natured dig at Mike Oliver not you LOL. Cheers Matey
  6. ^^^^ the forum’s distance casting champion knows all! why don’t you start your own thread to brag about your abilities (videos of your 120 foot casts would be fun to watch) but I’m trying to help the OP and you are deliberately giving him bad advice.
  7. Of course I use spin gear, as well as conventional gear and trolling gear. Thankfully, Fly fishing isn’t some kooky religion. Should I choose to cast short just because some old timers view their gear as dogma? No chance pal, I’ll catch those impure fish all day long. Cheers
  8. Lol... yeah the trick is they are easy to cast far. Good with me!
  9. I'm an Financial Advisor at a large B/D. RJ has a decent reputation - mid tier. The referral is nether good nor bad but there are a ton of good advisors out there - ask around if that is the direction you are going to go in. All of the large well known full service B/D have similar fees/ commission structure, it's up to you to negotiate fees/ commissions with your specific advisor. Do not pay for a financial plan. Do one, for what they are worth, but do not pay for one. At the end of the day, if you decide to go with the expense of the full service route - it's the individual advisor you work with is what is important, NOT the firm (as long as the firm is well known/ reputable). If you are under 1 million in investable assets (and really more like 2-3 million) large B/D's (ML, MS, UBS) want nothing to do with you - somebody will take your business but you are bottom tier. If you just need a little help - go to Schwab or if you are going to be purely self directed go to Vanguard. Only purchase broad market ETF's. If you want more direction PM me.
  10. I say this partly in jest - partly.....But lines like Rio OBS Short make intermediate casters with average technique more productive casters. With a traditional long headed line that intermediate caster was only good to say 60 - 65 feet, with short headed overweight line they are good to quite a bit further...maybe 75 - 80 feet (and with far greater ease). Expert casters HATE it when after their years of practice, toil and commitment to the craft along comes a simple gear solution that makes an intermediate caster virtually overnight become that much closer to their expert realm. Especially when the expert does not necessarily receive the same performance improvement with the new line themselves, in fact this 'new' line likely detracts from their expert performance.
  11. classic fisherman's dilemma - do leave fish to find fish? If I decided to change something - it would be location.
  12. just FedEx the box to wherever you are going.
  13. Here it is
  14. A few months back there was a long thread on the abrasion resistance Seaguar blue versus Berkeley big game. Some guy did a YouTube video testing the two. The mono was surprisingly way better. FWIW, I’ve never chafed off a fluke.
  15. Daily occurrence in my ‘hood. Google symptoms of Lyme. If you show any go to the doctor and get a Rx. If not, forget about it. Dont get it tested - waste of time.