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  1. If the primary purpose of the funds is investing for college you should seriously consider a 529 plan. Hard to beat tax free growth.
  2. Cheating on standardized tests is not a standard practice. Did you or your kids cheat on the SAT? Did you pay for somebody to take your kid's SAT? doubt it. Tax breaks colleges receive have nothing to do with parents paying for their kids to cheat on standardized tests. Rich guys legally donating money for preferential treatment is certainly a standard practice. You can enjoy this treatment too - just get out your check book.
  3. They certainly are similar. Except one method is illegal and one is not. And let's face it. Charles Kushner is not afraid to commit immoral, despicable and illegal acts but even he would not do something as egregious as what these parents did.
  4. It's certainly is strange what a simpleton like you finds fascinating. I find nothing about you even remotely fascinating. Loser.
  5. The Kushners are not “old money”. Far from it. and there is a huge difference between donating money to a university’s endowment and engaging in a vast conspiracy to get your idiot kid into college that includes among other despicable acts paying somebody to take your kid’s standardized tests for them.
  6. Assuming you didn’t already do this make an appointment at Mt. Sinai or Columbia Presbyterian in nyc. For a major surgery you might as well go to the best. Dr. Valentin Fuster at Mt Sinai is who I would call.
  7. How do you get that rig to and from the water - a trailer?
  8. Pipe down or i'll tell the nurse not to roll you over to bingo tonight pops.
  9. Settle down Grandpa, it was just a joke. Stop starting fights with people who you don't know, it's silly Christ, we if put up the dukes you would probably trip over your walker and break a hip.
  10. That brag about how tough they are for not earring a mask but would piss themselves when they run low on metamucil.
  11. Have you seen his unemployment numbers? only a few hundred thousand jobs a day being lost. Those results matter. Trump owns the job loses.
  12. 75K.... good budget ...used Regulator/Contender or used Parker/ Jones Brothers. Don't buy a new Sportsman or Cobia. They are what they call in Florida "sand bar boats" . The look like fishing boats but have lots of cushy seating and cup holders - so the wife is happy and you look like a fisherman anchored up at the sand bar drinking pina colada's. Sportsman or Cobia are also mid tier boats that will depreciate so fast it will make your head spin. The best bang for your buck is buying a quality boat used. For the 21-25 foot range Contenders/Regulators (for Deep V) or Parker/ Jones (for modified V) are the most capable in that size range and have the best resale. I rode on one of those new Sea Ox's in Montauk last fall. It pounded - pretty boat and it would be great for protected water fishing but it rode just like a Parker or Jones would on a sloppy day. The first decision you have to make is if you want a modified V hull...Like a Sea Ox, Parker, Jones Bros (21 degree deadrise) or a Deep V boat like Contender or Regulator (24 degree dead rise). Generally speaking - Modified V hulls pound in most sea states, are very stable on the drift/ anchor and draft less - better for bay fishing. Deep V's ride much softer, draft more, are less stable on the drift/anchor and need more HP.
  13. I've suffered from insomnia since I was a teenager. A few things that I have learned. First - do you snore? have you ever considered that you have sleep apnea? if so get a sleep study. Millions of adult males have sleep apnea in this country. If you are not sure download a sleep app called Snorelab and it will tell you if you have a problem. Second - bite the bullet and get an Ambien Rx. View the pills like this - knowing you have to get up early but can't fall asleep or stay asleep is stressful. The longer you can't sleep the more the stress builds up which creates a vicious cycle. Knowing you can just take a pill and it's lights out alleviates that stress which in turn will help you fall asleep faster WITHOUT the pill. If you goggle the side effects of Ambien there are endless scary stories - the side effects actually effect very few people. I've have zero side effects. The pills are a lifesaver when you simply just have to sleep and nothing else works. Tips: - Eat healthy at a regular schedule and go to sleep at the same time every night. Sticking to a schedule helps your body regulate natural melatonin. Eating right before bed is bad - your body is designed to digest food upright not lying down. Eating then sleeping right after causes indigestion that can wake you up. Booze is terrible for quality sleep. Booze prevents you from getting to deep REM sleep that is crucial to a good night's sleep. Whoever says they can't sleep without booze has an alcohol problem not a sleep problem. - Manage your stress. Sometimes just making a list of the things you have to do the next day will alleviate enough stress to put you to sleep. Stress and anxiety are sleep killers obviously. - Keep your bedroom cool. Like 67 degrees. Overheating wakes you up. - Sleepscore is an app that will help you figure out what is going on with your sleep and what you can do to fix it. Use the Calm app to meditate (seriously) - mediation works. - Your bedroom needs to be completely dark and the TV off. Spend the money on getting the most comfortable mattress, sheets and pillows you can afford. - Use something that makes a soothing noise. Look up Dohm sound machine. Best $50 I ever spent. - Exercise is crucial but don't exercise in the evening as it will keep you up. - Consider THC designed to induce sleep.
  14. Hate to do this but do a search. To say this topic has been discussed exhaustively in dozens of threads would be a gross understatement.