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  1. If you find a bunch of dead striped bass in one area in Montauk it's from the gill netters - particularly at this time of the year. Local tag holders was who are too old/ too lazy to fill their tags rely on gill netters to fill their tags for them. Charter and recreational anglers clearly have a high release mortality but generally speaking they are not throwing back dead fish. They throw back a live fish that swims away and later dies hence dispersing the dead fish.
  2. One associates age with wisdom. Not in your case however…. buh buh but there is no law that you have to have your headlights on to drive on the beach in the middle of the night. About as sensible as your buddy who disabled the fire alarms on his rental house. That guy agrees with you.
  3. Yeah, I think it is you that can't grasp the simple truth. Advocating driving down a dark beach with no headlights on is simply dumb. Behaving dangerously (not to mention breaking the law) and demanding others do the same merely in the hopes of catching some dumb fish you probably already caught a million times before (or may not as the case may be) is amateur hour. If you are so good and so experienced, then act like it. You drive on my beach with no headlights on you are getting lit up by my light bar - 100% of the time. Your rat striped bass can wait.
  4. Karen is throwing his yearly temper tantrum.
  5. Yeah, seems risky to say the least. I think that his case is in federal court is interesting. If it was a local court he probably would have already been given a participation trophy and a lollipop.
  6. It's worse inside the community - far worse. Law enforcement tried on this one. When one of the oldest wealthiest Montauk family run a years long conspiracy whose goal it is to basically rid the ocean of every fluke that swims and get (even more) rich in the process - can't get more than a slap on the wrist for their criminal conspiracy - who can? It begs the question - if these multi generational local families who got rich off (and the Gosman's are stinking rich) of the ocean's bounty, not only don't care but set a criminal enterprise to steal fish from all of us - why should anybody else care?
  7. Unfortunately this is pie in the sky. There is zero appetite for any type of real punishment even for egregious fisheries crimes. The Gosmans family had a banner year in Montauk - they have never been wealthier or more successful. They also ran and recently pleaded guilty to running a years long fisheries criminal conspiracy out of their business in Montauk. The end result - they paid a fine and nobody cares. The fine in no way even came close to paying for the investigation into their vast crimes. Bob Gosman Co. Inc. was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of $50,000 and be placed on probation for four years, federal officials said. As part of the probation, the company must implement an environmental compliance plan with enhanced monitoring, training and inspection requirements; aspects of the program include use of certified scales, standardization of transportation records, regular transmission of accounting records to a government monitor and an on-site workspace for law enforcement to enhance compliance, officials said. In November, two members of the well-known family behind Gosman's in Montauk also pleaded guilty in federal court to a $240,000 overfishing scheme, according to the United States Department of Justice. Managers Bryan Gosman and Asa Gosman, both of Montauk, pleaded guilty to one felony count of criminal conspiracy for their role in a scheme to purchase illegal summer flounder and black sea bass from a local fisherman, the DOJ said. Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim announced the plea. In addition, the company which they partially own, Bob Gosman Co. Inc., a federally-licensed fish dealer also located in Montauk, pleaded guilty to the two counts of misdemeanor Lacey Act fish trafficking, the DOJ said. On April 20, a federal grand jury indicted Christopher Winkler, Bryan Gosman, Asa Gosman and Bob Gosman Co. Inc. with one count of conspiracy, among other crimes, the DOJ said. The indictment charged a conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud as well as to unlawfully frustrate the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration's efforts at regulating federal fisheries, the DOJ said. The indictment alleged that between May 2014 and July 2016, Winkler, as captain of the New Age, went on dozens of fishing trips where he caught fluke or black sea bass in excess of applicable quotas, the DOJ said. Bryan and Asa Gosman admitted that the fish was then sold to a now-defunct company, an unindicted co-conspirator, in the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx, the DOJ said. Both Asa Gosman and Bryan Gosman had an ownership interest in the defunct company; after the Bronx company went under, Bryan and Asa Gosman contended that Winkler sold a much smaller quantity of his illegal catch directly to Bob Gosman Co. Inc., the DOJ said. In court documents, Bryan and Asa Gosman admitted that the sales of illegal fish, to both companies, totaled at least $240,000 wholesale, the DOJ said. Under federal law, a fishing captain is required to accurately detail his catch on a form known as a fishing vessel trip report, which is sent to NOAA, the DOJ said. The first company that buys fish directly from a fishing vessel is termed a fish dealer, and fish dealers are required to specify what they purchase on a federal form known as a dealer report, which is transmitted electronically to NOAA, the DOJ explained. NOAA utilizes the information to set policies designed to ensure a sustainable fishery. Bryan and Asa Gosman stated that part of the conspiracy was to falsify both FVTRs and dealer reports to cover up the fact that fish were taken in excess of quotas; the pair also admitted to obstructing NOAA's investigation into the conspiracy through the joint destruction of incriminating business records that Bryan Gosman had removed from the defunct Bronx company in March 2017, the DOJ said. Those records would have been responsive to a then-outstanding grand jury subpoena, the DOJ said. The trial of the remaining fisherman, Christopher Winkler, has not yet been scheduled, the DOJ said.
  8. That place was gone years ago....The only place that I know of that does the hook 'em and cook 'em thing is Star Island.
  9. Couldn't agree more...and the fishing has sucked this year. Jersey is way better.
  10. Everybody just calls it Westlake. Love it there. great bar, great sushi. A hidden gem. I think this weekend is their last weekend of the year. The Dock Tony's is the new sandwich place, better than Goldberg's. Open early. Goldberg's is acceptable in a pinch. Best pizza on the stretch or Blade and Salt pizza is good too John Drive - good greasy burgers, fried chicken and best ice cream in the Hamptons. Ditch Witch for lunch if it's still open I'd skip Lunch, Clam Bar, Harvest, Pizza Village, Gig Shack, Gosman's, Herb's - lots of better options than these I'd go to the Dock or Westlake before Salivar's or Inlet. Can't miss at the Dock and Westlake The Point and Shagwong for drinking only. Food sucks at both. The Point is good for watching games. Montauket is the best bar in Montauk.
  11. I’d choose one of the family islands in the Bahamas If wade fishing is the priority.
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