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  1. I wish I wrote that well.
  2. That's one of the better posts I have read on SOL in a long time.
  3. I get surveyed nearly every day I fish. I fish out of Star Island in Montauk. Everybody that fishes out of there at least gets asked when a surveyor is there. They are always at the Montauk marinas. Been that way for years. I too question the validity of the data but the surveyers are out there.
  4. Yeah but what about the other 99% of your driving where big fat and bald would be stupid? (Did you really just recommend that a guy put bald tires on his truck???) KO2’s are very good for all conditions.
  5. That’s the dumbest thing I have read on SOL in a very long time.
  6. BF Goodrich KO2’s are the best AT money can buy. That’s what you want.
  7. I have never fished this Cape Cod Canal place. but damn, it sounds like the worst place on earth to fish. Standing on rip rap casting into a man made pit while masshole crackheads lurk around on girl’s bikes looking to steal your stuff. No thanks.
  8. 20% is what he is expecting.
  9. Who would want some creepy inconsiderate guest of your neighbor lurking around their place at night? With chunks no less lol... They have every right to not allow you to fish on “their” dock. Did you introduce yourself? Did you ask if you could fish their dock first? Did you thank them fishing their dock and their lights previously? I doubt it. You should go apologize for being a creep.
  10. Sorry to point a moderator to another forum but the knife nerds over at Kitchenknifeforums would likely know.
  11. flats

    just one correction, There is a non resident EH beach driving permit. I think it is $300. Not sure about SH.
  12. and 4 year? Hawaii makes a lot of sense. I'm sure with little investigation you could find a nice hotel that is close by but not in Waikiki proper (which is a tourist wasteland). Maybe up by Diamondhead. I bet if you emailed a bonefish guide on Oahu they could fill you in. Eleuthera is awesome but you are talking three flights to get there from Cali and very limited surf board rentals. Costa Rica IMO is one of the best travel destinations for adventurous family - tones of stuff to do, offshore fishing is great, fly fishing I dunno...
  13. From California? Oahu comes to mind. not that I love Waikiki, but you have those beautiful long slow friendly waves and giant slob bonefish.
  14. wow..sensitive much? you sure have no problem dishing it out but not so good at taking it LOL.