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  1. New PB this week at 45" with a gut. Slowly dialing how to fish big soft plastics.
  2. Nice fish @jsfishy. I've done this as I live nearby in the city. People looked at me like I was insane, it was fun. I never tried around this time of year but did it in the spring of 2019 and 2020. Then I got a kayak, and haven't set up a canal bike since. Lots of great fishing to be had in the metro area as I am sure you know. I can get away with a very short drive to launch the kayak and find fish from small schoolies through over-slot bass depending on tide/time of year and bait profile. I think it is a better fishery than most people give it credit for, and some give it quite a bit of credit. With gas being pricier this year I was forced to learn the local areas better and I am glad I did.
  3. Shoot me a pm if you want. I also try to get out a few times per week. Typically launch anywhere from 45min north of Boston to 45min south (no traffic). Was thinking about starting to get out to the harbor islands soon. No side scan on my kayak but know a few decent holes here and there.
  4. Stumbled into a 2 hour schoolie blitz yesterday morning. Pre dawn with eels was depressingly slow, but fun to catch these guys
  5. May was good in the estuaries and rivers for me. More slots than the same time last year. June was brutal for me, had multiple consecutive skunks across conditions that had given me fish in the past and tried other tide/wind/light conditions in other spots. Those skunks could be correlated with not doing as much tube n worm fishing and using more soft plastics that I am still learning how to use properly but still was tough considering my average kayak trips are 4-5 hours. Last week action started picking up again once we stopped having nights with 50 degree air temps.
  6. mid June served me quite the series of skunks, broke said skunk with a nice night of schoolies with some slots mixed in last week
  7. I have seen more herring dumping out of estuaries/rivers this year than I have in any of the past 3 or 4 years. Haven't seen bunker yet, but hopefully that changes soon. Going to start checking out a place I found squid last year in the next week or two and will report back.
  8. WTB a 7-foot rod (+/- a few inches is ok) MH rod for the kayak. Ideally, would be something rated in the range 1-4oz for jigging or fishing with live bait, which would be paired with a VR150. The very old rod I'm using has too long of a butt making it unnecessarily heavy and annoying to deal with. Willing to meet pretty much anywhere the coast of MA for pickup. Thanks!
  9. Nicer fish showing up, got this one on a 1oz gags jig while bass were demolishing herring all around me
  10. Stayed local today and got a bunch ranging from 22-27, beautiful foggy morning. Big fish on the way soon hopefully.
  11. I read that a RI kayaker stumbled into a school of them in April near togging grounds. I know North shore guys got them pretty good last year from shore, and some sat around Boston harbor in late august around the bunker schools. If the bunker make a good showing again this year I see no reason why we wouldn't get a good showing of blues. I really want to catch them from the kayak
  12. Started playing around with a flagpole camera mount. Fortunately, it seems I have a bit more time than you do to get the kinks worked out before bigger fish show up. The only issue is reaching it for battery replacement (only get 50min of recording time with this bootleg camera I'm using), need to figure out how to rig a better battery or connect it to the one powering my ff/gps.
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