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  1. Sorry for being slow to respond @clammer. I guess looking for quantity, want to expand from the colors I have
  2. Ok, let me know if you change your mind or have a different counteroffer.
  3. Offer 18 for the jigsmiths?
  4. I’ll take seconds if it falls through
  5. Good grab, should've checked for an answer sooner
  6. Are the last '7-assorted' all over 2.5oz?
  7. Not too picky on colors, curious to see if anyone has anything available
  8. Where in NJ are you located? I'm in central NJ for the next week. Was wondering if you could do 150 shipped or 140 picked up (somewhere between us, assuming you're in LBI) for the 6000?
  9. There definitely is a ton of accessible fishing spots via bike on either side of the Charles. You can get out to the Navy yard really easily via the Cambridge-side bike path and I haven't seen any signs that say no fishing on the piers there. You can make it from mid-Cambridge to the Navy yard in roughly 25 min really comfortably, just need to beware of the runners that would rather you take your bike into the dirt mud/rather than they take a half step out of your way
  10. Quite happy he's out of the nfc east (go birds!). I think it'll be interesting to see how Mayfield and Odell coexist. They both seem like very strong personalities that can either really help the team or tear it down. Landry + Odell + Njoku + Chubb/Hunt? + Mayfield seems like a very dynamic offense on paper (but with many mouths to feed)
  11. Apparently, the Canadians are concerned that the striper population will overrun the salmon habitat and want people to fly out there to target stripers. Google 'striped bass devastating atlantic salmon on miramichi river'
  12. Used paypal, but mistakenly selected send $ to friend rather than pay for goods and services. A stupid but honest mistake.
  13. Does anyone personally know @kyle23 on here? Bought one lot of lures from him on BST in November: Was really looking forward to using these at the canal and around MA this upcoming season as I just graduated college in NJ in May and moved to the area for graduate school in September. He went off the grid after receiving my payment for a few weeks then around the holidays told me he was in the hospital with kidney failure and hasn't gotten back to me since. Not getting the lures after spending the money is frustrating but at this point, I'm past it, and am just wondering if anyone knows if he's ok? Thanks for your time.
  14. What weights are those bucktails and would you consider splitting just those? thanks
  15. 75 works for me, thanks!