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  1. Hi Dan, Could I please place an order for: 1. bullet style jigheads 4 @ .5 oz, 4 @ 1 oz, 4 @ 1.5oz With 2 of each weight painted white and two bare If it is possible to do the 1 oz with an 8/0 hook and the 1/2 oz with a 6/0 hook that would be great. 2. teardrop canal style bucktails: all in white, with feather: 2 @ 1.5oz, 3 @ 4oz Thanks!
  2. Most productive trip of the season for me thus far with 6 fish to 28 inches in the last hr of outgoing last night. Wish I got there earlier. The fish were thick and pissed off, fought like ocean fish.
  3. Just starting catching/seeing keepers caught in the spots I hit around Boston. Saw a pic of a 45" caught, shown to me by the guy who caught it.
  4. @maltc hey, it happens. If you saw it within arms reach, then it counts in my book shame you couldn't get the picture to document it. I'm sure there will be more in the future, though
  5. Nailed my first 2 keeper sized bass of the year yesterday, along with a dink. Only cost me 5 lures that got snagged..the struggles of learning a new spot
  6. I unfortunately have to pass on this, sorry. All yours @FunkyColdMedina
  7. Respectfully offer $65
  8. @gulino12 life is all about angles , I think this might've only been 2-3 inches longer than yours
  9. Finally broke my skunk streak just before it hit double digits. Felt nice to put a bend in the rod again
  10. I'd be interested in picking this up. I'm roughly 45 min from you, available after 6-7pm this week starting Wednesday, but I can be flexible based on your availability. Thanks!
  11. Was living in NJ last year, and the lack of blues was incredible. Literally didn't hear of a single one being caught (other than snappers and small cocktails). The year before you could wade out to certain channels and get into 15lbers non-stop. I wonder what brings them back in close
  12. Saw herring pretty far up the Charles this morning
  13. Fished a relatively popular southie spot for the last hour of outgoing, no life seen
  14. Got a big ol skunk at the canal and a couple south facing shore spots last night/this morning.
  15. They don't go down to single hooks on the metal lips but this is what I was referring to. Here is the OTW SP video: