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  1. 85 shipped to 02139 or 80 picked up?
  2. I've been enjoying 2 weeks in flat sandy NJ visiting family. Fun fluke and blues fishing from shore. Back to the work and fall run grind in MA next week
  3. Where are you located?
  4. Once piece rod or two? I live in Boston now and will probably do a canal trip around then. Will be back in central N.J. from Boston around the 19th of Sept to visit family, could drop it off to you then. I drive a Nissan Rogue but no roof rack or rod carrier system, so the max I can fit inside of the car is ~9’6.
  5. Lol. Facts. That begs the question of if it is possible to teach common sense..
  6. Do you have availability midday Friday? I will be driving from Boston to NJ, stopping in Stamford, CT for lunch with a friend which hopefully is close enough to where you are. Was planning to leave Boston around 10am. Would like to check out the yak if possible.
  7. I pass by the locks and constitution marina every day on my way to work. Been seeing some dead pogies on the freshwater side of the locks and the smell passing by the marina was absurd. Were there dead stripers too? I know they closed Nahant due to water safety issues..maybe a similar bacteria is around Charles area.
  8. I have read it, I was just curious why people didn’t like it
  9. Controversial or not I feel like the advice recently given on here, when it is given, seems to be no different than the advice on OTW, facebook, etc. 1) get proper gear (rod, reel, line, leader) 2) get some jigs 3) get some poppers 4) get some swimming plugs No spots are burned here in public forums. If anything, this site allows people to read a list of tips rather than read a bigger article. Big whoop. If people want to go learn how to fish any spot in the world there is one way to do it, get prepared and then go fish it. If people don't want to learn and just want to catch they can pay for another report site and go cram canal spots. Have you considered that other resources contribute to the canal mess more than this site?
  10. If the guy catches fish he catches fish. Or he was a con-artist that steals people's money for guided trips. If the guy spends his life chasing stripers, I'm inclined to think he at least knows something about fishing, but that is just my opinion. Either way, are you implying that the book sucks and has no accurate information? I only ask because I read it, as an out-of-stater who moved to the area that wanted to be less ignorant and more knowledgeable when fishing the canal. I'm curious if you and others, as canal regulars, think the information and tips in there are valid or worthless? I would guess that Ed would be curious to know that too before his trip.
  11. tell me more? was asking an honest question haha
  12. @ged I thought Muller is a fairly well respected guide all up and down the coast. Sure he isn’t a daily canal guy, but does his book not have useful info?
  13. what temps were you looking at in that depth range?
  14. Water temps close to shore are disheartening for surf casters, imo. Need to find deeper, cooler water. If only storing a kayak in the city was a bit simpler...
  15. I'll take this assuming paypal works for you