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  1. If you can do $80 shipped I’d be happy to take them. Thanks!
  2. Are these still available?
  3. Are you fishing norcal or socal? Bay or Ocean? Bait or plastic/rubber? These are going to dictate the best rod for your quarry. Can't really see any situation where you would need a 10' rod for perch unless you plan on soaking sand crabs at OB, SF.
  4. Definitely looks like a WSB. They follow the squid and are usually found along the coast and in the bay Aug-Oct. The commercial guys have them dialed in and 6-packs will opportunistically target them when they're thick. They're an occasional by-catch on the rockcod boats out of HMB and the GG as well.
  5. If you would be willing to ship I’ll take the top lot and add on for shipping.
  6. Looking for these in new or used condition. Magnetic weight transfer system must still be in working order. Let me know what you might have!
  7. Perhaps it was that GWShark that was recently released in the bay? jk jk I've had many a bat ray turn on swimbaits and hair, chase them down and eat the plugs. Very possible you caught the (a?) bat ray. But of course, just as possible you snagged it. Not a lot of other fish in the bay capable of snapping 30#
  8. Your 8'6 rod is fine. Fish with it a season and you'll have a better understanding of what you want and need. Very few applications in the bay require flipping or short casts. Most of the time you'll be happy for the extra length/distance. Depending on the rating for that rod, you may want to consider a size 100 or 200 reel. The 300EJ is pretty heavy for bay applications unless you're tossing bait.
  9. Respectfully offer $425?
  10. I'll take this.
  11. I have 3 type-r's that Daiwa currently has for annual maintenance. Once I get them back I can let you know what I'm willing to offload, but I'm not sure when I'll get the reels back.
  12. Agree with Moocks here, although the Gosa is a fairly different route with reel choice, sacrificing the sealed factor of a reel in favor of weight and smoothness. Can't go wrong though! At the $600+ range you could likely find a used Stella or Saltiga. A 150vsx bailed would be fine on the 9'6 Frontier. The bail less version may seem light. (The bailed version has an extended reel foot and weighs considerably more than the bail less). Remember the East coast guys fish different water and techniques than we do and often harsher conditions. Rarely are we swimming with our reels or fishing them underwater. If you plan on doing so then go with a VSX, otherwise any of the other reel suggestions here should suffice. One last option is the ZX22, which is still on the heavy side but is sort of in between the size of a 150 and 200 VS. Find a reel that balances. A tip heavy setup may feel heavier to fish despite lesser aggregate weight.
  13. A VR175/200 should balance that rod well, and is lightweight while sealed enough to withstand most of our West Coast fishing. I use different reels in Mexico because you want your retrieve to be minimum 49"/crank. That doesn't mean the VR's won't work in Mexico, I think the 200 is something like 40" per crank but you'll just have to work a little harder. The slammers have a sealed drag, I don't think the rest of the reel is sealed, so you'll still need to be careful in sand and water. The Penn Torque II's are better suited if you plan on dunking your reel (and want to go with Penn).
  14. Back to the OP's original question, I've seen custom (hand-tied) plugs/bucktails outproduce factory ones 5:1. A "better" lure for the situation will of course catch more fish in a vacuum. That being said, one of the more important factors in using any lure is confidence. You'll always catch more fish with a lure you're confident in.