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  1. you’re right. best at 3am when you’ve got a beach to yourself. it’s why we do it. next best is feeling the take on a live mac, but it’s not really close.
  2. pretty much off the bath house. We were coming back from the golf ball and heard Rich on the radio whale watching with “some tuna here too”
  3. Annual trip to truro was great. Lots of fish and killer weather. One day I’ll move further down the cape.
  4. Got to see a stick boat in action yesterday.
  5. this is so nice i think i’ll read it twice
  6. sounds about right. my issue was with how random channel markers were placed. just get someone out there to place them in a uniform manner once a week. right now it’s bizarre and not worth the $ they’re asking to use their waterways.
  7. I get that. With the added revenue, i feel like someone could be out there staying on top of what’s happening in the channels of Chatham’s waterways. I’ve been out a few times and have kept of the sand, but the whole setup from ryders to outermost is bananas. The juice doesn’t seem worth the squeeze.
  8. makes sense i guess. if they’re capitalizing, they should put the revenue towards channel markers IMO, it’s a guessing game out there
  9. I was given this yesterday at Ryders and told, “Take care of this as soon as you can” I’ve never heard of such a thing at any public ramp.
  10. st croix is great these days. email them that pic with serial num etc they’ll send you a new one. they don’t make you send them back anymore
  11. last year i definitely saw a drop in Bluefish in the usual spots, and a big drop in bait. Since fisheries cracked down on squid boats etc, I’ve seen sooooo much bait everywhere. I’m sure it also has to do with the markets as a result of covid
  12. so much bait it was silly. i anchored on the point and got a few drifting macs nothing big tho
  13. same on the hat and a pile of “quit wishin” stickers