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  1. I’ve always looked at Bourne as the Florida of Cape Cod
  2. If the gate is unlocked just go in from South Sandwich Rd and you’ll have the whole beach to yourself, drive right out
  3. yup, the lunch slices were a game changer. had to get there before all the Williams employees packed in. My personal favorites were the buffalo chicken and bbq chicken. best pizza out there IMO
  4. Great story! That’s what it’s all about. I’ve got my John stories. I think most of us here do. Time to go through my gear, find his plugs, another season will be here before you know it.
  5. Favorite on Cape: Spiritus pepperoni in P-Town. Very close 2nd: Scallop and bacon from Crisp in Osterville. Bar Pizza: Charlies Place in beautiful Wareham or Trading Post in Bourne. I’d have these on the same tier but experience at Trading Post is elite Neapolitan: Sweet Tomatoes in Sandwich (it’s more nostalgic for me on account of the family’s OG restaurant (hot tomatoes) is where I’m from in the berkshires. ST isn’t remotely close to same level as HT, but it hits me in the feels) pictured: small pepperoni burnt edges from Charlies (top) and a pepperoni from Trading Post (bottom)
  6. Two brothers still fishing it!
  7. Small TV is red zone, larger tv is patriots.
  8. Angler, He repowered/refit. Cut the transom and gunnels to gain deck space and make the boat more efficient. You can see the boat in Sandwich Marina anytime you’re there.
  9. The payoff
  10. I spent some time and built a bar. It’s made from the stern of my future father in law’s lobster boat. He had it refit a few years ago, and this piece was just hanging around. You can find the boat in sandwich Marina. 2B20F68F-F067-44BF-B87C-6FBB415B8022.webp
  11. Amped up for my annual Truro trip. This was last year. Funny thing, vacationing where you live.
  12. This. There’s lots of fish from long point to nauset if you put in the time
  13. Sorry @kones but you may have taken that the wrong way. I saw it as: Walk along the beaches, find structure, figure out the most productive tide, and you’ll be rewarded. Put in the time, they’re out there.
  14. To say John was a legend may be the understatement of the century. I’ve got a few of his pencils still, I loaded up when @fishonnelsons closed up. I was wondering if anyone closer to him had access to any “stock” he may had have left. I’ve coveted his plugs since we met, more so now
  15. Some of the best info you’ll get on this entire forum. Take notes.