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  1. now that’s b.s.
  2. Launched Sesuit for the first time, super easy and 15 mins from the house
  3. Great info! Google is a great resource, but SOL is invaluable.
  4. Any info on launching at Rock Harbor? Thinking of splashing my 23 SeaCraft this afternoon and never used this ramp. Thanks in advance.
  5. John is a great guy, sending my best!
  6. When I moved off the island, I was targeting Sandwich. I bought in Mashpee, South Sandwich area. Affordable homes, cheap taxes, super convenient. I trailered to Great river/waquiot for sound fishing/vineyard partying and buzz bay access. Trailered to Sandwich for access to the bay, race point and billingsgate. Good pond fishing, plenty to do and most of all convenient. I’ve since bought in East Harwich
  7. will definitely give it a shot, burnt edges naturally. I don’t really stray away from pepperoni when it comes to pizza. classic
  8. Charlie’s Place in Wareham South Shore Style Bar Pizza
  9. used to get an umbrella rig every year there. I miss Nelson’s. I also remember a small shop out by Stop n Shop. Might rent bikes now.
  10. Yeah I was happy to see a bunch of offers on my old home, but got tired of missing out on homes with inflated prices. I was close to building. Being in the trades, I couldn’t see spending $600k+ for a house that needs everything. My mortgage went up $100. Money is cheap rn.
  11. Bought in Mashpee 2018 for $340k, sold 2020 $480k. Close on a pre-market home in E Harwich for ~$100k below market. I’m a gypsy for a month. I feel like I beat the system rn.
  12. SP Minnow in mackerel to find them and this to weed out the little guys: literally all I use on the beach. reel slow enough to keep tension on the line, let the current/sandbar do the rest.
  13. I had a fb memory pop up this morning and it really got me going. This is a honey hole I found on the south shore of Nantucket. Now I’m 35, been surf casting since 6th grade. I was hooked since the first time my uncle took me out to Race Point. I haven’t taken as many casts as most of you here, but I’ve done quite a bit. This hole was automatic under certain conditions (last half of drop, 3am-dawn, ripping current east to west). on those nights you’d have a steady pick. Last night of my season in early October, a school of 25-30lb fish moved through and I had them all to myself. Hook, release, repeat. I was shaking. What a night, one for the books. Thanks fb for the memory!
  14. tough life! i’ll be in the valley a bit as long as covid allows
  15. great info