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  1. 15 hours ago, Master Debaiter said:

    Was that you that creeped up behind me several nights ago? lol. Who ever it was had me looking over my shoulder every minute lol. Fishing alone has its drawbacks. :shaky: 

    Was not me, but I do believe I saw you up north while at work unless it was your doppelgänger.

  2. Just now, PSUFly said:

    Awesome congrats!  I've only gotten one keeper size bass so far this year, been slow for me.

    I was plugging a spot the other day during dusk and they were popping all over and I couldn't get a single hit... I decided I would try the fly rod again to deliver a small bait out and it worked out the following night. It was the same fly I left on the rod the last time I used it at least 3-4 years ago.