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  1. The stick shadds are both model# 182sk so 4-3/4oz and the magic swimmer is 228 sk - 5oz
  2. $140 or Best offer shipped. PP. I have no clue what the value is, so I just put up a number. If I am off on the price let me know.
  3. These are the big ones! 2 7" stick shads ( I think that's the name) 1 9" jointed $50 shipped. PayPal please.
  4. They have awesome action! Pm'ed
  5. $45 shipped. Can only get it out on Monday if interested.
  6. About 6"ish and around 2oz is my guess
  7. $42 + $8 for shipping NIP and as always or best offer!
  8. . Lightly used but not by me. I do prefer FF. Asking $70 shipped or Best offer Can ship tomorrow.
  9. Anyone? Looking for brighter colors... herring parrot.
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