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  1. Offer 21.95
  2. I'll post a black blue white 7" Pichney Danny if I haven't already that has crushed a pair of 30's in the spring a few years back when I go back into the garage at 4am tomorrow.
  3. Confirmed spoffords, it's good, ranger is a go to though, only because they were easy to get!
  4. Fish em!
  5. Hog tied for two years! No mo!
  6. Still wet
  7. Poppa, tossed, never caught on it. Awesome plug
  8. Jaget surfsters are perfected. some look different than others.
  9. Caught one or two fish on both of these. Forgot about them. Took a pic earlier moving plug crates around in the garage. a40 Pichney a40 jr Pichney
  10. I.... ...I .... I am trying trying become a man again after marriage, daughter, home, renovations etc. growing pains. they took away my testosterone. But I found some fish yesterday and I am slowly back on that surfcasting diet for manly rejuvenation. edit; I still need some beach masters. I heard Bobby G wasn't doing so well. I am afraid to call.
  11. I need some beachmasters.
  12. Angelica's is excellent. Make a reservation in advance.
  13. I would love to one day go back to Bob's garage again. The history is insane.
  14. Absolutely not!
  15. Not yet...maybe my next property.