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  1. Was not me, but I do believe I saw you up north while at work unless it was your doppelgänger.
  2. Na dawg. It’s over
  3. I want them all, show me what you have and are willing to part with, add a price $.
  4. Some 20’s some 30’s. Hello world.
  5. Deep and moving water
  6. Ppw14. Over.
  7. I came back to read and laugh almost* a decade later. Lol
  8. Yep.
  9. Bump
  10. Bump
  11. Ok still up
  12. No one has taken anything so far... would prefer to sell as a lot or at least a 50/50 split if possible.
  13. Can you do 55 to cover shipping?
  14. 85
  15. $60