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  1. Yeah those two can tie a mean fly . Love the new ported poppers from Johnathan Kiley
  2. Nice flies how do they fish ?
  3. Another short video
  4. Thanks for the replies guys I do own plenty of waders is a dry top reliable ? I own a atak 140 with a Torqeedo. My plan is to do some fall and spring striper fishing.
  5. People have been trying to get ahold of my snakehead flies and I assure you they are flies and typically people always accuse me of using regular lures because I’m not ready to share yet . Would of been allot easier to cut out the fly parts completely out but I was laughing the whole time as I was making the fly blurred in the video. My second video I completely took the fly out .
  6. Anyone have any suggestions on dry suits that won't break the bank ?
  7. Nice fish I plan on taking a trip to catch some giants one day. But first I plan on taking a trip to Florida to get my fly rod bent on some Bullseye Snakeheads
  8. So I just checked both Maryland and New York's policies on Northern Snakeheads and it is illegal to transport the fish alive and its not illegal to release the fish in where it was caught but they recommend you kill it . On either states websites it does not say it is unlawful or against the law to release the fish. The verbage makes it seem that way and they wrote it with the intention of the public thinking it was against the law to catch and release a northern snakehead . At this point it would be like trying to clean the sand off the beach in my area not sure how it is in NY or Arkansas but my area its pointless or hardhead to think it will help. So I highly recommend you give it a try they are a blast to catch and good eating .
  9. Still love my Colton
  10. I was thinking of getting the wilderness systems Krate has anyone had any bad experiences with it ?
  11. The Northern Snakehead is in the freshwater tidal area of the Delaware River Potomac watershed and in the Susquehanna river below the Connowingo dam . These fish were caught in the Delaware river drainage. They put largemouth to shame with the way they fight and hit lures . I like to fish but I don't particularly eat allot of fish and I only kill what I eat although I have to talk to a few people who have eaten them and they say they are tasty . I haven't fished NY but I have caught them in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and none of these states have a law that requires you to kill the fish but they do recommend it .
  12. Haven't posted on here in a while but thought I would share something that I have come to enjoy last summer . Here are two videos I made fly fishing for snakeheads if you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend you do .
  13. Delaware County Pa
  14. I'm putting my commander 140 up for sale for $800 it's the color flint . The kayak is brand new and a great fishing platform it comes with all its paperwork and its never seen water. I'm including 30 lb Minn Kota with battery and mounting bracket .
  15. Any more info on this book