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  1. Part three of last years fishing clips .
  2. Just buy some Plano boxes and throw some silica packs in there to soak up the moister and your flies will last allot longer than in one of those foam slit boxes .And you can customize each area per the size fly you are using .
  3. nice what country did you catch those Giant Snakeheads in ?
  4. Here is part two .
  5. Let’s just say I used to target Largemouth and I no longer do, they are a by catch for me now . I’m using a 8’ 4” 10 wt Scott Sector with a 25 lb leader they are not runners just pure power that will test your tackle. Supposed to be an article on them and other backyard exotics in next month’s Fly Fisherman if you are interested.
  6. Here part one of videos clips from my snakehead season this year .
  7. Nothing but good things to say about bears den. I ordered a 10 wt. Sage Payload and didn't realize that it had an extended fighting butt on it, which is not practical for casting while sitting down in a kayak. I called them up and asked to return it and they said no problem I shipped the rod back and they sent me a 9 wt. that I requested as a replacement the 9 wt. had a normal sized fighting butt which ended up being a better rod wt. for the type of fishing I was doing anyway.
  8. Love my terrapin 789 reel and I have abused the neck out of it . Looking to get another soon or maybe the updated Torrent when it comes out .
  9. No we didn't eat the fish and they taste delicious *
  10. Nice fattie I caught last week on top while on Crazy Larry’s towee great fishing platform.
  11. But the article referenced bamboo, new age glass rods are not what I would consider vintage . I have never gotten why people want to fish glass rods, fly fishing is hard enough already. Its not like glass rods can be had for cheaper than a graphite rod. I guess I don't have enough soul to understand LOL
  12. I have a few friends that work in fly shops and he said that there is definitely a sure of younger people getting into fly fishing but none of them are seeking out vintage gear that have more soul LOL .
  13. There is definitely a surge in the fishing industry right now , as far as people getting into fly fishing and searching out vintage gear for them to start with I don't believe that be true to the point it deserves an article written about it. I believe the writer is trying to start a fade/buzz for people to search out vintage gear but to each their own
  14. I may not be an attorney but this article makes an compelling argument Recognition of a constitutional right, of course, does not mean that the right can never be infringed. Rather, as with most rights, the constitutional right not to kill can presumably be trumped by a sufficiently compelling government interest and a narrowly tailored law. In the vast majority of cases, however, the government will not be able to meet this test, leaving individuals free to decide for themselves whether they are willing to participate in government-sanctioned killings.
  15. Brian I’ve met and talked with at least 5 conservation officers three were from different states .And I asked them all can the government make you kill something . And they all said the same thing ,no government can force you to take a life .So are the ones that get paid to enforce the law wrong as well as Odenkirk ?