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  1. You can get that same light on amazon for $50 , I own that light and seen it in fly shops I made sure I did my research and bought one off amazon I use that light as my travel light and power it by a power bank .
  2. One from yesterday.
  3. My setup right now is a 8’ 4” 10 wt Scott sector with a bass taper line with an 8’ straight leader of 25 lb fluro .
  4. Any luck ?
  5. Some recent catches
  6. Still tweaking some things But been happy with this version so far
  7. I would stay out of the inlet , a friend of mine is on the Delaware State police diving team and has not had very good success in recovering dead fisherman from the inlet and it happens a couple times a year .
  8. That's no Clouser, it's a new fly I am working on with the new CGH swim tails that just came out .
  9. Some fish from this week.
  10. Tying up some flies for snakeheads
  11. Hopefully with the influx of new hook companies out now, one will make an 911S replica
  12. Caught a nice one, was easily in the double digit range, wasn’t fortunate enough to get the weight.
  13. $700 looking to sell this ASAP
  14. Sounds like you are definitely on the right track, keep at and I’m sure you will hook up . Not sure if you are on Facebook but there is a group for fly fishing for snakeheads and Bowfin.