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  1. Weedless Snakehead Crack fly
  2. On Monday, March 14, 2022, the New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) & Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) will co-host a virtual public hearingstarting at 6 p.m. to gather public input on the Atlantic Striped Bass Draft Amendment 7. The meeting is expected to last two hours. Download Draft Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass For Public Comment in its entirety. A 2019 stock assessment concluded that striped bass is overfished and experiencing overfishing. In 2020, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) implemented an 18% reduction in the fishery to end overfishing and begin rebuilding the striper (these included new slot fish regulations to protect larger spawning class fish, plus the circle hook bait restriction to lower release mortality rates). A new striped bass stock assessment will be undertaken later this year. Fishery managers believe we are currently exceeding our fishing mortality target for striped bass, and thus can not rebuild spawning stock biomass (SSB) until that issue is addressed. In response, ASMFC initiated Amendment 7 to the Fishery Management Plan (FMP) which considers several management measures to help rebuild SSB back to mid 1990’s level. The last time a new plan amendment to the Atlantic Striped Bass FMP was adopted was in 2003 (Amendment 6). Since then, ASMFC said their understanding of the striped bass fishery has changed considerably, and results from the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment have led managers to discuss a number of prominent issues facing striped bass management. Among the potential management options being discussed at the virtual public hearing are time and area closures (a minimum of two weeks during the spring or fall season when New Jersey has the most directed trips) to help reduce the overall fishing mortality (F). The potential closures being discussed are aimed primarily at reducing the mortality rate on released stripers, thus any potential closure would be aimed at targeting restrictions and not exclusively harvest, meaning there would be no “catch and release” striper fishing either. Also in the Amendment 7 suite of proposed options are public comment options which address a rebuilding plan for striped bass and use of “conservation equivalency” on a state-by-state level are a series a potential management triggers aimed at growing the SSB level. A highly complex part of the current Amendment 7 debate, these management triggers are like “trip wires” to determine when regulators are required to take corrective management action. Some of the “triggers” currently used are based on different combinations of F and SSB, where others are based on levels of striped bass recruitment that being young of the year (YOY) stripers leaving the spawning areas each year. American Sportfishing Association’s (ASA) guide to Amendment 7 and their official selection of management options. Official public hearings are now underway along the Atlantic Coast, some in-person and most in virtual form. Download ASMFC press release on March 1, 2022 regarding meeting schedule along the Atlantic Coast. Stakeholders can provide input by attending one of the upcoming public hearings, with New Jersey and Pennsylvania scheduled for Monday, March 14. Comments are due back to by April 15, 2022. Register at For details, contact Joe Cimino with NJDEP at 609-748-2063, or Kris Kuhn with PFBC at
  3. *
  4. Look at this big boy he took me for a ride on my kay
  5. Couple more nice one from last week.
  6. Almost 10 he was 9.75
  7. Ten pounder from last week
  8. Part three of last years fishing clips .
  9. Just buy some Plano boxes and throw some silica packs in there to soak up the moister and your flies will last allot longer than in one of those foam slit boxes .And you can customize each area per the size fly you are using .
  10. nice what country did you catch those Giant Snakeheads in ?
  11. Here is part two .
  12. Let’s just say I used to target Largemouth and I no longer do, they are a by catch for me now . I’m using a 8’ 4” 10 wt Scott Sector with a 25 lb leader they are not runners just pure power that will test your tackle. Supposed to be an article on them and other backyard exotics in next month’s Fly Fisherman if you are interested.
  13. Here part one of videos clips from my snakehead season this year .
  14. Nothing but good things to say about bears den. I ordered a 10 wt. Sage Payload and didn't realize that it had an extended fighting butt on it, which is not practical for casting while sitting down in a kayak. I called them up and asked to return it and they said no problem I shipped the rod back and they sent me a 9 wt. that I requested as a replacement the 9 wt. had a normal sized fighting butt which ended up being a better rod wt. for the type of fishing I was doing anyway.
  15. Love my terrapin 789 reel and I have abused the neck out of it . Looking to get another soon or maybe the updated Torrent when it comes out .