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  1. My old Ryobi lathe has finally kicked the bucket. I'd like to upgrade to a Jet without completely breaking the bank. Anyone looking to sell one within a couple of hours of Boston? Thanks. Pete
  2. You anywhere near MA?
  3. Saw tons of what looked like bait on the sounder, but couldn't get any to take a sabiki. No signs of stripers/blues for the evening, so we went home with the skunk. PG
  4. I troll macks at 2 knots on braid, and set them back pretty far. I use a 3-4oz. egg sinker, and a 6-7' leader. It's been working well in the harbor so far this year as long as I stay close to the rocks. PG
  5. I fished a popular North Shore inlet on the rising afternoon tide. There were unbelievable numbers of sand lance in the water; inside the inlet, and well out to sea. Consequently it was difficult to draw strikes. We saw a couple of very large splashes on the surface, but they were spread out and difficult to predict. We did come upon some sand lance bubbling the surface, which we took as a good sign…finally some evidence of pressure from below. Beneath the bubbling lance we found our only fish of the day, a nice double-header, but one of the fish pulled free at the last moment. We managed just one nice blue for the day, but it was nice to see so much bait in the water regardless. The terns put on a consistent show, which is always pretty cool to see, especially for out-of-towners. It wasn’t the most productive trip out, but it was good to avoid the skunk nonetheless. PG
  6. Hit some North Shore beaches yesterday. Found a few blues willing to hit topwater, beneath some sporadically-feeding terns. Hits were hard to come by, and the bait seemed pretty scattered, but was fishing off-tides, so that wasn't a huge suprise. All blues were fairly small - 20-24" range. PG
  7. Fished Monday. Was able to find some nice blitzes very close to shore. We managed many schoolies and 1 keeper bass. Loads of blues, mostly in the low-20" range, but a few larger as well. We had the morning/early afternoon blitz to ourselves, and were joined by some fly-guys for the late-afternoon/evening bite. They saw us boat and keep a mid-20" blue, and yelled over indicating it was too short. They came over later after the blitzing had died, and apologized - they thought it was a striper. Really appreciated them stopping by and letting us know what the issue was, and also appreciate them looking out for our fishery. Class act. Fished Tuesday as well, and had similar success. More bass than blues, and most right about 31-32". Interesting to see so many cookie-cutter 32-inchers this year. Also managed a few low-20" blues and a few schoolies right in the wash. So nice to finally see some small fish in good numbers! Really nice early week spent with some good friends, enjoying a very solid top-water bite. PG
  8. Fished the rising tide last night with mixed results. The wind was starting to rise, so the seas were building with the tide. Made some of my usual spots a little tricky to fish. Only managed one 12# blue on a pencil for all the effort, but nice not to get the skunk. I'm planning on throwing the boat on the trailer over the next couple of days, and hitting some other north shore favorites. PG
  9. Fished Tuesday, 2-6pm, on a dropping tide. My first hit, on a live mack, fought onthe surface for a few seconds and then the line went slack. I thought the fish had thrown the hook, but when I reeled in the bait it was chopped clean in half. I reset the lines, and found a steady pick of nice first of the season. All blues were 32-34" and heavy. I've caught some pretty nice stripers already this season, but none of them put up the fight that each of these blues had in them. PG
  10. Rob, Northern kingfish is Menticirrhus saxatilis is different from Merlangius merlangus (related to cod, but often called whiting) which you have pictured above. That's one of the problems with common names...they can be so regional that it is easy to find confusion. PG
  11. I'd be thrilled to review some gear. My interests are in fly and inshore gear. I do a fair amount of fishing from my boat, typically with small conventional gear (Avet sx, Abu 6500, etc.) and 8-10wt. fly gear. Work brings me from northshore MA down to the tropics a couple of times a year, so I'd have a chance to hit a couple of different climates. Thanks for the opportunity. PG
  12. Fished Cape Ann on Sunday from boat, 11am-3pm. Picked up macks pretty easily, and trolled them to cover some water. Picked up a 30", 37", and a 44", in that order. Wasn't fast action for sure (also, didn't see any other boats hooked up), but was a great afternoon on the water. I'm always pleased when I can get some people onto fish, especially in the middle of the day. PG
  13. Forgot to mention...I fish the conventional setups with 65-80 lb. braid. I throw a 1-3 ounce egg sinker on the line, and then add a mono leader. I troll at 2 knots, set the lines back a ways(I just do it by feel), and this seems to work for me. PG
  14. I've also got a 16' Whaler on MA's Northshore. I typically bring 4-6 rods out on the boat. I have two rods for fishing live macks, both around 7' long. One's a pretty heavy Lami blank with a Penn 321GT. The other is actually a tarpon rod with an Abu 6501. I troll these from a pair of clamp on rod holders on the rails. Live-trolling seems to be my most effective technique, but you'll need a small live-well to do it. Putting a little live-well on my boat was one of the best things I have done, and fairly inexpensive. I keep 1-2 spinning rods set up with sabiki's for bait. I've got a 7' St. Croix and an 8' Okuma rod paired with a Penn 460 Slammer and a Penn 560L respectively. Usually, I will take replace the sabiki with a popper on one of these rods once I have enough bait. Other than that I don't usually want for much else. Sometimes if I'm fishing alone for albies I'll bring a surf rod to increase my range, and not have to move the boat and risk spooking fish. Other times it's nice to cast fly from the bow. The 16' Whaler is a nice little boat, and seems to handle the Norhshore pretty well. There will be days that it beats you up a little bit, but it always seems to be worth it. Good luck out there, and stay safe. PG
  15. I'm working on mine right now using Mariner's Learning System. I don't find the chart-work to be incredibly difficult, so I think I shold be alright. The materials seem to be pretty well organized, and it seems like a lot of the work is just basic memorization. I'd like to be done with my license within a couple of months, so I'll give you a more thorough review after I am done. Good luck. PG