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  1. I’d go with something in 223, if it’s going to be just for target shooting. A lot of guns to choose from in that caliber and fun to shoot. And in these times, 223 is probably the most available. Light recoil and very accurate.
  2. I will get out eventually. Just can’t do it just yet.
  3. It’s too bad that they won’t ship to NY, and not even to my FFL.
  4. He bought that from the Montauk Star last winter. I heard a rumor that a contractor that the Celtic Quest pissed off bought the boat and put it there out of spite. Don’t know how much truth there is to that, but the Timothy J doesn’t sail much at all. I think the Capt was a mate on the Capt Bob.
  5. Supply and demand. If 2 people want the same item, it all depends on just how bad they want it. I’ve seen some stuff sell for ridiculous prices on there. I’ve also scored on some ammo that was a steal. Some people don’t have any self control, and probably have been known to have an adult beverage or 2 while browsing GB. Lol
  6. DEC has the ability to see what’s happening from above in real time. They can also look at old overhead pics and compare to present day pics. Nothing gets by them. At some point, you’ll get caught for doing work without permits.
  7. Get the big bag at Costco!
  8. Maybe put them in rice? Works for cellphones. Probably will be fine, but it can’t hurt.
  9. If repairs are needed with no changes, make sure that you have the original permits from when the dock was constructed.
  10. Anything is possible, if you can get the permits. Getting them is the question. And if you can secure the correct permits from the town, army corp of engineers, and DEC, it can take months to years.
  11. Local F&S has plenty of 9mm Blazer now. The only problem is it’s aluminum case and $30 a box. The Blazer brass they had was $21 a box. Wtf??? I’ll pass. And I’m sure most will as well. Seeing a lot on GB going for about $20 a box now.
  12. He ran the wiring for me for the anchor light and floodlight front and rear. I also had him put an additional plate in for the radar that hopefully I’ll install this winter.
  13. It says off limits for 2 years, but it looks like it’s still fishable after hours or on weekends. Sure looks like there are 2 in the background of the Father’s Day pic.
  14. I heard the DIA has him. Supposedly the lower level FBI had him and kept it a secret from the higher ups before the DIA took custody of him.