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  1. Interesting thinking coming from some millenials that I know. They say their generation is actually coming around to thinking wild game meat is better. No drugs and hormones. No overfeeding to fatten them up (which is the part that is bad for your heart). Better to eat lean wild game. Also the animals lived a free life not cooped up in a man made cage or pen or crowded stockyard. So they see hunters harvesting game as more humane than those factory rased chickens pigs and steers. Sort of what I have been saying for 50 years.......
  2. Is that his 2018 rack? Right side double brow? You said he sheds early. Like early enough to not be legal in gun season? Might be how he keeps making it through the hunting seasons. And death by infection would suck. Better for a quick death by bullet or a fast F150.
  3. Should be a logo for a guitar company.......
  4. Alan Smear some honey on that dealer guy's desk chair! Then toss a frame full of bees into the office. Good grief. We hold your car for weeks - say we can't fix it - and its unsafe to drive. Kind of hard to bring it back 3 times if they pull that stunt!
  5. Also - how do you flash freeze a mammoth in the tundra? Some of them still have breakfast in their guts. To have it die and freeze that quick that you can still identify what it was eating without decomposition and also not have something come along and eat half of it must have been a really really really cold front. Or someone dipped it in LN2 or something. Not sure if Mr Fahrenheit or Mr Celsius can explain that one. Global cooling must have happened really fast one day.
  6. Goldylocks only needed 3
  7. Ever find a shed? Deer like that have found a way to lay low during hunting seasons. Sometimes they die of old age. Which is not a bad thing either. My guess is the rut or opening weekend are his most vulnerable times.
  8. Who is the Hippie in the background?
  9. You are only worn out when you quit going. The rest is adaptation.......
  10. So in college I shot on our varsity rifle team. All the shooting was done with big $ Anschutz .22 rimfire match rifles. All the doo dads like you see in the olympics. Well the first thing we always did was put about 3 or 4 shots into the back stop to warm up the barrel before we even took a shot or two to sight in. That was a fun time. Now the school doesn't have that as a sport anymore. Not PC I guess. We went up to shoot competitively against West Point at their invitational each year. They had a beautiful range and a few excellent shooters on their team and the best two were female cadets.
  11. 100 yds .308 Rem 760 pump gun. New Nikon variable scope That gun is OK for hunting but not target shooting. At best it groups shots at 100yds about an inch to 1.5 inches. It was simply a fluke that I took a pic of because I couldn't believe it. Sort of interested in other's stories on surprising shots.
  12. Nope Never to be repeated again I assume. Now if only my groups were nice and tight all the time......... Generally OK. But I actually prefer tight groups with projectiles fired by strings.
  13. Ever do this with your first shot? Not sure if that is good luck or not........ (other shots covered with dots were my kid shooting his gun.)
  14. And just how do you look through that scope?
  15. 7mm08 is a sweet gun. I got one (used) for my kid when he was old enough. First two shots out of that Savage went through the same hole at our 90 yd range (only slightly made a figure 8). I couldn't believe it. To date that is still the most accurate gun in our family's inventory of firearms. Always sub 1/2" MOA.