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  1. Try Big Timber Lake. It has RV's in some sections and some sites just for tents/popups. Swimming pool. Small lake for swimming. Other amenities found at a commercial campground - like laundry, clean bathrooms and showers. Sites for our pop-up were nice and large. Trees for shade. Near Cape May Courthouse. Short drive to Avalon or Stone Harbor for the beach. Easy to get to Cape May or Wildwood.
  2. The part that I like is that "several other males" joined in to take over the beat down. And then the cops and EMS showed up - an hour later. So the community took care of the situation and only called for the cops later???? No mention that any of them got taken in by the cops. So yeah I would chase after the car and if he got caught up in traffic I would pull him out and make sure he was apprehended too. Seems the local community took it to a different level.
  3. 3 little kids in the car. Caught up to him on foot when he got into traffic. Dad pulled him out of the car and had to chase him again for half a block. Then started the fight after he caught him. Seems "other males" came on the scene and beat the guy up. Cops and EMS only showed up an hour later. Seems they have the dad and mom in custody - so yeah the Wild West seems to be alive and active in Philly. Not sure any jury of his peers will hold this against him.......
  4. OK Thanks for this bit of info after 5-6 pages of .............discussion So what I am learning here is: 1) That my assumption - which was either you had Celiac or you did not and that the vast majority of the folks going gluten free were misguided.- may be wrong. 2) From what you say - the wheat (even non-lab GMO) is actually significantly different in the proteins in the wheat. 3) Folks can become sensitized or in some cases partially intolerant to gluten (or perhaps those proteins) and that this is a cumulative thing - experienced over time. #3 seems to be backed up by the various folks here who are saying that this became a problem for them as they got older. So two more questions: Is this likely to happen to virtually everyone - or if you have the right genetic makeup you are immune? Is there in fact a male vs. female component to this - females being more likely to develop sensitivity? I still stand by my observation that this partial sensitivity part is mostly being discussed by the ladies and not the guys I know.
  5. What the heck is a Samsquatch? Still laughing.... Once you catch the raccoon you will end up with a - "Awwh he is so cute - don't hurt him" problem. Might have to take him for a very long ride ........ and then you drown him. Do not get bitten or scratched. Then he will need to be tested for rabies = dead raccoon and you will at least need to be started on the rabies shots until they get back results. Or just club him to death tonight at 11:00.
  6. OK - I get Celiac. A real problem for real people. But my observation is that mostly this is a women thing. At parties, family gatherings, you name it - it is always the women who are talking about minimizing gluten or trying gluten free cookies or some other such rot..... Is it at least partially real? and if so - why are the women the ones talking about it while the guys are all looking at each other hoping they don't decide to take away our pizza.
  7. Can someone explain why half the women in this country have suddenly become allergic to wheat over the course of the last say 5 years? My God we have been eating that grain for 1000's of years and now all of a sudden everything needs to be gluten free? They even serve gluten free communion at church now!!!! My wife tried to pass off gluten free pasta - Bleaccchhhh. Now she makes two pots - one for her and one for me. Personally I have not the slightest issue with anything gluten. So either it is a scam or....... This is collective brainwashing or......... Monsanto and factory farming have actually screwed up the food supply?????
  8. Flying Philly to Charlotte to Huntsville. In Charlotte - connection is delayed - then cancelled. Next flight immediately books up so no room for us. But hey - we can get you to Huntsville via a connection in Washington Regan. Will get you into Huntsville only a half hour later than your original plans. OK great. Fly to Washington. Connection is delayed - then cancelled. So after flying and sitting most of the day I am only a few hours by car away from home and still a long way from Huntsville. Well I almost said - the heck with this business trip just rent a car and drive home. But they found us a replacement plane - uncancelled the flight and flew us there. About 12 hours late..... I remember calling my wife to check in - how was your trip dear? - well I'm sitting in Washington looking at the Washington memorial and she was thinking I was in Alabama. Hub and spoke system stinks for the passengers. And don't get me started on the crap they put you through to use frequent flyer miles. Only Southwest is easy and straightforward to use......
  9. Good grief. 8 pages of crap in one weekend. So since you asked about the bike rack keep this in mind. I learned this from a similar bike/hitch rig but made with a popup camper. The bikes are attached to the vehicle and not the trailer. So when you are turning it acts as an elongated part of the vehicle and the bikes can bang into the box of the trailer on a tight turn. So when you are backing that rig up - make sure to take the bikes off first and then try to back up into your camping spot. The problem with little (short) utility trailers is that they often are hard to back up and want to jackknife right away. So go slow and have a spotter. Do you have a spot for the bees? They like to go along on camping trips.
  10. Went to Lehigh. They now have an entire section of the campus named for him.
  11. What happened to kinder gentler new leaf Belmo?
  12. Who has cool sunglasses........
  13. That would ruin your whole day.
  14. Reminds me of a YTube video I saw of a group setting off a roman candle. All standing around in a big circle. Little wiener dog runs in and grabs it right after it got lit. Well now it is aiming at someone and goes of - with all the obligatory diving for cover. Well since it shot sideways of to the dogs mouth he turns to see what just happened. second shot at like 90 degrees to the first on. turns again to see what the fuss is - another 90 degrees - third shot at another person. I'll bet its still out there. Yeah fireworks and dumb stuff go hand in hand. I love em....... Now Pa has made them legal.......No more smuggling trips needed......
  15. Yikes Heard a story about a guy who stored his gas grill in the basement over the winter. Pulling it up the exterior cellar steps for the first cookout of the spring and the bottle fell off and bounced down the concrete steps. Valve is damaged and the bottle starts to spray out gas. Ruhht Rohhh! He runs to the back door - screems for the wife and kids to get out NOW! They made it out before the gas found the hot water heater's pilot light. Woof. Lifted the whole house off the foundation and set it back down a bit crooked. Can you imagine?????