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  1. Was it a common thing to remove the props on these baits?
  2. Thank you. They have sentimental value anyway so I actually wasn't looking to fish them or sell them.. I was just wanted to learn about them. Thanks again
  3. Anybody know anything about these?
  4. Great job on those sharks and the cobia katguy! Do you use a kayak to paddle out baits for the shark fishing?
  5. For some reason the pictures are out of order. I'm sorry about that. Here is another picture of the snag proof
  6. I have some old freshwater lures in my basement and I was hoping somebody here could tell me what they are, how old they are, and if they are worth any money. The purple frog is a hollow body frog, and it is made by Snag Proof (Snag Proof is written on the belly of the bait). It looks to me like it might be an early edition of their popping frog, but I don't know. It is very light. It is not in fishable condition due to the hooks. I have no idea who makes the green frog. It appears to still be in fishable condition. The topwater bait looks like a heddon to me, but I don't know. It is in pretty good condition, and it is fishable, it would just need new hooks. The lipless crankbait I believe is a heddon sonic. It is fishable, it just needs new hooks. They are a bit rusty, and one set of trebles is missing one hookpoint. Cosmetically it has some issues, including some paint problems on one side and a rust spot (I may be able to remove the rust spot, I haven't tried yet). I included pictures of all four baits. If anybody could give me some information on them, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much for the help!