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  1. Gill netter. spoke to someone at the fish co op in Point Pleasant last week. one boat had 6,000 lbs of blues and another 4,000.
  2. I wish the stadium had a full capacity for the Astro’s series. They got off easy last year.
  3. Good sign that Stanton is showing signs of being locked in. Once he does Judge should start seeing some pitches to hit, trickle down theory which makes the whole team batting improve. Fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks, I’ll do this trade for the CCW
  5. Want to trade New CCW for a troller. Let’s see what’s up for trade. Will consider lightly used plugs as this will be fished.
  6. Gardner batting 3rd today. He may end up having a great game today but I detest him in the 3 slot with the other options available.
  7. They 100% pitched around Judge yesterday with the bases loaded and it would have worked if the ump didn't give Hicks a pass on the check swing. With Frazier in that slot yesterday they may have went after Judge.
  8. Boone has me scratching my head almost every time a lineup gets posted. Analytics?
  9. I'd rather see Gio or frazier in that slot.
  10. Sanchez hasn't learned a thing. Infield ground ball and jogs halfway to first. You would think just watching DJ and Gardner hustle on every play something would sink in. It's time to drop Hicks in the order until has bat comes around.
  11. This one is a house warming gift for an old friend. She lived on Cape Cod for 30 years and recently moved to South Carolina. The lighthouse is in Chatham Massachusetts a place we would often visit. On one of our first trips to the Cape we encountered a horrible traffic jam. A trip that normally takes 5 hours ended up taking 8. The entire trip I focused on getting there and having a delicious lobster dinner. When we finally got there and went to dinner she brought us to the Kreme N Cone. (Ice cream and fried food)Far from the dinner I had envisioned in my head for that long drive. it became a long standing joke whenever dinner was being planned. Hopefully she likes it.
  12. Another Octopus. Time to move onto something else.
  13. Mr Moonglow.
  14. Thanks glad you like it.