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  1. After so many thumbs up for Docs Jr I picked one up at Surfday. Looking forward to seeing some blowups on it.
  2. Hard to say how I feel about this topic when pop moves out and leaves mom and 4 kids under 12. then goes on and helps raise two other families over the next 60 years. He moved to Florida 30 years ago so we may see him once a year. He was Always healthy and active with an early 20 and out retirement from NYPD. Noticing a big difference the last few years with a sudden drop physicaly and mentally. It definitley has me looking closer at my own mortality though.
  3. Other than a Bernzy whats your favorite spook to fish?
  4. The space between her legs fills my head
  5. Dicey, that'll get your attention!
  6. I'm Win
  7. Give the tourney a rest, no one participates it'll die a slow deserving death.
  8. The last 20 years the light at the end of the tunnel was to retire and spend my days fishing and catching Stripers and Blues. As I crept closer to that date now only a year or two away that light has dimmed signifgantly by pure greed, ignorance and corruption. It was impossible not to notice the downward spiral the fishery was in (the last 4 years have been dismal at best). It's left me angry and bitter to the coms and greedy recs that take and take with one simple thought. "It's legal". Legal yes, most of the time but not always! Morally and ethicaly right? not In my opinion when things were clearly falling apart. My hope is that common sense wins the day and real permanant protection for the fishery is put in place. With any luck I may still be alive and healthy enough to walk the beach and enjoy GOOD fishing again.
  9. "I've got an itch to fish" great giveaway !
  10. I saw a bunch from the beach's but never had them long enough to hook up. From the boat was different story, some of the best Albie days I'd ever had.
  11. Blue as it may be the most visible from the available colors.
  12. Matt, thank you I'll do that trade for the saragosa 8000. PM to follow
  13. Dave, thank you for the offer but I'll pass on the slammer.
  14. is the Saragossa for a lefty or a righty?
  15. I think I do have a couple more new Jstirpes