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  1. Gardner's a ground ball double play waiting to happen. With his speed he should be a 280 - 300 hitter, problem is he thinks he's a homerun hitter. Bottom of the order hitter at best. Gio has been hot and a key to there success during the injury plauged start but a little to early to hand over 3rd and Andujar's runner up rookie of the year spot.
  2. You have any trollers or deep diving bm donnys?
  3. Nice job on the Drum. I need a little educating on them. do you anchor up? target back water or Channel edges? and type of bait you use? Understand if i'm asking to much info.



  4. This guy craps out more brain cells then I possess. 22 games $1,691,008 and counting.
  5. Just watched NY area CBS evening news and one of the lead stories was about the law and the move to legalize them. Hot topic.
  6. I like my Nissan Frontier a lot. Test drove a bunch of others prior to buying and liked the price and the truck more than the others.
  7. It Doesn't seem to be a problem for 8,000 people delivering food on ebikes in Manhattan.
  8. Once you get over 60 Noodle legs start to become part of the game... Watch me try to get out of that Hobie after a day on the water and Noodle legs would be an improvement.
  9. Parking and getting around these beach towns in the summer can be a bitch. Jump on an Ebike and visit friends a town two over whitout killing yourself. whats not to like?
  10. Prices seem to be coming down. I'm looking in the 1500 to $2000 price range. I've seen some as low as1200
  11. You have anything I should be looking at or staying away from when looking to buy? Who makes the one you have?
  12. I wonder how they determine (police) that the top speed for a paticular assist pedal bike exceedes 19.9 mph.. the one I'm looking at lists Max Assisted Speed 20mph
  13. I hadn't really given it a second thought and assumed that they were legal to ride just as a pedal bike. Appears I was wrong. MASSACHUSETTS’ E-BIKE LAW FOR THE ROAD » In Massachusetts, an e-bike is defined as a “motorized bicycle” as long as its maximum speed is 25mph. As motorized bicycles, e-bikes are not subject to the same rules of the road as regular bicycles. » E-bike riders must carry an operator’s license and are subject to registration requirements. E-bikes are not subject to insurance requirements. » Helmets are required, and there is a 16 year age minimum for e-bike use. E-bikes are not allowed on sidewalks or bike paths.