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  1. Watching the game on Prime sucks. Game is slow enough. Daughter plays streaming games and streaming yanks the screen constantly freezes.. Maddening. Solid outing for Taillon, Need to keep putting distance between us and Tampa.
  2. Andujar getting it done with glove and the bat. more than just a stop gap! Nasty Nestor!!!!!
  3. Andujar has been playing left field and I’m happy to see him back up. He deserves a shot after his rookie season. I’ll take a few errors if his bat is hot.
  4. Recall Andujar and send Hicks down please!
  5. Buy it and you can have the sexy beast be the sex of your choice. I had no idea there was a way of telling the difference. had to look it up. Telling a girl octopus from a boy octopus. Suckers run all the way down every arm of a female but a male has one arm (called the hectocotylus and usually its third right appendage) that is quite unlike the rest.
  6. Largest painting to date 13 x 30
  7. Chapman has no idea where the fastball is going. Usually not for a strike.
  8. I have an 85 year old detached garage with a hundred entry points. I finally found a fool proof way of killing them . Three traps against the wall with peanut butter. Blocked one side and the entry is a step down. Since I started using this setup I have yet to have them clean out a trap without a kill.
  9. Loving Torres’s approach to hitting this year. Looking more like his rookie year.
  10. It’s a tough combo to listen to. I miss Ken Singleton calling games.
  11. Hicks and Gallo, !
  12. Radioactive anthropoid
  13. Understood, thanks and I agree. Ripken and Gehrig never took a day.
  14. RB but away from any crowd.
  15. 21 games for IKF this season now is not the time.. ? You lost me. Explain please.