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  1. Think it might be the gold flash minnow, just kind of old and dirty lol
  2. Oh sweet! What a beast... bet that was a tussle on light tackle. Awesome!
  3. I wonder if they changed the parallel reel foot?
  4. Sounds like there is going to be a 5000 size...
  5. Thank you much buddha! That green is def one of my favorite custom colors, built a couple of those this spring... Blank is a St Croix SCV, custom painted, really REALLY nice blanks...
  6. Thanks so much! I do some custom building as a side gig... Here's are couple more recents :-)
  7. Awesome Will be looking forward to your take on them!
  8. Oh man, just saw this... Some awesome memories! Thanks for sharing, 7nBait! Im thinking that Cobe was around labor day, maybe... what a suprise that was! Man, it's been WAY too long, sure miss AI!!!
  9. Looks like a sweet reel! Any idea if the last model of the BG (black/gold) is going away with this new release?
  10. Wow blast from the past... I remember handling those in sporting goods shop! Interesting concept, but I think it added extra weight and like you said just more stuff to break. Would imagine probably issues with braid management also. Very cool though!!!
  11. Not sure how to post the youtube video, lol... here is a link in case your interested. Tatula 300
  12. Saw the add yesterday... not gonna lie, this one got me a little excited! Been hoping they’d bring the T-wing to a larger size reel... Really looking forward to giving it a go! Hopefully It’s worth the wait!
  13. Agreed, I appreciate the adjustable mag cast control... no doubt! Definitely a plus.
  14. Tatula Elite has been working out well so far... very nice reel
  15. I been looking for a new baitcaster in the same price range recently... Im generally a Shimano guy, but in this case I settled on the new Daiwa Tatula Elite... Hasn't arrived yet, but I am looking forward to putting some miles on it, and hopeful I made a good decision.