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  1. I really don’t go below ml anymore especially for bass with any size... for small creek bass, maybe light will do, but it just seems anytime I go really light anymore I end up hooking big fish that make me regret it.
  2. Yessir that’s some nice slimethere RR! looks like levels gonna go back up a bit now... We’re getting there though, sure felt like fall outside today!
  3. Couldn’t agree more! Nothing like starting out your work day with some slime... haha!
  4. Mike D, officially the MAN! nice skis...
  5. Very nice! I do most of my catching going to and from work...
  6. You bet! Thank you !
  7. Missed these guys...
  8. Nice one wheeler!
  9. You bet! Glad they are working for u also... my favorite bang for the buck jigheads.
  10. Wow that’s an awesome looking red !
  11. Lol... RR I hope to see Judge light some up, this series should be great! Go Bronx Bombers! I HEAR ya !
  12. So, how ‘bout those Red Sox, lol... Definitely not not the best summer on the rivers, and this Susquehanna is another animal... I wouldn’t have wanted to be the one out in a boat most of this summer as well. Just not safe... that said , BB as you know there are some opportunities in spots at high levels. I guarantee you, RR knows that too. I think u meant well, but probably came on a little strong with your encouragement. That’s ok... Hopefully we can all get along... I’ve lost good friends on here before from arguments/misunderstandings.., I’d hate to see that here.
  13. I’ve had better luck on the drop, I think it’s b/c it’s is generally more gradual than the rise, and fish are more predictably patterned. A gradual rise, without a huge blast of turbidity can be good too, but those conditions are pretty rare on our local waters. Cool water season, I love fishing those dropping waters... I’m getting excited about it for this coming fall/winter/spring!
  14. Crazy conditions this summer on the big waters... have pushed me to the creeks chasing trouts mainly. Only done a little bit of bassing and maybe one morning chasing skis this year... It’s been some great trout fishing this summer though... I am thankful for that!
  15. They work well for the smaller swimbaits (impacts, easy shiner, etc) yessir...