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  1. Man I do hear you... that channel bite can be on fire! Actually did a couple trips targeting them this summer and it’s been a blast... some really nice sized fish too. Our last outing out with the boys had to be one of my favorite trips of all time. I kept the drags reasonably tight and the boys had their hands full! Lovin’ it... :-)
  2. Had the little rascals out the other day for their first River cat mission... daytime channel bite was pretty good! They had their hands full and tons of fun... I think we have two new cat fishermen! Mommy even got in on the action too, haha :-)
  3. Yes... did quite well on river smallmouth this spring with the dart spin. Also, a couple stripers and bluefish in saltwater as well... I had my best luck fishing it on an open hook jig head. It’s a good bait... something a little different that the fish haven’t seen. Extremely durable also, which was a major plus.
  4. In my experience most treble hooked “musky” lures tend to foul on the cast a bit more with spinning gear, but for the most part it is doable... check out a heavy, Inshore rod like a tidemaster. Should keep u happy for a while, but you’ll probably go with conventional tackle once u get somewhat seriously into it.
  5. Cool video! Looks like a fun successful trip... gotta love muskies!!!
  6. Sold... closed. Thanks, All!
  7. Ouch that looks nasty, Wheeler! Not good. I've just been laying low mostly... Building rods and trying to endure the Did a float on Saturday morning with some friends, and had some fun with the Channel cats... but for the most part, Im ready for cool water... Bring on the fall!!!
  8. Lightly used... cork is a little dirty, I will clean it up before shipping... Just and outstanding rod for Inshore and heavy freshwater use. Awesome factory rod... Only reason Im selling is I have started building rods again after and few year hiatus, and am now switching most of my gear back to custom built. This rod retails for 300$ I will ship it for $220 PayPal preferred. I can post actual pictures later if necessary... Thanks!
  9. Great post! Not sure where he is or what he’s into now, but Ditch Jigger play a huge roll in moderating here through the years... I’ve been so blessed to have joined here many years ago! Thank you all !!!
  10. Yeah,was kinda hoping for something a little different... still hoping for a larger reel that incorporates the T-wing design someday
  11. Zillion HD 1520 looks interesting... think those line capacity specs are accurate? Could be a fun reel... I’d love to get a Ryoga 1520 but the price is just to dam high in US market
  12. I guess another big question is... what’s replacing the Lexa?
  13. I have a St Croix legend Inshore mh, 7ft would pair really nice with that reel... 215$ Shipped
  14. Only new him through this site, and PMs but he is missed for sure! Amazing guitarist... RIP AJ, legend!
  15. I read it also... unreal the sh@$ he was able to pull. A shame,