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  1. I’ve used the 20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8... i use the 10 and 16 the most... abrasion resistance has seemed really good too me. I had a couple spools of seaguar red label that mysteriously went bad on me a few years ago. I switched to the sunline and have been very happy since. I have tried the STS seaguar with good results but was in lower lb test (6) for steelhead fishing. Blue label I always did like... but I think sniper is less $$ and just as good or better. I never tried the Tsatsu mentioned above.
  2. I’ve been using sunline sniper fluoro... in whatever lb test, it’s been great. Would definitely recommend for fluoro leader.
  3. That is a great blank... St Croix legend tournament SC4... It must be a custom build from a few years back. I don't remember St Croix ever using that "Aero" style of reel seat. The build is a bit outdated IMHO, but that doesn't change the fact it is a great blank to build on. The blank would or should have a lifetime warantee also I believe. Really nice stick for river smallmouth, walleyes.
  4. That’s awesome, I actually have that nrx 883 also... light weight, versatile and extremely sensitive. I’m sure you’ll love it for fluke. the St Croix MH is a heavier powered stick than the 883 for sure... more room on the top end for bigger baits and larger fish.
  5. If u want the best... St Croix legend Inshore 7’ mh just what u are looking for.
  6. Thanks MD... I’m with ya man! Looking at the forecast it does look like it should be a short deep freeze with a nice warm up afterwards... fingers crossed! Ive only been on the creeks a couple of times recently, but it’s been productive... this has been a great cold water season for us on the main rivers.
  7. Thank you RR!
  8. Thank you so much! I know I was so proud of him... could tell he was so proud of the fish too! Definitely a great memory for us...
  9. Gotta share this one... We had quite adventure and Brooks (in green) got his first walleye.—a pretty darn nice one!
  10. Only fished Cayuga a few times, but my impression is that the laker population was quite strong... Good numbers of LL Salmon also, DaveC!
  11. Thank you much sir! Water is still fishable here for now, but unfortunately forecast sounds like deep freeze is coming down here too... if u are heading down, reach out anytime, happy to help in any way.
  12. Lol... I’m sure she was from shore... thanks RR :-)
  13. Since it’s “Walleye Wednesday” here’s a plump susky salmon to bring in the new year.
  14. Here’s a surprise biggin from the other day... Darn musky bait makes the giant bass look small, lol... not the intended species but she got my heart beating for sure!
  15. Ouch! Those darn esox making you pay, Rapid... man ur on fire lately, great work!