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  1. Haven’t fished mine much yet, but it’s been good to me so far!
  2. Have to agree with Inshore on the Vanford 2500... Man super sweet, light reel! They even have the long stroke spool now... I wouldn’t go any smaller than 2500 size... I think it’s 6.2 oz, lol
  3. Haha, beauty in the eye of the beholder, lol! Only ever contacted a couple mirrors, here in PA. I've heard the state of RI might be better for numbers.
  4. I’ve caught quite a few river carp on artificials... mainly small , soft plastic craw imitation on jighead, slow hoping on the bottom... but I’ve also caught a couple on small cranks, deflecting and bouncing bottom like a fleeing crayfish. My PB mirror was actually caught on a small crayfish jig, while bass fishing... they definitely will grab lures occasionally if presented properly. I’ve had my best luck in late March and April as the water is warming... Wish I had a better pic of this fish, it was in the high teens to 20 lb range.
  5. Thanks so much! Those grassers are definitely a blast... I doubt we’ll ever top that PB unless we happen to catch the same fish a second time... But they are so smart, it’ll be tough! Man that is a gorgeous mirror! Thanks for the history, I did not know that info about the monks... Mirrors are so rare here in our rivers, it’s like maybe 1% or so I’d venture to guess. The are so unique and special... I’ve only contacted a couple through many years of angling. Ill see if I can dig up an old picture of one, caught a few years back, before I understood the difference between a mirror and a common. This is a great thread! Looking forward to sharing some carping adventures this coming season...
  6. Absolutely love carp fishing... spent a lot of time chasing them with my boys last summer! Tons of fun, and actually really great practice fighting large fish, for the boys... We mainly target commons in our local rivers, but we also access a pond that has a few really old grass carp (white Emur) that were stocked 20+ years ago for weed control... tough fish to trick into biting, but our reward was a couple 40+” fish last year. The best being 45” 27.5 lb... for my 5 year old! I’ll attach a couple pics, along with a beautiful wild, River mirror carp my boy Trev caught last season.
  7. Good point about the Ned Byron... I hear you about the “hot” baits! Lol I think the plopper is already tapering off a bit, but you know the good baits always remain somewhat productive. I’m generally fishing the main stem from Sunbury down to York Haven and on the J from about Mifflintown to the mouth. And of course there are many tribs along the way! Pretty big area but I tend to cover some ground... lol
  8. Great work guys! Love this time of the year in the susky system! Attached are a couple recents... Brown fish and “devil fish” ! Lol
  9. I been using Sunline Sniper for the passed few years and been very happy with it’s performance as a leader.... always happy to read reviews on other lines though, appreciate you guy sharing ur experiences.
  10. Awesome! I think that sunshine has them warmed up a little bit...
  11. Awesome! Hope u have a nice float Wheeler... looks like great conditions! I have plans for a road trip Wednesday, but might try to get out somewhere local on Thursday also...
  12. I hear you, its definitely worth a try with the minnow baits... doesn't hurt to mix things up and show them something different at times, sometimes you'll be surprised what they will take. You got a very solid foundation of baits there though... I like hair jigs too, especially in cold water!
  13. Byron that’s an awesome story, lol!! I’ve been up there in Clark’s valley and can totally picture that all happening! So great... I got couple of the new, smallest size whopper ploppers, hoping they do the trick for this upcoming bite.
  14. Yup, various plastics on jigs... I always try some suspending minnow baits as well though. Should be a good week I think! Hope you whack ‘em!
  15. Super bad weather, low water, and a kitchen project made February kind of a downer for me this passed season... but fortunately things are looking up! Was nice to get out and meet up with a few of the usual suspects... :-) Some nice looking weather in the forecast for this upcoming week. Any other river rats out and about?