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  1. Awesome! Welcome to SOL sir... Very cool area you are from!
  2. I’m with ya Mike! We’re blown out again and even more precip in the forecast... definitely frustrating!
  3. Outstanding Rapid! Some great fish for sure... thanks for sharing these! Glad to hear the steelhead numbers increasing!
  4. Thank you Mike! One of the best quick bite windows I have ever experienced... the high water made it very interesting at times, lol. That bottom fish I actually hooked first on a plug, fought almost the whole way in before he threw the hook... I put a different bait on and then caught him the next cast. Crazy experience!
  5. Thanks so much! They were on fire that day... they always seem so fresh and healthy in cold water.
  6. Here are a couple I’ll add to the mix... had a multiple fish day a little while back... just one of those windows, when the bite was ON! A day I won’t soon forget.
  7. Dang Bennie, nice Brookie!
  8. Actually the LSC fish we caught last year fought great! We were drifting open water, and chucking big rubber baits though... only saw maybe a couple trollers in two days. Fish were healthy and robust! I hear u though about the trolling game... It’s kind of like mowing the lawn.
  9. Haha, sounds like u got ur priorities straight! Good luck in the woods RR!
  10. Sure is getting cold! Nice fishies! Very small windows this year.
  11. Way to go Mike! Congrats on the 50+ man... that’s outstanding!
  12. Awesome! Congratulations to the angler...
  13. That was a nice grab... sweet reel!
  14. Thanks so much MD!
  15. Thank you Wheeler! Yup, it’s a hybrid... according to my buddy who fishes raystown a bunch, there are both hybrids and pure strain in there. Also there are some hybrids in the lower river also, along with the pure strain fish... so it’s really a toss up. this one came from real close my home town, so probably closer proximity to raystown.