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  1. You could check out the new dobyns swimbait heads... they have a longer shank hook, but I’m not sure if they go down to 1/16 oz. they hold s bait really well though. I do like the berkley half heads, for the money. The 1/16 oz has a size 1 hook which is smallish, if your fishing a thick bodied bait though.
  2. What size bait are you throwing wheels?
  3. Berkley half head... Unless you need a bigger hook
  4. Awesome Bennie!
  5. Sad to hear this Runner... Will keep you all in my prayers.
  6. Couldn’t agree more!
  7. Boy that is nice... you can bet they weren’t the only system bypassing into the river as well. We really need to rethink existing “combined sewer” collection systems... especially considering what seems to be the new norm of crazy weather patterns.
  8. No doubt I would for sure! One of these days I probably will get into chasing them... as it is now, with my boys still young, it’s just tough to get out at prime time after dark... not to mention catching and managing bait... takes some serious commitment to do right. I’m sure eventually, we’ll get into it though! Once the boys get old enough to come along and help out some, it’ll be on! Haha :-)
  9. Very cool B.B.! I can imagine that was just nuts , trying to manage both fish, lol... impressive you were able to land both of them! I guessed Vexan as I recognized the TI rod you had there on the left, and had a feeling maybe that was one of the Inshore models James was working on... I’m definitely interested... I liked the 2 piece TI I had in the past, but wasn’t a huge fan of the cork he used... but that nice looking shrink wrapped full grip on the Inshore looks VERY sweet! I may have to consider picking up one of those...
  10. Wow! Awesome job BB... that had to be a crazy night! Big fish too :-) hey what is that blue rod? Vexan? Looks interesting...
  11. I sure hope ol’ Mother Nature gets this out of her system before it turns to snow... or we’ll be f”:-/)$ed!
  12. Ha Ha, that's awesome Wheeler! :-)
  13. WTG... Nice set of chompers!
  14. I’m closing this... going away for the weekend, will move to another site next week. Thanks all.
  15. Going to leave this up til after lunch, then will close and move to another site... if u want to make an offer now is the time. Thanks!