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  1. These are on my list also... 4000 size
  2. You called that one! Henceforth to be called... “Nostra-Derrick”
  3. Wow awesome! Congratulations to the angler, sweet job releasing that beast as well!
  4. Hey buddy, welcome to Juniata County! :-) Haha... I wish flows were better up this way... we got blown out earlier this week and more rain coming Friday. Things were getting pretty good though! Hit me up if ur heading back this way sometime. i was actually up in Berwick today... did lots of driving along the rivers today!
  5. She a beaut! That fat and at 22” I’d say 6.25ish
  6. BB, I would probably cut the blank a little shorter and make the extension a bit longer, put the joint under the real seat... might make this a bit simpler for you.
  7. Beautiful rainbow!
  8. Yes, this can be a good time for night fishing... paddle tail swimbaits have worked well for me... go slow...
  9. Looks awesome scooby... looking forward to seeing more!
  10. Thank you! Yes, I agree at this point “she” is a she... for whatever reason she looked more girlish this recent encounter, lol, if that makes sense. :-) Thank you! I believe it to be the same fish... spots match up exactly... but I guess anything could be possible, she might have an identical twin! Lol Thank you Mike! Much appreciated...
  11. Thanks so much Lou!
  12. You bet! Wouldn’t do it any other way...
  13. Can’t help it... Just have post an update on this thread. As you guys know this fish totally rocked my world last year, and I would have never dreamed it possible (in a system as large as the Susquehanna) but “Queen Daenerys” paid me another visit recently in 2019... Epic close quarters strike, and intense clear water batter in heavy current... the whole experience may have been a bit more epic than the last time! Mind officially blown over this fish! Lol
  14. Just wondering if anyone here has experience putting these together... the carbon inserts and the trim bands. What type of “glue” do you use? I generally use rod bond for putting together my grips and handle components... wondering if that is ok for these as well. Clean up up with denatured alcohol then after assembly? thanks for any help.
  15. Not really blitz... but yes bass are catchable year round. A bit of a warming trend this time of year, often sparks a bite. Nice work