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  1. Grs

  2. Closing this down listing elsewhere
  3. I have a brand new still sealed play station four comes with a few games still sealed. And another brand new dual shock controller still seals. I’m looking to see what’s out there looking for a Van stahl reel. Or Grs plugs. Please post some pics of your offering thanks. Also comes with nba 2k19 still sealed not pictured Also looking for a very high and plug bag .
  4. Wow nice ones
  5. Closed
  6. Hi jay I would trade I’d the river herring was a surface slim anything else?
  7. Jay is the River hiring a medium slim?
  8. Got this new Grs Surface Slim this is the only one I have seen in this color pattern. Looking to trade for another new GRS slim if not medium diver. I’m pretty much open to all GRS something that catches my eye. Please post pics of your offering thanks.
  9. Thanks
  10. I will take it for your asking if you can wait till Tuesday payday if not I totally understand thank you
  11. Is that shipped?
  12. Going to close this re-listing elsewhere
  13. Yes I did buy it as they finish Rod
  14. It is a 10 foot no I bought it like that
  15. I’m actually in East Providence now just moved