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  1. Someone beat you to it
  2. Yours pm coming.thread closed
  3. Skippy Jersey Killer new in package $92.00 Shipped Pp. Price is what it goes for.
  4. Gonna list it elsewhere closed!!!
  5. I actually bought it off somebody
  6. For some reason someone deleted it have no idea why Or who…
  7. New Skippy Jersey Killer 22 150.00 Shipped Pp
  8. Closed selling local
  9. New Skippy 22 Jersey Killer
  10. Closed move to sell forum
  11. Skippy 22 Jersey Killer New. Looking To Swap For Multiple Grs In A Color I Don’t Have. Thanks. If I can’t find a swap it will go to the want to sell forum.
  12. I’m interested also please
  13. I understand and I gave my reason just close my account that’s fine but like this thread is not going to end my mistake I said that before but now it’s getting really out of hand so just close my account…..
  14. Closed
  15. Sorry but I forgot all about it to be honest dealing with family things Unfortunately