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  1. No longer available
  2. I have this GRS surface giant in Black Island pearl it was tossed on one occasion it does have a couple of pointers. But in very good shape. Comes with brand new hooks.Need to raise some quick cash. 130 shipped PayPal prompt payment please. ThanksNeed to raise some quick cash. 130.00shipped PayPal prompt payment please. Thanks
  3. Is the lava Still available
  4. Offer withdrawn
  5. So what's your best price?
  6. Just let me know thanks for your time
  7. No problem good luck my offer still stands till tonight thanks
  8. What's your best?
  9. Would you do 150.00 shipped PayPal?
  10. Steve would you sell it?
  11. Ok pm coming thread closed
  12. I need to get rid of these 55 shipped PayPal
  13. Yes sir it's a great price
  14. Want to sell these three plugs the top and middle are made by jigman They are both New but slight imperfections. The bottom is made by Jamie a.k.a. the gremlin.65.00 shipped pp thanks