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  1. Seconds
  2. I will definitely take it appreciate it
  3. Doesn't work out please let me know thanks
  4. Please close Found what I was looking for thank you.
  5. Great I will take it thanks
  6. Great I will take it thanks
  7. No I'm actually looking for ultralight for trout..I will wait for the pictures thank you
  8. No problem thank you
  9. OK thank you do you know what you're looking to get for it?
  10. Thank you much
  11. Can you post some pics when you can please?
  12. I am in search of Penn ultralight black/gold spinning reel.. looking for the handle To be reversible. Not too sure of the model number had one when I was a kid it was a great real then. Please let me know thanks
  13. Bump
  14. *