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  1. Chunked squid on a south facing soco beach yesterday morning 2 skates 2 scup 1 crab 1 smooth dogfish only cost me a quart bag of fresh local squid
  2. The internet did destroy surf fishing. It also shortened the learning curve to almost nothing. It's a shame.
  3. I worked deck on Excalibur for three years. September of 2013 I caught 7 tuna on rod and reel at Hudsons-5 yellowtail 1 bigeye and one nice albacore. Some dragging a jet head behind the boat on the tow and some at night after the last tow with a live squid jigged up. Got interesting at times, catching on the tow was a serious workout because I basically had to horse the fish in while doing 3.3 kts with a locked drag and try and keep the fish out of the wire. At night I got run off by a dolphin once and multiple times was bit off by bluedogs. Still was fun and had a lot of meat for the freezer and friends. Another boat I was on was the Anne Kathryn and we had a harpoon. I took more than a few throws at biigggg bluefin flashing in our discard chute-especially in the mornings when there would be a lot of ling floaters-but I could never get the timing right. Still was an awesome sight though. I miss going offshore
  4. Reel deal charters makes a spook similar to the Doc but it is loaded and casts quite a bit better plus the eyelet to tie on to is below the center of the plug so it doesn't take much to make it dance. My only issue is that it only comes in plain white, I am going to repaint it in pearl white.
  5. I caught plenty of them when I was working on a dragger. We seemed to catch quite a few in the early spring when we were scup fishing. They like hanging with the big packs of scup-bluefish as well. Usually around Hudsons Canyon.
  6. Damn draggers
  7. yeah good luck with that...
  8. right just ask him
  9. they love yellow or yellow/black at the breachways this time of year, learned that from Nebe back in the day when he used to fish...
  10. Definitely a good air freshener Had a pup with it too.
  11. Picked up some fish out front last week before this easterly blow started. A few on plastics then switched to a spook and got another, then one on a 4 1/2" mag darter in bronze then one on a small white danny. Was a good morning! All 20-25" range pale fish. No lice. Saw gannets diving 100 yards offshore. Also saw a dragger working charlestown ledge so I spoke with my buddy who is a fisherman and he confirmed that there's squid showing up there pretty good.
  12. +1 Chevy brake lines rot out-my 05 silverado was a mess
  13. I used to put my 99 on the beach-loved it! Barn doors, 8' bed awesome fishing rig! Heavy trucks though, you'll be doing front wheel bearings and brake rotors every 18 months or so.