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  1. Holy schnikeys He's alive
  3. Only if you promise to demonstrate what you do when there is no porta potta available.
  4. Tsunami trophy is a nice stick. My nephew just got a 10'6 with the same reel and it works well. The 9'6 would work too.
  5. Back to fishing reports... Put in 7 hours fishing between saturday and monday with my son and nephew, covering some territory. Three fish to show for it. All out front.
  6. Don't forget vegan with rescue pets that drive the speed limit in the fast lane
  7. I observed millennial's taking selfies with a seal on one of the western beaches. He didn't seem to mind them...
  8. basically a win win situation
  9. so by that rationale today'e 50kt souwesterlies should really push up this time frame
  10. My bad
  11. How much...? Got pics?
  12. I'm gonna have nightmares about this thread...
  13. Thanks! I've had a bunch of Jeeps over the years. They have their issues but are pretty solid. I have the heavy duty springs on it and my fishing buddy says its the best riding vehicle on the beach he's been in.
  14. Not if the parking is blocked off...
  15. I like em I also have a 2" old man emu lift and 1 1/2" hubcentric spacers to keep them from rubbing the uca bolt. Also have to cut the plastic bumpout in the fender well and hammer the pinch weld flat to keep from rubbing at full lock. Spray it with bedliner after.