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  1. One day price reduction then removing from SOL BST Looking for quick sale 1400$ cash or trade for surf gear listed above and $$
  2. I am within 200 miles and interested in the VR
  3. I knew I was forgetting something- Narragansett Row Disland
  4. Looking to sell a 2006 15’ Hobie adventure kayak 1800$ Will consider partial trade of high end surf gear plus $$ looking for VSX 150-200 Lami 1231M Lami GSB 1201L Kayak comes with seat, paddle, roof bars and cheesy transport dolly Firm on price
  5. Four o’clock today
  6. Ehh I just spoke with him He wants to hang onto it for the time being Takes his girl out chunking from time to time... Sorry
  7. My nephew has a nice Century 11' 3-8 oz (I think) stick he might be willing to trade I can check if you would like.
  8. That thing is a Beast!
  9. I'm only speaking from my personal experience driving RI beaches. The sand is soft and the ruts can get pretty deep.
  10. It's usually too late. Air down when you get on the trailhead so you have a much better chance of not getting stuck.
  11. I lifted my grand cherokee two inches by using heavier springs and shocks. I was able to put 33" tires on with the extra clearance. Good ground clearance is a must when you are driving soft sand beaches
  12. Grand Cherokee Cherokee Wrangler All well within your price range Use extra $$ for lift and tires
  13. The wife's rig She's getting used to beach driving Now I can call her if I get stuck...