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  1.  If anyone can help us reach goal much appreciated!  She is doing well had court today and probably looking at a year before any permanent settlement her uncle lives in Spain so the red tape is long.

  2.  NJTramcar and Sol,


     We are all doing well hanging in there. She has a Uncle in Spain where she would like to end up but the courts with all the red tape Etc that could take up to a year. For that year Its my job to make sure she is as happy as can be in this horrible situation. With the funds here we are setting up our extra room for her. Still have a little ways to go to goal every penny counts if anyone has anything EVERY penny will be going directly to Nuria's care!! Thanks for all your concerns we live in the BEST country in the world!!


    May God or whoever you choose to call him Bless you all,

    Dennis Bowman

  3. All is going as well as can be expected. The Courts are slow as snails here was heard the other day and they were like see you in Mid May... But either way I can only control now and as she jokes I gained 2 pounds since I have been with you. She is a amazing person!

  4. Yes they are but at a much slower pace. So much on our plate the courts her Moms body and it seems as if most professional organizations like to shine but not step to bat. We WILL get through this somehow one day at a time. Just keep in mind these donations will go 100% directly to Nuria. Not some organization where the children see 50% if they are lucky. And again we thank you all so much!!!


    Dennis Bowman

  5.  Guys As you are aware I am 8 months sober and God landed a situation I am not fully prepared for but will do my best one moment at a time. My daughters best friend lost her Mom there is a post pinned on Main forum. If you could help out at all you would really be helping someone who could really use it.



    Dennis Bowman

  6.  We appreciate all your kind words.. The human race is this forum also. She sat with me and read all the well wishers and I think she is shocked how many people are willing to help. Someday it could be my daughter same age as Nuria and I would want someone other than the State to step up. Also proved to my wife we really aren't nuts because we fish rain/shine/day/or night! :)

  7.  Guys this morning I woke up to a life changing event. My daughters best friend found her Mother passed away in her sleep at the young age of 43. That was her only family member she has. Dyfus granted us temporary custody. There is a link below for anyone that wants to help her out in her time of need. I know SOL always been a huge help to people in times like this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.