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  1. There is a bar "Lazy Lizard" at the cut north side of the island. Good spot to fish at night. Know of a few guys that have been spooled there. There are docs on lagoon side that you can feed tarpon from. Restaurants sell sardines. They would probably chase you out of there if you fished. I fish San Pedro more often, but there are some good articles about Caye Caulker. Think Drake had one about DIY bike bonefish. I use the 7wt for bones. Ken Coc is a guide on Caulker. I would reach out to him. Ask if there is some DIY spots you can bike too. Would also book a charter with him. He has won that Tres Pescados grand slam tournament a few times. Dudes the ****. Ill be down there in 3 weeks.
  2. I use more #2s then 2/0.
  3. That overnight camp float on the smith.
  4. If you bring a 5 wt you could probably have fun next to (IMHO) the best restaurant in Sorrento, Emilia, down on docs. While eating I watched people handline fish off the pier and docs. Small shrimp pattern or baitfish would probably work. Its goegouse down on that side on the water. Amazing Food. Try and have hotel make reservations for Emilia. Its extremely popular. Great for sunsets.
  5. Big browns on the madison time of year.
  6. Final Day, Gallatin River. Cold and Rain. Guys at shops were not positive on the fishing. Hiked a bit and found some nice looking water. Caught quite a few of 10 inch bows on Pats rubber leg. Changed it up and started swinging small brown streamer. Hooked into a healthy bow. great fight in the fast moving water. Almost had to put my smokes under my hat lol. Great trip. Will be back.
  7. Drove to Jackson Hole for outstanding dinner at Snake River Grill. Then off to Idaho. Plan was to fish Warm River and Henrys Fork but ended up just fishing Henrys Fork. Stayed at Mesa Falls. Had lots of fish slapping the Chubby Chernobyl all day, but couldn’t land a fish. Great day none the less. Walk back up the Grandview boat slide almost killed me.
  8. Next day we drove in the snow to the Tetons. Weather turned. 65 and sunny in Lamar Valley the day before. Now low 30s and snow. Parked Rv next to the Snake River in the Tetons. Fished for endless small browns in a pool after the riffles aggressively eating small Adams flies. Swung a large flashy streamer and caught a Brown that was the same size. Had to make Bourbon and tea drinks to help her deal with the change in weather. Popped a fuse on the RV and didn’t have heat. Some really gorgeous country.
  9. Next day was Lamar Valley. Moved campsites from Madison to Canyon to make the drive easier into the valley. On drive to the parking spot we passed wolves laying under trees. Hiked in 3.5 miles to Lamar river. Soon as we got there we saw the largest Bear Tracks I have ever seen. Both of us immediately felt sick. Fished for a few hours feeling as if we were being watched. Caught my first Cutthroat on a Hopper dropper rig. Fish took the Orange bead head PT soft hackle I tied. We were a little late for the Hopper Bite as the first frost came a few days before landing in Montana. On walk out I had another nice Cutthroat on Parachute Adams casting to grass banks on the Soda Butte. Hiking around large herds of Bison was something else.
  10. Flew to Bozeman with the lady and the dog and rented a RV then got after it. First stop was Yellowstone, then down to Jackson Hole and back up into Idaho finishing last day on the Gallatin in Big Sky. First day fished the Firehole River in the morning then did a 3 mile hike into Nez Perce. Firehole was unlike anything I have ever seen. Caught bows swinging soft hackle dropper rigs. Had a PT soft hackle bead head with a weightless orange anf partridge soft hackle as the dropper. All fish on the orange soft hackle that I tied. Afternoon had fish on purple Adams parachutes on the Nez Perce. Endless small browns and spooked larger fish in the deeper holes. Chick was not about crawling thru grass stealth mode.
  11. Allen Cottonwood case. $65 on Amazon. Have 2 fly rods in it and a 7ft 3 piece tide master travel rod with room for more. Outer dimensions: 31.5″ x 9.5″ x 6″.
  12. I use 6 & 8 in Belize. Xmas Island Specials
  13. Why must reels be checked?
  14. I carried on to Belize last year. Have heard stories of guys having to leave Van Staal pliers behind coming back from Bahamas. Tarpon flies sometimes catch extra scrutiny with TSA. Also, have a friend that checked his yeti cooler (international flight) and never saw it again. I use the Allen Cottonwood fly rod travel case for carry on.