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  1. Bump #3! Still looking. Looking to eventually get two but they obviously don't need to be bought at the same time.
  2. Shot in the dark here but I am looking to purchase a Tibor Light Spring Creek CL fly reel. Let me know if you have anything.
  3. Payment, received.. Thread and sale closed. Thanks again to SOL for the BST system and service!!!!!
  4. Sold to Clowsher pending payment and shipment.
  5. Oh yeah..., not driving up that far. Yes I can do $30 shipped. I will send you a PM to discuss payment details.
  6. Clowsher...where are you located?
  7. 42 foot
  8. Clear intermediate line with a running line that glows for fishing at night. 9 Weight Striper Taper Like new, barely used. $30 picked up or $35 shipped.
  9. Anyone have one in very good to like new condition they would like to sell or trade? Thanks!
  10. Holding and spinning a brand new 6000 SWA as I type, no wobble in the rotor at all. So far so good but I don't even have line on it yet.
  11. Okay, I'll try. I've found that I really want ~200yds of line on my reels of whatever lb test braid fits (anywhere between 175-225 is fine IMO for anything we'd catch inshore in New England, big fat Albies included). So essentially I've found the following (all using Shimano Reel class ratings): 3000 - Use 10lb braid 4000 - Use 20lb braid 5000 - Use 30lb braid 6000 - Use 40lb braid Pretty simple. I have a series of rods using Shimano Sustain FE's (great reels!) and 7' Teramars... some 8-17lb class rods with the 3000s and some 10-20's with the 4000's. Those 4000 class reels with the 20lb test can go days and weeks without getting any type of wind knot or having to re-rig while I have to re-rig the 3000 one or twice per day using that 3000 class reel and the 10lb braid. Scoodydoo gave you the primary reason, line management. My personal experience is that anything below that 4000 class and 20lb braid...pretty much sucks to use long term! Yes I have caught enough various fish with those 3000 based outfits but what a pain in the ass having to re-rig 1-2 time per day and having to re-line pretty much monthly when using heavily. I'd go so far as to say I hate the lighter is better thinking nowadays. I grabbed a brand new 2020 Stradic 4000 this year after reading glowing reviews to try...feels like a plastic toy compared to those older Sustains and has maybe 1/3 the drag surface area, had to tear apart the drag and get some Cal's grease on there with the carbon drag and I'm still not happy with the drag performance. YMMV of course, there's 1000 ways to skin this cat.
  12. Bump #2... Still looking!
  13. Check is in the mail for the 11wt XI3. Please let me know when it arrives!
  14. Obvious answer here but... It's a 100% hit or miss fishery. New England is pretty much the northern-most end of their natural range, some years they come up this far in numbers, some years not. Storms, water temp, bait availability etc... all these factor in and even then some years should be great and...nothing! It's not like the Striped Bass fishery where New England is prime territory and poor fishing is probably the result of population / reproduction issues. Go to Florida and they are still considered a trash fish that people don't want to catch. There's almost certainly plenty of Albie's world-wide. I sure do wish the local fishery was more consistent. This was my 2nd year in a row where I did not catch any. Did not even see any!
  15. Sweet, thanks. Good luck with the sale of the rest of the items.