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  1. I have several of the 4000's already. Appreciate the offer though. Yeah the FE's are to me the very best of the series, they are the last models that seem to have been built to last as opposed to being built with planned obsolescence in mind. Same with the other Shimano models from that time period.
  2. Bump #4? Might get shut down for this! Fingers crossed... Still looking!
  3. Yes, this would be going on a 7'6" 4wt. Probably overkill.
  4. Yes but... Holy crap the prices I have seen going around. What you got??
  5. Keep is simple...Daiwa was smart as they made a full lineup of the BGs and did not do any marketing differentiation between fresh and salt water use. Just buy the smaller version and call it a day. These are still among the best values out there.
  6. Good luck with this. Those used Freestones usually sell for an outrageous price. I've seen asking prices up to 2K, I gave up a while back on my search for one to pair with a 5wt XI3. You do have a nice piece to trade though!
  7. brentdf... I think you owe me a beer for resurrecting this thread! I'd take the #9 Salt but I already have the XI3 in that weight.
  8. Too funny... yes, $150 for the reel, box, etc is not unreasonable...and yes you can get the latest model FL for a bit more. Make sure you get to handle the FL before you buy... I have the 4000 Stradic in both the FJ and the FL and I’ll be selling the FL and having the FJ serviced and will keep it for another 10 years. The FL is super light...too light, the whole reel feels like it’s a plastic toy and not built to last and I did not like the feel of the drag from the day I got it. To be honest, I’m not sure the last couple of generations of Shimano spinning reels have really been improvements. I’d take a 2008 Stella SW over any of the newer ones, those things were stunning!!! Like everything else in life...YMMV!
  9. I like balanced setups. In fact the trend for reels to just get lighter and lighter has really thrown off the balance on some of my setups to the point where they feel very tip heavy and uncomfortable. For example the setups feel great with an older Sustain FE 4000 but a new Stradic 4000 feels tip heavy. I'll look into those butt caps.... I never through of that. Great idea.
  10. Here's the pics I promised. The black on the spool is electrical tape so that braid has something to catch on. Reel is pretty much brand new condition.
  11. Running through the sales history on EBAY I'm thinking $150 shipping included. So we are aligned... these FJ's DID NOT come with a spare spool. This the era when Shimano started to cheap out on the included spare spools. I do have one but I bought that separately. Reel, box, all paperwork, shims, all included for that $150 shipped. Let me upload some pictures this evening...
  12. I have 2 of the 3000FJ's in perfect condition with original box and all original paperwork. Barely used. Willing to part with one of them. Are you still in the market? I'd (almost, not literally) kill to trade one of these for a 5000 Sustain FE in similar condition! Thoughts on pricing shipped?
  13. Update on this. Ended up going with Reelist Reel Repairs in Billerica MA. Was pleased with the service, communication, price, and turnaround. Reels feel like brand new. Overall I am happy. *
  14. Bump #3! Still looking. Looking to eventually get two but they obviously don't need to be bought at the same time.
  15. Shot in the dark here but I am looking to purchase a Tibor Light Spring Creek CL fly reel. Let me know if you have anything.