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  1. I saw two tents set up half on the service road last year
  2. Not sure when it happened but I heard the same from a few of my buddies that grew up here.....said it was a bloodbath.
  3. I’m in Provincetown at least 5 Days week.....near the water at least once a day.......did he “see” them swimming or actually catch something?
  4. Butterflied dead I was taught last year.
  5. they announced that the Herring cove parking lot won’t be open for the summer like originally planned.......they said hopefully the road will be open but it will be fall before the lot is finished.
  6. 6587C961-A696-4EEE-8482-E9984B9065C3.MOV its pretty stinky right now.
  7. They’re dredging near the docks at Macmillan pier in Provincetown now.......I might have to break out the metal detector and see what turns up.
  8. I’ve been on the Riptide a bunch and Terry is a good friend of mine......there is no one as eager to get fish than him. every time we fish together or near each other it’s beyond epic. I’ve gone to the canyons with him before and there aren’t many people I’d feel comfortable going that far off the radar with.
  9. Drove the beach today right to the tip of hatches .....which goes to right in front of Herring cove now at low tide. lots of beach from the rangers station to the rips......very little beach on the south side.
  10. That’s it......the one on top. he informed me none of us knew how to fish and the boat trolling always has the right of way. I very politely disagreed
  11. Todd is good people. in all honesty there are a couple of kayak/shore linedroppers that are as bad as the worst boat.
  12. I’m ok with beetle as long as he recognizes it’s me. there was a boat last year that was a nightmare.....he wasn’t local and I can’t remember the name....maybe John remembers. he would troll over/through anyone and everything. there were about 5 of us in kayaks and about10 boats on a school of big bass breaking on top ........everyone was tight and he trolled through the blitz and cut half the people off. I had no voice for days.
  13. Yeah......spider is half blind and hates kayaks.....your head has to be on a swivel when the ginny-g is around. as far as the odysea.....Ralph’s an ex tv star.....everyone should move over
  14. That’s why I had to go back to 2016 for those pics