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  1. I have the 9’ with the low rider guides and the 10’6” with the k guides.....I absolutely love them both. incredible rods imo
  2. I’ll take this for asking price
  3. It’s quite the set up he has there… Not the worst place in the world to sit around and have a couple cocktails for sure.
  4. Mine had the original black seal in it and not the green upgraded seal. I emailed them requesting the new seal and an extra drag clicker spring ( my clicker spring was installed backwards like in Scoobs video) They sent me 2 seals, the spring and some grease. I put the new seal in and I’m gonna fish it as hard as possible when it’s time here. I have to say after having it completely apart it seems really well thought out.....not that that makes a difference in the real world....we’ll see.
  5. For the most part that’s the truth.....the amount of people I’ve seen around already is crazy. People tired of being cooped up combined with the government basically giving them the money for a free vacation is the recipe for a busy summer. IMO
  6. I haven’t.....I know when I was out at the end of March the beach was skinny in a lot of places (south side especially)....hatches was only accessible at low tide and the road out at hatches was a 10 ft drop off at the beach. I can’t say what anything looks like at high tide because with the limited access winter pass you have to be off the beach two hours before high and two hours after ....I’m willing to bet the water comes to the dunes in a few places.....not to mention how liberal they like to be with the bird fencing and the tide line.
  7. Bird fences and erosion from what I can tell ......there we’re definitely some skinny spots on the beach last time I was out at the end of March.....but not that much.
  8. I have a few times and it’s pretty puckering
  9. Lots of times in the same area as this they come in to 12ft of water and it’s insane watching them underneath you.
  10. Limited access closes April always goes all red until the 15th when it opens for the new season.
  11. What fish?