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  1. Vm 275 Spooled with 80lb hollow core Excellent condition. $425 shipped PayPal g&s $400 picked up lower Cape. Or trade for a VR. Thanks
  2. Nope.....they’re pulled. and there are giants everywhere.
  3. I’ve got one that will get enough in for a safe would take a week to get the tires on this to 60 psi though
  4. I get air there sometimes.....I always fill up there since it’s the only place on the tip that sells diesel......I’m always within a 1/2 mile from home by the time I get there.
  5. I’ve never had an issue with the tide rule......I just plan around the 2 hourson eachside of the turn......the bigger issue is that slow a$$ compressor at Cumberland Farms i usually just slow roll home and fill up there.
  6. Then you can get the winter pass and drive all over the place
  7. Living the dream T.
  8. A pod of dolphins came flying into the harbor and were slaying mackerel up and down the breakwater Wednesday.
  9. Corey and I are hoping for one more shot at rec tuna on Monday before sticking a fork in it.
  10. They closed the orv route on Friday afternoon.......couldn’t get out. supposedly it will be back open today. I drove down by coast guard beach and it looked “sporty”