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  1. Tuna are everywhere this year......can’t wait for some smaller ones to show
  2. RP north closed first end of May/early June then south closed next in June.....high head opened for about a week then closed......the final piece we had was coast guard which closed on the 5th
  3. Finally had a decent couple hours of fishing on the kayak yesterday.......7 or 8 good bass and some blues. ......and one big shark in about 10 ft of water that I’m happy to report had zero interest in my kayak.....even with fish juice running out the scuppers.
  4. They have been given what they want so much that they actually think they have authority.......I ask them to show me or quote the rule when they give me a hard time for anything. they make things up as they go.....request an actual ranger if they’re given no you a hard time and watch how quick they change.
  5. What’s your price? i have the same reel.....might want another if OP passes on it.
  6.’s real. the kid dying last year made people realize it's serious imo
  7. The number 1 Can South West corner of BG, fish are on the move 20/40 feet, we start with live mack's but the fish have been rising up in the water column, we like the doc for top water but the squid bait is what puts the fish in the boat, the only color we have been using is white and we mix it up from 9/5 inch.

  8. With all due out here is pitiful this year. I fish a lot....shore, kayak and boat.....more importantly I know a ton of great fishermen that spend a lot of time on the water. I’m Generally not one to call that the sky is falling but it’s not good.
  9. Same pic you posted a week can’t be that good.
  10. Beach closures are taking their toll.....along with seals, sharks and exorbitant pricing. noticably less people this year. 4th of July weekend was 4 days of perfect beach weather and the new herring cove parking lot never filled up......same number of spots as it used to have before the storms wrecked it and it used to be if you didn’t get there early you would have been out of luck. I’m not going anywhere.....and I’ll keep buying ORV passes for two cars every year.
  11. Beware of stormtroopers.
  12. I’m gonna pass....thanks.
  13. Check out hogy’s new soft-poxy jigs........I took one of the early release ones and smashed it with a brick while it was sitting on a rock and couldn’t hurt it.......and I will say they don’t melt like the old Marias.