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  1. I used to hope it didn’t happen so they opened earlier…..that resulted in the longest closures ever…..now I hope they all get washed away.
  2. It’s erosion…..but there is plenty of room If the bird strings weren’t all the way down to the high tide mark. the nest at the entrance to south was eaten a week ago by coyotes.
  3. Top 3 day ever fishing in the kayak yesterday both size and numbers…..haven’t had a day like that since 2016
  4. I’ve got 2 sets of Thule…..both are 22” overall length. one set has keys and can be locked but I’m thinking I’m going to keep that set….. I just got a new beach Rig and I’m not gonna be using them now but I can’t guarantee I won’t in the future. the other set is the same but no keys. where are you located?
  5. I’ve got a few sets…..I’ll look tomorrow and see how big they actually are.
  6. I did it on the bayside of cape cod a couple years ago. I used a deadly dick and replaced the treble with a squid hook and got them every cast. it was the one and only time I’ve targeted them from the beach but I knew they were there.
  7. They don’t…..technically they don’t even allow fat tire pedal bikes. not saying it doesn’t happen under the cover of darkness though.
  8. There’s more than two. Rich alone has two boats.….if you’re looking for a comfortable big boat trip he’s the only one I’d consider leaving out of Provincetown. If you’re looking for center console trips you’ve got a ton of options… Lots of them launch at Pamet. Whenever I fish with Terry he just picks me up at the courtesy dock in Provincetown.
  9. You didn’t piss and moan….you were insulting. and you were disrespectful af wether you think so or not.
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