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  1. No ive caught a few that were close But no keepers yet.
  2. Hahaaa! havent seen him yet......I’m sure him and his 3 hook schoolie plugs will be along soon enough
  3. It was worth taking the day on. they made it to the tip today. no micros.....18-27” most 20-24”
  4. Took the day off......Gonna try the backside today while the sun is finally out.
  5. Walked in and checked out Herring cove’s damn near finished and will be open well ahead of the last projected date.
  6. I’ve been driving them at least once a month through the winter and was out last weekend. pole line road out to the lighthouse and cutoff road is still closed now because the spring tides were coming into the road. I’ll be very surprised if hatches opens at all this season......lots of erosion there.......the rest of RP north and RP south look great.
  7. Nothing that will do us any good.......sept-oct is what’s being thrown around as an opening date........biggest concern seems to be getting the road opened back up before then
  8. Drove to Rhode Island for the northeastern fishing show today and it was white the whole way there.
  9. I saw two tents set up half on the service road last year