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  1. That’s why I had to go back to 2016 for those pics
  2. Yes.....I’m really happy with it. i always have a 150 qt. Coleman with me for fish/fish related things. the orca is the food/beverage cooler. so well built I can’t imaging anything could go wrong with it. and made in Tennessee.
  3. Dreaming of mornings like this at the Race.
  4. Ready for the migration......we’re getting closer.
  5. The fundraiser is done by custom knifemsker Lucas Burnley......I’ve been of fan of his for years. he started his business in New Mexico where he’s from....oddly enough his wife is originally from the cape and they relocated here last year when they had their first kid. its a 24 hour fundraiser and always does great......the custom knife community is incredible. All the toys will be delivered to the orleans police dept today for their stuff a bus event......they are going to need more than one bus..... this years total...
  6. You were right on the first guess!
  7. Good to know.....thanks for the info.
  8. Just thought everyone might enjoy seeing this......this was donated to a toys for tots drive yesterday. its a one of one all blue zeebass with 25 & 27’s in a velvet lined desert ironwood box. it was originally made by zeebass for a raffle for a little guy with leukemia .....the person who won it donatedit to the toys for tots drive and my friend bought it.
  9. Motor yes peddle/paddle no
  10. Not sure when they leave......but I saw one at Race point in mid April this year......much earlier than I expected.