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  1. Race point south reopened today.
  2. Race Point was open all the way to exit 8 before the wind we had last week… I can say that seeing it with my own eyes it absolutely had to be shut down….. I would expect South to open back up anytime now
  3. I just put together a .17 hmr with a bipod and a 6-24x that would be perfect if they ever went back to $5 a nose.
  4. Once they figure it out fishing is for the most part over in any area they’re in….I’ve watched their “skills” progress over the years here on the outer cape and you don’t stand a chance. you would be amazed at how fast they are when they want something.
  5. Yup…..but they won’t let the campers on the beach….they’re in the parking lot.
  6. I’ve got a long list of enemies….those twats don’t even break top 20 I honestly lost some of my steam in that regard when John died…..he used to fire me up lol
  7. Those idiots were standing around in about 4 parking spots this am.
  8. I spend enough time out there In the winter alone to make it worth $150. I’ll be honest…..a couple years ago my wife and I went toe to toe with the seashore about it. Made a few enemies. Almost no one out here that b!tched incessantly about birds and Plovers joined forces. Even Robert Long the president of the Mbba defended Brian Carlstroms mismanagement. my plan from here on out is to buy a sticker, use the beach when it’s open and call it good. people pay $20 a day to go to the beach. $150 is a bargain for me.
  9. Friend of mine managed to get sticker #1 this morning
  10. My show scores
  11. This will be his 3rd season with the invincible.
  12. It was good just have the show back. wasn’t as packed but still good.
  13. No power anywhere in Provincetown. still have it at home in Truro for now. it’s pretty sporty here.