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  1. Any knife in lc200n, n690 or H1 steel will be exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. That’ll do it lol
  3. Brand new. Cast a handful of times in one outing. too big for the rod I bought it for....replaced it with another VR50. 40lb yozuri braid power knob. $185 shipped priority.
  4. I’ve rarely had an issue with losing the tail unless blues show up......the rubber is stronger than most and I’ve had them last for 50 schoolie sessions. when they start to split around the hook a little superglue helps.
  5. Hockey great.
  6. First keeper of the year on my lunch hour Wednesday.
  7. Planning on heading out there tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out.
  8. I’ll let you know if/when I hear a definitive date.
  9. Seals everywhere here now.....if I stopped fishing areas that had seals I’d be in my bathtub
  10. Word is at least June 1st until permits go on sale.
  11. Never had one.....I’m interested to try some new beach....I can’t imagine it’ll ever be better than RP but worth a shot.
  12. I’ve got lots of friends with boats.....I spend enough time on boats. unless it’s to chase tuna I’d rather fish the beach/kayak for bass and blues.