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  1. don't forget me!!!
  2. both are good with me!!!
  3. I do, just rarely ever doing any tuna this year gammy?
  4. count me in!!!
  5. From the album Forum Attachments

  6. From the album Forum Attachments

  7. "foul hooked under the chin", by hook or crook u still got it into the boat!lol was nice to fish with all u guys on the charter. would of been nicer if the big toggs and not the toy toggs came out to play, but thats how the ball bounces.... i had 6 fish and 3 keepers, may have had more but my body was crashing as i pulled allnighter and knocked out in the cabin around 1! getting old, definately can't do it anymore! thanks for setting it up mick(class act!) and look forward to doing it again! perhaps maryland or delaware next???lol happy new year all!---------->ronnie
  8. lemme know what u need me to bring bro!
  9. congrats!!!!!!
  10. jamaica bay has been really good since 4/1, stripers to 38"!
  11. congrats to 2 great people!!!!
  12. what shall i bring other than clams and 1/0 porgy hooks????
  13. i'll bring the clams and porgy hooks!!!!
  14. hi boys! myself and 3 buddies wanna do some jumbo porgy fishing and due to the great porgy regs. in ny at the moment(10 fish a man) we decided to make a road trip and head down to mass. for some jumbo porgies on wed. can anyone recommend a good head boat? i was looking at the viking,helen h or ms. lynn. thanks guys--------->ronnie